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Scenarios 11-15

Scenario 11: The Castle of Dalsis

Garett and his army finally arrive at the castle of Dalsis. The final battle for the sacred sword, Warsong, was just about to begin.

Win: Garett moves to castle center Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

To start off, put someone who can use Horsemen in each corner (you should have 3 people who can use Horsemen). The the last corner, put 2 people who are taking Soldiers in one corner (load them up with Soldiers). Divide the remaining 3 among the rest. You must head to the center of the castle, where the well is. Get rid of the Grand Knights and their monsters and head for the center. After 5 turns, Lance (yet again) will show up. But, after another 2 turns, Wyverns and Gargoyles show up at the north and south borders, attacking the castle. Lance does not understand why, but Garett tries to explain that it is because Warsong was stolen, but Lance is too stubborn to admit to it, and continues his attack. Hopefully, Sabra's Archers can handle the Wyverns and Gargoyles. Quickly get rid of them (I also promoted Sabra to a Dragon Knight here. Just keep her away from Archers). Once you get Garett to the center zone (wether you kill the Arch Mage or not), the Scenario will end.


Scenario 12: The Twin Castle

Garett and his army breach the walls of the Twin Castle. Once inside, they split into 2 groups - each group making their way to the top of the castle.

Win: Defeating the enemy's leader - Pythion Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x6 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , , , , ,

When you arrive, you will notice that the team is split up on both sides of a wall. Pythion is waiting (the Kaiser). Garett, Mina, Tiberon, and Bayard on the left side, Sabra, Calais, Thorne and Carleon on the side near Pythion. If Sabra is a Dragon Knight, keep her and her Gyphons away from the Dark Elves. Your best strategy is to not even bother with the troops, but go right after the commanders. Get rid of the Dark Elf Commanders and Spell Users, as they will do the most damage. I had Sabra and Garett do most of that work, as their defenses are quite high. Once you cleared a side, stand still and use the Treat command. Once both sides are cleared, Heal up and attack the middle group from both sides. Kill the chief commander and Garett will tell Pythion that he is coming after Warsong. After that, heal up again and slowly attack Pythion. Hit him with your best spells and slowly move on him. Horsemen can do a bit of damage on him. Send Sabra behind his throne and attack. Have each Lord and Cleric stay still to heal, and have the rest attack. He should run out of magic and die out shortly. After he dies, he says that only power can return peace to a world of fighting. Pythion says that only his power can unite the world, but Garett says that no ones power can unite the world. They go on a little more on power and evil, your recieve Warsong and an Evil Axe, and thus ends the scenario.


Scenario 13: The City of Stone Statues

Returning home from Dalsis to Baltia, Garett and his army discover a ruined city. They found no signs of life and found only scattered stone statues.

Win: Total defeat of the enemy. Lose: Death of Garett or turn into stone statue
Control: Enemies: x6 x4 x4 x8 x8 x 8 x 8
Take: , , , , , ,

The troops are gone, and the monsters have come into play. You will notice a bunch of people turned to stone by Basilisks. Amoung them is a Dragon Knight up top with a bunch of Gryphons. Place Sabra up top and have her fly directly up to the middle of town, past the river. There is a box (or treasure chest) there. When she moves on it, it un-stones anybody who has been turned to stone (including the other Dragon Knight). Anyways, remember the Slimes? Well, they are back. Mina and Calais can get good experience here with the help of the Guardsmen (since you never used them before). You should be able to promote Mina to a Priestess (if you haven't done so already). You have the slimes beat, now the Basilisks and Ants are what is left. The Basilisks are pretty easy if you have Horsemen. Take them out quickly, as they can turn you to stone (and once Garett is stone, that is is). Now the Ants are all that's left. DO NOT GET YOUR GUARDSMEN NEAR THEM. The Ants will destroy them. Send in the Horsemen and Lance with his Gryphons. After you destroy everything, Garett asks Lance to explain himself. He says that after he left Dalsis, the creatures came and turned him to stone. He says that he will join Garett, but after the fight against evil is over, he wants to settle his score. A soldier then tells Garett that he found something, which Garett says is the Amulet of Power. Thus ends the Scenario.


Scenario 14: Wolf Pack

Garett had defeated the Emperor Pythion and reclaimed Warsong. But an extraordinary event was already set into motion.

Win: Total defeat of the enemy Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemy:
Take: , , , , ,

Yiou can only take up to 6 people with you on this one. So take Garett, Sabra, Mina, Lance, Tiberon and Thorne. Only one werewolf? This should be easy then, right? You have to protect the citizens and the 2 soldiers (fighters). Well, I placed Garett above the lone wolf and he totally destroyed it in 1 turn. But, after you destroy the lone wolf, you are left to deal with 6 packs of wolves. Can anyone say 'Wolfpack in the hoooooouse!'? Send a Dragon Knight to the left and right sides. Your best bet to fight them are Horsemen. Soldiers are slaughted by them, and Archers cannot get a direct hit on them. Gryphons work just as well (especially on the pack leader), but the price adds up. Your best bet is to stand at the gates and let the wolves come to you. And whenever you get a chance, send in a commander to attack the head Werewolf. This is not the level to get experience, so have your Gryphons go after the pack leaders quickly (2 rounds usually does them in). This scenario is not that tough to me. I beat it in 5 turns and did not lose one citizen (lost plenty of horsemen though). Killing all of the pack will end the scenario.


Scenario 15: Roar of the Dragon

The Evil came up with a surprise. It created a fierce Dragon, with one purpose - To get Warsong.

Win: Defeating the Dragon Lose: Death of Garett or Dragon invades city
Control: Enemies: x6 x6 x8
Take: , , ,

You can only take 4 members into this battle. Take Garett, Sabra, Mina, and Thorne. A priest says that the Soul of Fire rests on the north mountains. If you can awaken him, you can defeat the Dragon. First things first, send Sabra up and tackle the Shaman. Kill it quickly to release the Soul of Fire, Efreet (why is this always the name of a fire spirit?) Anyways, it will grant Garett one wish. (bet you can't guess it... ok? Give up?) The wish is to help defeat the Dragon. He will move closer down near the lake and will be ready to attack. (Efreet is HUGE!!!) Anyways, do NOT try to take on the Dragon by yourself. It is too powerful. Keep Mina at close Range from Efreet to heal it. Send Tiberon and Garett to defeat the other monsters. It should then be left to Efreet and the Great Dragon. They will keep casting spells on each other, then Efreet's magic will run out, so he will attack manually. Get Sabra in there to cast Blizzard to weaken him for Efreet to destroy. But is it really dead? It is just injured. Garett commands that they destroy it before it heals. Thus ends the scenario.

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