Underground Warehouse
To simplify the explanation just a little, I have incorporated a map system.

This is a map of the next section. The path to the boss is marked in yellow. Follow that path if you want to just beat the boss. To get all of the extra items along the way, take the lavender path. The gray areas are hidden rooms. You must strike the wall with your whip to access them. The red dots are Heart Max upgrades. The orange items are Health Max upgrades. The light blue items are Magic Max upgrades. You can only get the upgrades that have lavender lines going to them. The other ones you will need more Magic Items to get to. The red squares are save points. Always save your game at a save point. Not only can you save your game but you can also replenish 100% of your health and magic. Be aware that I will not tell you to level up. It will be your responsibility to do so. I will also not remind you to go back and grab any extra items that you may have missed. You can stray from this guide at any time to get extra items you missed.

This one is a little tougher. There will be certain rooms where you will need to move boxes around to get through. These are not to hard to figure out. If you have problems with these puzzles the email me and I will up date this page. Starting out, you will notice the first extra item. Grab it and head to the first save room. Save your game and continue following the yellow line. Grab the extra item in the big room and head left two rooms. In here, grab the two extra items and head left to a very tall room. You can't get the extra item high above you yet, so head down. Get inside the hidden room here and grab the extra item. The enemy in here is Lilith. She dishes out 20000 (!) experience points. Use her to level a couple of levels if you so desire. After that, continue heading down. You can go right, through a couple of rooms to get some extra items. Now, head back to the tall room. Head to the very bottom, then head right. Head through this room, and in the next room, grab the extra item. Save your game and head over to the boss. Once Death becomes himself?, head left and grab the Cleansing. This item is kind of worthless, as it has only one use. Break open the left wall and grab the extra item. Head back to the save room to heal and save, then head to the bottom of the room and go right. Grab the extra item in this room before you slide through the narrow passage. You will be returned to the room right before the Catacombs. Head to the Catacombs. Be careful though, as the monsters are no longer skeletons and bats. They will be much harder. Head to the hole in the ceiling and jump through. Head up to the first save room and save your game. Head down to the door right below you and enter.

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