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Scenarios 16-20

Scenario 16: In the Darkness

The wounded Dragon ran into the valley of Allenst. Garett and his army followed it for one more fatal attack.

Win: Defeating the Dragon Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

Now it is time to get busy. Send Mina and Calais to the left with Guardsmen to tackle the slimes. Send the rest down to tackle everything else. The horsemen should have no trouble with the Ants. There is a chest down there that contains a Dragon Slayer (yay!). Make sure somebody strong like Sabra or Garett get this item (it will temporarily replace the item already in hand). Once you have the Dragon Slayer, gather your troops around the inner section and attack the Styracosaurs. When they are gone, hit him with your best attack magic and then send the one with the Dragon Slayer out (with full HP), to attack the Dragon. The dragon should then be weak enough for your lesser commanders to attack and kill him. Once dead, the Dragon Slayer will disappear and a soldier will find a slate. It mentions a Magic Knight named Ganelon. He freed the Evil and covered the world in darkness. But King Galafron of Elthlead fought it with the sword Warsong and confined the darkness into Seneferia. Garett then realizes that the enemy is in Seneferia, and that the Dragon was protecting the Slate. He then commands that they all go to Seneferia, the forbidden land.


Scenario 17: The Fierce Attack

Seneferia... it had been the center of the dark battle which almost destroyed the world. Now, it had become the home of Evil in the forbidden land.

Win: Total Defeat of the enemy Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

I put in Lance and kept Calais behind on this one. If you promoted Thorne and Tiberon to Knight Master, then they can control Archers now. If not, it will be a bit tougher. Wait a few turns for the Wyverns to come to you. Wyverns are not a problem if you stock up on Archers and Monks. This battle is quite easy in fact. The Wyvers and Gargoyles will die to the Archers. The only thing left after that is the Styracosaurs and Gorgosaurs. Send Lance and Sabra up there with 8 Gryphons to wipe out them once the Wyverns are finished. All in all, this fight should not last too long. There will be many deaths, but it won't be too tough. Just watch out for the Wyvern's magic.


Scenario 18: Seneferia

Garett and his army arrived and Seneferia. The found nothing but enormous ruins, which were a result of a fierce battle that had taken place there.

Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader - Naxos Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

You can either get this battle done quickly with little experience, or take your time and go for it. If you want to go quickly, send Lance and Sabra up past the wall and attack Naxos. But beware, the Golems are EXTEMEMLY tough. If you plan to defeat the Golems, take the Evil Axe and Warsong with you. The best bet if you do this is to wait a turn for the Golem formation to happen. It will leave a small enough gap so that you can fit Lance and Sabra inbetween and kill him in a couple of turns. If you want to go slower, go around the walls, fighting all you come to (the skeletons are weak to Mina's Monks. And of course, the Slimes might be easy if you have Calais and the Guardsmen. Work your way around the wall and attack Naxos, who is pretty easy (but you have to get past his Golems). Kill him and the scenerio ends. You will recieve a Magic Orb and Lance will leave the party.


Scenario 19: The Elusive Knight

Garett and his army uncover an underground passage, which lead to a huge shrine. It almost looked like a labyrinth...

Win: Defeating the Enemy's leader - Mortimus Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

You can try to do what you did last time with Naxos if you want a quick victory. Send Sabra down to Mortimus (after waiting one turn for formation), and then attack him. Or, take and divide up the troop and go both ways that it splits off. Meet back in the middle and slowly work your way into the center where Mortimus is. Mina's Monks can make quick work of the Skeletons (and so can Sabra's Gryphons). Mortimus is not too tough, just a lot like Naxos. Remember to keep your horsemen away from the Dark Elves, and your Soldiers away from their Soldiers. After the fight, a soldier will find stairs leading to the last area. It is time for the final Battle.


Scenario 20: The Confinement of Darkness

At the deepest point in the underground shrine, Garett and his army reached the Evil. Now Darkness and Light must face for the entire fate of the world.

Win: Defeating Chaos Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

This is it, the final battle. You face off against Ganelon, who was revived by the Darkness. Hold nothing back. Get 8 of troops for each commander. This time, Sabra cannot simply fly over to Ganelon and defeat him. Save your magic. Split off into two groups and work your way around to Ganelon. The Skeletons should not be a problem for the Monks. Keep your archers away from the Skeletons. Get rid of the Living Armor as quickly as possible. Do not worry about experience, you just want to get this overwith. Once you have defeated the Living Armor (all 6 of them) go for Ganelon. Be careful, he has a fierce Lightning spell which can take away 5 HP! Take Sabra and Garett and quickly dispose of him. After he is defeated, he says that the Darkness will soon be released. Chaos is that Darkness (this is NOT the Chaos from Final Fantasy). He appears in the throne room with 8 Elementals. Send in the Archers to defeat the Elementals. The Archers still may be weaker, but they are better then letting the Elementals fly all over the soldiers. Then, at full power, attack Chaos with your best spells (If you have a Saint, save some MP for Tornado) , and then send in Sabra or Garett to finish the job. Sabra with the Warsong was able to kill Chaos in one turn. After you defeat Chaos, Garett will command Chaos to vanish forever, but Chaos says that he is a power created by the world. The world consists of Order and Chaos. He was created to protect the domain of Chaos from the intruding Order. Chaos then goes to mention the other force, Light. Well, I am not going to go any further, so read it yourself and see the ending.

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