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Scenarios 1-5

Scenario 1: Escape from the Castle

The Legendary Sword, Warsong, was said to give its possessor magical power. But now, regarded as sacred, it was hidden deep in the Castle Baltia.

Win: Garret's Escape Lose: Death of Garret
Control: Enemies: x8 x4 x8 x5
Take: ,

You play the role of Garett, Prince of Baltia. The castle is being ambushed (what a way to start the game). Alfador (Garett's father), orders that Garett leave and have Baldarov follow him. Then you start the game. The plan is the escape plan. There is a way to win this fight without escaping, but to me at this point, it is pretty tough to do. You start in the middle of the castle (where the arrow points). All you have to worry about is heading left. Do not worry about the others (besides Baldarov). Get rid of the Dark Elves on the left side by having Baldarov weaken them and then having Garret and his troops march in and finish them off. Believe me, many of Tiberon's troops WILL die, but do not worry about them. After you kill the Chief Commander, have Garret follow the road going left and up. When he gets to the wall, he will escape.


Scenario 2: To Sulras

Garret escaped from Baltia and now makes his way to Sulras. On the way, he meets a group of travelers.

Win: Mina's Escape Lose: Death of Mina and Garett
Control: Enemies: x6 x4 x6 x6 x6
Take: ,

Mina automatically appologizes to Garett for getting him involved. Garett tells her not to worry, for they are going in that direction anyways. But just then, they hear something coming. Thieves they are. Garett says to try to get through at once. The first thing you want to do is set Garett at top, and Baldarov on bottom. Have Baldarov kill that small group on the bottom, and Mina and Garett work on going up. Remember that when you are fighting to place your command on attack. This will give them a boost of energy they need to attack with good force. It is quite hard to go through and not have all of Mina's troop die. After the fight is over, Duke Carleon asks what Prince Garett is doing here. He says that Baltia has been attacked by Dalsis. And that ends that.


Scenario 3: Surprise Attack

While Garett rests in the city of Sulras, theves invade taking advantage of him being off guard.

Win: Defeat the enemy leader -Malvese Lose: Death of Mina and Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x2 x2 x4 x4 x6 x2
Take: ,

Just as Garett takes a rest, 7 parties of theves come and attack the town, catching Garett and the rest off guard. Garett tells Mina to get to the church with the rest of the citizens. The battle can be a bit complicated, but not too tough. Your big target is Malvese, or the one with 8 Troops following him. Remember to have Garett's team take most of the kills. He should be able to level up this round to either a Knight or a Lord. The Lord can use magic, but the Knight is stronger (I chose to become a Knight). Either way, Mina's group will flee to the church right off. The only people you have to worry about is Garett and Baldarov. If either one of them die, you are screwed. If Thorne dies, it is ok. He will still come back later. Keep an eye on the Troops coming in from the top and bottom. They can sneak around and attack the church. When you get to the last Troop of 8, then you can send in Garett and defeat Malvese. Defeat him, and this scenario is over. Right after the fight ends, Sabra (from the first scenario) comes and tells that the castle has fallen to the enemy. King Alfador has sent Sabra to leave the castle and went to fight by himself. Sabra then decides to join and gives Garett the Great Sword.


Scenario 4: The Wood of Dead Souls

When Garett hears of the fall of the Castle of Baltia, he immediatly decides to go back to the castle with troops under his command.

Win: 10 Turns, Survival Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x4 x8 x8 x6 x6
Allies: (later)

Garett and group arrives in the middle of a dark forest. Just then, a bunch of slimes arrive. Oh great, this is not good. And believe me, this battle is not easy. Command everybody to Defense. Look at the map and make your way to the only opening availible. Go southeast into the corner. Although if you want, you can have Garett try to attack. If you give Garett the Great Sword, he will have better odds of hitting the slimes. If you do attack, only go after the Great Slimes. If you last 5 rounds, Thorne and Mina will arrive with backup. When one of the troops attack the slime, they will say that the Slimes cannot stand fire. Use the Treat command if your HP is getting low, and after you finish Round 10, the slimes run away, and the scenario is over. Thorne then joins Garett, and Mina insists that she go as well. Thorne also carries a Cross, which can come in handy.


Scenario 5: Army of the Empire

Joining the reinforcements from Sulras, Garett finally beings his march into Baltia.

Win: Defeating the Enemy's Leader -Lance Lose: Death of Garett
Control: Enemies: x8 x8 x8 x8 x8
Take: , , , ,

You start out in the corner at the bottom and the enemy starts out at the top corner. Lance, the Royal Guard at top, says that he will get the remaining Baltian troops. You then start. I placed Garett in the middle, Mina and Sabra to the sides of Garett, and Baldrov and Thorne to the far sides. Make your way to the bottom right hand corner. It might be a bit slow, but you will soon run into enemy troops going back up. Believe me, this will be a tough battle. Clear through the first round of Dark Elves and Soldiers. Kill the 2 Fighters (remember to only weaken them with Baldarov). There then should be one Knight's party, Lance's party, and another Knight's party. Get rid of the Knight's party (Archers work good against them), and kill the Knight. Then go after Lance. Weaken him a bit with Baldarov, then send fresh troops after him. They only might take out 1 or 2 HP, but after a few rounds, you can take them on with Thorne, Sabra, Mina, or Garett. If your HP should get really low (like around 1-2 HP), use the Treat command and have Mina use Healing 1. Keep attacking Lance and he should soon die out. Lance then says it is not over. Garett commands the troop to move on, but Baldarov is shot by an arrow and dies. (Oh man, I liked him.) You then move on again, without Baldarov.

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