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          Note: The Intro can be skipped by pressing Start immediately after entering the character’s name, but only if there’s a pre-existing save.
      1. Get the Bazooka from the bronze object
      2. Defeat the Guardbots


South Jungle
          Items: Petal, Oil, 15 Talons
          Enemies: Mosquito, Wimpy Flower
      1. Travel north and northeast towards the northern exit of the forest. [Bone Crusher]
          Watch for the wimpy flowers, since they often attack almost randomly. Be sure to sniff out the ingredients in this area with the L&R buttons, since, like in every area of the game, there are a lot of them.

Raptor Attack
          Items: 50 Talons, Petal
          Enemies: Raptor x4
      1. Defeat the Raptors for a prize; losing also advances the story.
          Stand just to the left of the center of all four bushes, as that's where the raptors leap to attack. Club them once they do, then dodge any subsequent attacks they may make until they hide in the bushes once more. If you win, you can sniff out a few ingredients on the right/left sides of the screen--this is the only opportunity you have to do be on this map in the game.

Fire Eyes' Village
          Items: Biscuit x1, Water x1, Petal, Clay x2, Water x4, Water x1, Water x1, Roots x2, Water x4, Roots x1, Water x2, Grass Vest, Water x3, Water x1, 30 Talons, Nectar x1, Water x1, Roots x2, Roots x2, Water x2, Clay x3, 18 Talons, Clay x1, Clay x4, Biscuit, Ash x5, Wax x2
          Enemies: None
      1. Try to enter Fire Eyes’ Hut [Flash]
      2. Buy supplies and loot
Don’t bother buying any alchemy ingredients from Strongheart’s brother, since he’ll rip you off, and don’t buy any armors since you can find them very shortly after the first dungeon of the game. Buy a few petals, so that you have 4 total, and buy as many pixie dusts as you can afford.
      3. Take the East exit

East Jungle
          Items: None
          Enemies: Mosquito, Wimpy Flower, Skelesnail
     1. Travel east and take the Eastern Exit to the Quicksand fields.
          The Skelesnail groups here are an excellent place to level up, since they are slow, give you 20XP each, and you can exit to the right and return immediately to repeat the process. I would recommend gaining about 1,000 Talons from them before proceeding onward.

Quicksand Field
          Items: Crystal x4, Petal x1, Jaguar Ring, Water x1, Water x1, Clay x1
          Enemies: Mosquito, Skelesnail
     1. Fall into the first available quicksand hole.
     2. Enter the Cave, buy something to get the Jaguar Ring
          Buy an Essence from him. You’ll need it later anyway. Don’t forget to loot his pots afterwards.
     3. Exit south, fall into hole again
     4. Run south past whirlpools to exit South
          A Crystal is located just north of the southern exit in a pot.

Bugmuck Swamp
          Items: Crystal x2, Clay x1, Water x1, Water x1, Clay x1, Water x4, Petal x1, Biscuit x1, Wax x10, Oil x10, Crystal x2, Mammoth Guard
          Enemies: Mosquito, Maggot, Tar Skull
     1. Travel south, enter the cave to your right [Hard Ball]
          Buy some oil and wax to cast Flash.
     2. Exit the cave, follow the path to the Entrance of the Big Bug
          Watch out for the Tar Skulls, which aren’t worth beating at this point because of the difficulty in actually hitting them. If you need to level up, go back to the Skelesnails.
     3. Take the path across the collapsing bridges: East, North, North, West, South, West, North, North, West, North, West, North, East, East, East, North, North
          If you take a wrong path, you can still get to the top—it’s just more irritating.
     4. Head North, West outside
          You can get a petal Outside.
     5. South, East Inside, East Outside
          You can get a petal Outside here, too.
     6. South, West Inside, North Exit to Boss.
          If you travel west outside instead of north, you can go outside to get a Biscuit.
     7. Battle Thraxx [Spider Claw]
          Thraxx is a surprisingly difficult boss to have to face so early in the game, but if you took my advice earlier about buying the wax and oil, you won’t have much difficulty with him. You will be able to buy enough ingredients to cast the spell 15 times, and even if you haven’t used it before, the damage caused will be enough to defeat him (even without the alchemy glitch provided you have enough petals). If you run out of alchemy spells, the intended strategy is to hit the ribcage repeatedly until it opens, then walk inside, wait for your weapon to recharge (or just charge it to level 1), then smack the heart. You’ll be thrown back, so you’ll have to repeat the process.
     8. Chop the webbing to release Strongheart
     9. Exit North, follow the path North
          The Mammoth Guard and Crystal x2 are available if you take the south path first.

Quicksand Field
          Items: Wax x4, Clay x1, Clay x1, Biscuit x1, Water x1, Water x4, Ash x4
          Enemies: Mosquito, Skelesnail
     1. Follow the path north, exit East [Acid Rain]
          The Acid Rain Alchemist sells some of the cheapest ingredients in the game. You may want to take some time to level up your spells (particularly Acid Rain) while taking advantage of his cheap ingredients.
     2. Exit West, then west into the East Jungle

East Jungle
          Items: None
          Enemies: Mosquito, Wimpy Flower, Skelesnail
     1. Chop through the plants, return to Fire Eyes’ Village

Fire Eyes' Village
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
     1. Return to Fire Eyes’ Hut [Flare, Heat Wave, Life Spark, Storm]
     2. Exit the village South

South Jungle

          Items: Shell Hat, Nectar x1, Wax x1, Wax x1, Oil x1
          Enemies: Mosquito, Wimpy Flower
     1. Chop through the brush to exit west
     2. Talk to Strongheart [Cure]
           Buy some Roots so that you won’t have to come back once you get other spells later. Also, talk to him as the Dog twice to obtain the Leather Collar.
     3. Return to Fire Eyes’ Village

Fire Eyes' Village
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
     1. Exit West, Talk to Alchemist [Defend]
     2. Return to the village; Exit North

North Jungle
          Items: Clay x1, Nectar x1, Wax x3, Wax x1
          Enemies: Mosquito, Carniflower
     1. Chop through the brush, exit Northeast
          An armor salesman is in a cave to the northwest of this area. The only reason to visit him is to steal his Wax.

Mammoth Graveyard
          Items: Clay x1, Nectar x1, Wax x3, Wax x1
          Enemies: Widowmaker, Viper x4, Viper Commander
     1. Head to the north exit
          Be wary of the Widowmakers; they can poison your characters
     2. Defeat the mini-boss [Horn Spear] [Heal]

Volcano Path
          Items: Water x1, Water x1, Dino Skin
          Enemies: Carniflower, Raptor
     1. Exit East to Swamp
          There is an inn to the northwest within a cave for 30 Talons--only to be used if necessary. Just loot the guy's stuff and leave. There is another cave that has an item shop, XXXXX. If you climb a little ways up the path, you can find a cave that traps you upon entrance, making you fight off 3 raptors, with the Dino Skin as a reward.

          Items: Water x1, Water x1, Wax x1, Biscuit x3, Oil x1, Roots x1, Clay x2, Mud Pepper x1, Water x1, Water x1, Water x1
          Enemies: Carniflower, Frippo, Mosquito
     1. Step on Lilly to Southeast of entrance
     2. Cross bridge, exit screen to east
     3. Go east, then north and east over the log bridge
          If you instead go south, you can step on a lillypad to form a bridge to the east across two islands. Taking this path will allow you to circle around while collecting the Wax and Biscuits; just kill the Frippo at the dead-end to form a lilly-bridge back to where you started.
     4. Travel north, up the wooden bridge, then west to the forked path
          Taking the east path instead of the north one will bring you to an Oil--and it will circle back down if you kill the Frippo at the end of the path.
     5. Travel north, kill the Frippo to reveal the lillybridge.
          Going south instead will allow you to kill a Frippo to form a bridge to a Nectar on an island. If you travel west at the Frippo you must defeat to make the lillybridge appear, you can get some Roots and Clay x2, but you will have to backtrack from here instead of being able to circle around.
     6. Cross the bridge, kill the Frippo at the dead end to make the unreachable lillybridge appear.
          Don't forget the Callbead right next to this Frippo.
     7. Backtrack to step 4--then north on grass to bridge; Cross and exit north.

     8. Fight Salabog.
          The best way to prepare for this fight is to have the Horn Spear leveled up to at least Level 1 (preferrably 2) and have plenty of roots/water to cast Heal. You could always cast Hardball or Flash, though those won't do much damage unless leveled a few times, but your best bet at this point in the game is to use the Defend spell combined with charged spear throws. To defeat this boss, remain at a distance at any of the three platforms (though preferrably the middle, since it's so much larger), and wait for him to shoot the Will o' the Wisps. If you need to, kill two, but don't kill the third, since this will make him descend into the swamp again. Hit him with the charged spear, which should do about 50-60 points of damage, and repeat the process (yes, you'll have to do this roughly 40 times).
     9. Exit Blimp's Hut and backtrack to the Volcano Path.

Volcano Path
          Items: Clay x1, Petal x1, Roots x1, Water x1
          Enemies: Carniflower, Raptor, Widowmaker
     1. Climb the path to the edge of the volcano.
     2. Chop the brush to reveal the hidden stone; stand on it.
     3. Enter the left cave.
          The chest to the left of this cave entrance has Clay x1, the right cave brings you to some Roots. From the roots, stand on the stone, then stand on the stone you land next to, then go to the far left for a petal. Stand on the stone to the far right to get to the chest with Water x1. From here, enter the cave, then step on the stone to the left, and enter the cave to return to the base of the mountain. From here, repeat up through Step 3.
     4. Step on the stone to reach the Volcano Summit.[Levitate]
          Since you're about to enter the volcano, now would be a good time to consider leveling up. This alchemist sells Wax at the cheapest price available in Prehistoria, and he will disappear after passing through the volcano. Leveling up Flash, Hardball, Defend, and Heal would be a good idea, and having as close to 99 of all of the ingredients required of these formulas an even better one.
     5. Walk to the southeast to fall back down.
     6. Exit South to the Mammoth Graveyard.

Mammoth Graveyard
          Items: None
          Enemies: Widowmaker
     1. Exit south to the North Jungle

North Jungle
          Items: None
          Enemies: Mosquito, Carniflower
     1. Cast Levitate on the rock blocking the cave and enter.
          Make sure you're fully stocked on ingredients and items before entering. It would be wise to level up your alchemy spells (see the Alchemy section for details) before proceeding.

Volcano Core
          Items: Call Bead, 100 Talons, Water x1, Clay x1, Roots x1, Mud Pepper x2, Roots x1, Ash x4, Water x6, Wax x5, Water x3, Ash x4, Wax x2, Ash x3, Mud Pepper(s)
          Enemies: Viper, Viper Commander
     1. Travel north to the next screen.
          There's a secret area to the left just before the bones lying on the ground in your path. You can get a Call Bead inside.
     2. Take the path northwest, then east and around for a Mud Pepper.
          Going north immediately after going left will bring you to 100 Talons and Water x1. You can also get Clay x1 in the pot before the path goes around to the Mud Pepper.
     3. Use Levitate on the stone at the entrance of the room.
     4. Travel north, climb the gray hill, hit the stone at the top into the lava.
     5. Go around the front, past the blocking boulder; climb the hill and hit the other stone.
          If you go west from here, you can find Roots in a pot.
     6. Get the Mud Pepper in the newly made path.
     7. Cast Levitate on the stone passed earlier, go north.
          East and south from here is a pot with a Petal.
     8. Climb the hill above the stone, knock a stone into the lava.
     9. Follow new path into northwest exit.
          You can get a pot with Roots in it on the way.
     10. Follow new path into northwest exit.
     11. Go west a screen, south a screen.
          Go south from here. There's a hidden Alchemist in the right wall who will give you the [Speed] formula as well as a few pots.
     12. Go southwest, east, east, north.
          Exploring other pathways won't divert greatly from your goal, and you'll get a lot of ingredients out of it with minimal eneimes.
     13. Kill the Viper Commander for a Mud Pepper, return to stone from step 8.

          This is one of the best places to level up in Prehistoria; you can get plenty of Mud Peppers to level the Levitate spell (which is still useless, but you'll need a Mud Pepper or two later anyway), and there are three Vipers that can't attack you against which you can use Alchemy or a charged spear throw to take them out. You can save up a lot of talons quickly, then level up your other spells at ingredient sellers.
     14. Use levitate, follow path to northeast exit.

Volcano Sewers
          Items: Wax x1, Clay x1, 900 Talons, Oil x1, Oil x1, Clay x1
          Enemies: Viper, Raptor, Mosquito
     1. Enter left side, go up, left, up, left, left, down, down for switch.
          The Viper at the switch will save your game.
          From left start: Go left for Clay x1
          From left start: Go up, left, down for Wax x1
     2. Enter right side, go up for entrance to Boss.
          From right start: Go right, right for Clay x1
          From right start: Go right, up, left, up, right, up for Oil x2
     3. Fight Magmar.
          The only time you should stop moving in this battle is to attack. Magmar will roll after being attacked, so strike and move, or just throw the spear from a distance. Each time he jumps into the lava, he will receive between 60 and 120 HP back, so it's important to hit him hard when you have the chance. Keep your HP about 70, since if he casts Heat Wave, he can damage you for around that amount, and while he's in the lava, either cast Defend or begin charging your weapons. The biggest problem is that the dog is an idiot during this battle, and moving as slowly as he does, he's likely to be killed very quickly.


          Items: Wax x1, Nectar x1, Clay x1, Nectar x1, Water x1, Water x1
          Enemies: Mad Monk, Rogue
     1. Exit East.
          You can loot the town for items and acquaint yourself with some shops, but otherwise, there's little to do here. You'll want to at buy buy the Bronze Armor, Serpent Bracer, and Bronze Helmet so that you receive armor better than these things a short while later in the game. You will also want to buy some Essence once you get the Jewels to afford it.
     2. Enter Cave, enter cave northward to meet Blimp.

          Items: 0
          Enemies: None
     1. As Dog, walk south, east, east onto land, northeast into palace.

          Items: Wax x1, Ash x1
          Enemies: Mad Monk, Rogue
     1. Receive [Crush].
          Blimp sells some unique ingredients and has a few pots to loot. Now would be a nice time to level up, fighting the Mad Monks outside, and save up some Jewels for the Marketplace.
     2. Exit North.

Desert of Doom
          Items: None
          Enemies: Sand Spider, Tumble Weed, Bone Buzzard
     1. Travel northward forever.
          It'll feel like forever. Charge up the spear and just run north, stopping briefly at the Oasis on the way which recharge your life. If you want to get the [Sting] formula, run northeast from the first oasis in the desert. You should come to another Oasis, from which you should run north until you reach a third Oasis. At this Oasis is an alchemist. Don't feel discouraged if it takes a while to find these places; the desert is huge and annoying.
     2. Enter Nobillia to the North.

          Items: Bronze Armor/Stone Vest/Centurion Cape/Thug's Cloak, Serpent Bracer/Bronze Guantlet/Gloves of Ra/100J, Bronze Helmet/Obsidian Helmet/Centurion Helmet/100J, Petal x1, Wax x1, Wax x1, Call Bead, Call Bead, 1,000J
          Enemies: None
     1. Wait until everyone clears the marketplace, head east.
          If you saved up enough Jewels, you can do some shopping now. See the Trading Guide for details. Total, you'll need 1,092 Jewels to buy everything. For now, I would recommend getting the Stone Vest, get the Centurion Cape from the prophet, Obsidian Helmet, and Bronze Guantlet. You only have 10 minutes, so be hasty about it. If you head east a screen, then south as far as you can go and enter the door to the left, you can get the [Atlas] formula by following the Sand Spider into the corner. Only buy one Atlas Medallion, then use it before buying another one. If you buy more than 3, you can't buy any more for the rest of the game.
     2. Loot the prison, exit north
          There is a secret room to the east with some extra armors that will really benefit you. Gather them before leaving. You'll know what to expect receiving based on the way the items are listed above: you'll receive the item right of the items you already have to the left. For example, to get the Gloves of Ra, you need to already have the Serpent Bracelet and Bronze Gauntlet. If you already got the Gloves of Ra, you'll receive 100J in its place (worse deal).
     3. Fight Vigor. [Gladiator Sword]
          An interesting note: The programmers took the time to properly make fun of your character by changing the dialogue according to his weapon. He's either a loser with a femur, claw, or stick.
          Vigor presents an interesting challenge at this point in the game, though not without a flawless strategy for defeating him since he really only has three attacks which all appear at the same time. The idea here is to wait until he gets to the middle of the screen before planning your next move. From here, you'll want to run to the north, since he will either throw a pitchfork at you (which running north and around him will dodge), he'll pose while the fans throw trash at you, or he'll throw a boomerang (which being above him and close by can also dodge). As he slowly approaches, charge up your spear, and then throw it at him while he quickly moves to the opposite side of the screen. Once you do attack, you'll want to get out of his way, since he ocassionally counterattacks by charging you. You'll only have to hit him about 5 times with a charged up, Level 2 spear. If you wait at the top-left and top-right corners, you can trap him, trying to move upward, until he attacks, at which point you'll have the maximum amount of time to hit him with your charged spear and run away. When he moves quickly and retreats, he will always move along the horizontal center of the screen. Defend helps tremendously in this battle if you have the leftover ingredients, as does Heal and even Atlas if you bought a Medallion.
     4. Exit Nobillia
          There's a stone right next to your exit. Cast Levitate on it to make Tiny appear and throw it across the desert for you. As always, have the dog sniff out some ingredients. Buy another Atlas Medallion if you used the first one you bought, and consider trading now with the 1,000J that you acquired just now. I would recommend purchasing a few amulets of Annihilation for later in the game if you can afford them; 2 at the least to travel across the Desert of Doom back and forth. You'll need to buy 30 bags of rice, then talk to the guy who trades for 30bags/E. Tell him no, and he'll lower the price to 15; accept (if you go any lower, you can't buy any more from him). Talk to the guy lecturing near the entrance as well; when he claims ot be in a video game and gives you a choice, press Y to cancel. He will give you an item depending on your inventory (see the Trading Guide).

Desert of Doom
          Items: Spiky Collar
          Enemies: Sand Spider, Tumble Weed, Bone Buzzard
     1. Exit South.
          Either run forever or give the Amulet of Annihilation to get to the other side. If you return to the Sting Alchemist (see above), talk to him with the Dog to obtain the Spiky Collar.

          Items: Call Bead, 200 Jewels
          Enemies: Mad Monk, Rogue, Sand Spider, Dancin' Fool
     1. Exit through the southwest.
          If you have any cash left over, buy more alchemy ingredients from Blimp. If you got Tiny to throw the stone, it will crash down now, enabling you to receive the two pots. Also, if you talk to Blimp, he will teach you the [Revive] formula.
     2. Exit west.
     3. Switch to the Dog to jump the bridge.
     4. Take the north lift to get the Boy.
     5. Exit West.
     6. Chop through the bushes, exit Northwest.
          You could travel north and fall down the hole, or southwest and fall down the hole. Either way you'll wind up at the same place.

Horace's Camp
     1. Talk to Horace.
          Talk to him afterwards to learn his Call Bead spells [Time Warp, First Aid, Confound].
     2. Talk to Madronius. [Revealer] formula.

          Although he's only temporary, Madronius sells some very cheap and useful ingredients. This area is the best place to level up in the game (fighting Mad Monks just outside of the Halls of Collosia, which give 75J each). Definitely spend a little while gathering Jewels and raising your formulas. You could also take advantage of the Inn here, too..
     3. Exit East.
          South of the east exit is a secret path within the trees. It's lined with alchemy ingredients, so mash the B button while wandering around inside.

          Enemies: Sand Spider, Dancin' Fool, Son of Set
     1. Exit through the southwest.
     2. Cast Revealer, head West to the barred door.
     3. Step on the switch, enter as the Dog.
     4. Jump the river north, switch to the Boy.
     5. Climb the stairs, go around, enter the Pyramid.

Great Pyramid
          Items: Mushroom x1, Call Bead x2, Iron x2, Petal x1, Nectar x1, Limestone x3, Feather x4, Biscuit, Meteorite x2, Herbal Essence x1, Clay x3, Meteorite x2, Grease x1, Wings x1, Acorn x1, Gunpowder x2, Limestone x2, Ethanol x3, Herbal Essence x1, Dry Ice x2, Water x3, Nectar x1, Petal x1, Nectar x1, Dry Ice x3, Wings x1, Call Bead x1, Biscuit x1, Pixie Dust x1, Bone x3, Wax x2, Petal x1, Biscuit x1, Honey x1, Ash x3, Limestone x2, Vinegar x3, Roots x1, Call Bead x1, Essence x1, 1,000 Jewels, Diamond Eye
          Enemies: Bone Buzzard, Son of Set, Mummy Cat,
     1. Follow the path until you come to the staircase; climb it.
          By exploring this floor, you can pick up a few nice items. If you're lucky enough to get the mummy cat next to the mushroom vase to drop 90 Jewels, you can take advantage of the 90 Mushrooms glitch--though this is incredibly rare and probably not worth trying for unless you have save states at your disposal.
     2. Go down the outside stairs, enter again.
     3. Step on the symbol at the end of the northern winding path.
          There are a lot of pots in this room that you should loot to get some pretty nice ingredients for later on in the game.
     4. Go down the northwest stairs.
     5. Switch to dog; step on top-left switch.
     6. Switch to boy; follow path around to water-bridges.
     7. Take east-most bridge, switch to Dog.
          If you step on the top-right tile as the dog, the Boy can access some pots in the right room.
     8. Step on the bottom-left tile, switch to Boy.
     9. Fight the Son of Ahmur x2 [Bronze Axe]
          These guys are stronger versions of the Son of Set enemy, except they ocassionally use Alchemy. Just swing the sword at them and keep yourself adequately healed.
     10. Continue down the path, chopping stone doorways.
          A doorway to the north contains a save-point and five pots. Be warned that saving here while all the bridges are collapsed can ruin your game.
     11. Cross the water-bridge south to the gated doorway.
          Switch to the Dog again here. As the boy, head north until you reach a stone doorway. Chop it, then get the pot inside for the [Regenerate] Call spell.
     12. Cross northwest to knock down the stone wall, freeing the Dog.
     13. Return southeast, go upstairs, make your way back upstairs to the top of the pyramid.
     14. Fight Rimsala.
          The 6 Statues on either side of Rimsala will repeatedly cast Flash on you and the Dog unless attacked with a long-ranged weapon (a level 1 charged spear, which takes way too long), or a multi-casted spell. When Rimsala (the red thing) is just sitting there, attack it as much as you can, but don't let the statue tops ignite; when they do, you can cast spells to extinguish them. Strong alchemy formulas will work greatly against Rimsala, such as Crush, since the key to success in this battle is to hit fast and hit hard. Flash moves about as quickly as you do, so as soon as you receive warning that the attack is coming, run to the bottom of the screen while charging up your weapon (preferrably the Horn Spear, since it's at level 3). Then, hit it and run back to the bottom of the screen. Expect the Dog to die from hits from the Flash formula, so don't waste any time and items reviving him.
     14. Exit south, automatically descend pyramid.

          Items: Roots x1, Ethanol x1
          Enemies: Sand Spider, Dancin' Fool, Son of Set
     1. Exit to East.
          If you fall down the pit instead of casting Revealer, you can return to Horace's camp to rest at the Inn, buy some ingredients, and talk to Madronius to learn the [Escape] formula. With the axe, if you return to the river west of the pirate town, you can smash open the cave to find an Alchemist who will teach you [Drain] and sell you Ethanol (among other highly expensive ingredients).
     2. Cast Revealer at the north pit to create a bridge; exit North.
     3. Enter the Halls of Collosia.
          The entranceway has 4 Mad Monks near two exits, making it a place to easily earn some Jewels to level up your Alchemy formulas. It's the best place to level up in the game.
Halls of Collosia
          Items: Vinegar x2, Call Bead, Pixie Dust x1, Ash x2, Brimstone x3, Nectar x1, Wings x1, Honey x3, Wax x4, Ash x6, Brimstone x4, Wax x5, Nectar x1, 3,000 Jewels.
          Enemies: Dancin' Fool, Lime Slime, Rat
     1. Use Revealer on the tile in the northwest corner.
          If you fall down the pit, you'll come up the "elevator" in the center of the room.
     2. Cross the bridge and step on the switch.
     3. Go back over the bridge, then west to the next room.
     4. Go around the wall, then northward. Hit the switch in the northeast corner.
     5. Go around the wall, then northward. Hit the switch in the northeast corner.
     6. Hit the switch to reveal the bridge; cross it.
          If you cast Revealer here, another bridge to a pot with Ash will appear.
     7. Go north, follow the path all the way to the end and step on the switch.
     8. Go back to the first bridge, then west, north, west, south to the switch.
     9. Hit the switch, run northeast, north, west, south, west south and over the bridge before it collapses.
          The bridge stays up for about 25 seconds before it starts to collapse. You should have time to get knocked around by the random enemies that show up just to annoy you by blocking your way.
     10. Hit the switch, run northeast, north, west, south, west south and over the bridge before it collapses.
          If you hit the crumbling wall with the Bronze Axe, you can get a Call bead from the consequently accessible pot. On the opposite side of the wall next to that Call Bead is a secret passage to the left, where you can obtain a Pixie Dust.
     11. Travel south, east, and back to the original entrance; exit east.
          If you hit the crumbling wall on the way with the Bronze Axe, you can get a Call bead from the consequently accessible pot. On the opposite side of the wall next to that Call Bead is a secret passage to the left, where you can obtain a Pixie Dust. A pot with Brimstone x3 is north and west just past the crumbling wall.
     12. Enter the southeast room to fight the Minotaur.
          Speed helps you avoid a lot of this mini-boss's attacks. Try to stay as far away from him as possible, then use your charged-up weapon against him while he runs towards you before fleeing for your life. The Dog, stupid as always, will likely get knocked around quite a bit, but you'll only have to hit him a few times with the Level 3 Horn Spear before he'll be finished.
     13. Step on the switch, exit west.
     14. Enter the room to the southwest.
          There's a Brimstone x3 to the immediate north.
     15. Step on the bottom switches in Left, Middle, Right order. Exit North.
          Using the Middle, Right, Left combination opens the path to a Nectar
          Using the Right, Left, Middle combination opens the path to a Wings
          In the next room, there's a light on the left wall that indicates a hidden passage to Honey x3.
     16. Head north, east across the collapsing bridge, south to close the door behind you.
     17. Step on the switch to the left.
     18. Hit the six switches in the northeast room.
     19. Head north, west, north; hit the switch to return to the main chamber.
     20. Enter the northeast room.
     21. Go north, east, north and hit the switch to reveal a bridge.
     22. Go west, north, east, hit the switch<./font>
     23. Go around to the newly opened gate, head east of it (not through it) to hit another switch.
     24. Go north through the gate, east, south to a tile. Use Revealer.
          To the west around the wall, you can get some Ash in a pot. As for the bridge, it goes straight across down from the tile, so you don't even have to use Revealer.
     25. Go south, west, north to fight a Mad Monk. [Bronze Spear]
          The enemy is slow and predictable, so just charge up your Spear and throw it from a distance to make short work of it.
          A hidden passage will bring you to a new Alchemy formula in the southwest corner of this room. Once inside the wall, go south, east, north into the room, west, north, east, south, west, north, and talk to the Alchemist to learn [Fireball]. Steal his pots, too.
     26. Backtrack to the main hallway.
          The boy will automatically hit the far switch with a spear here and in the main hallway. You can fall down the first pit for a shorcut to this first bridge.
     27. Go to the north-centered tile, then cross the bridge to fight Mega-Taur.
          The most powerful attack is rolling into your character. Be sure to keep moving to avoid it, then use a charged-up Spear throw against the boss (even if you have to use the Horn Spear). Alchemy formulas seem especially effective against this boss, though with healing capabilities, they won't be necessary. Try your newly-found Fireball spell to make this battle go fairly quickly.

          Items: Water x2, Limestone x3, Wax x4, Water x3, 100 Jewels
          Enemies: Sand Spider, Dancin' Fool, Mad Monk, Rogue
     1. Try to exit East (towards Nobillia); defeat the Rogues.
          Chop the rocks apart with the Bronze Axe to get the items here.
     2. Return to Nobillia.

          Items: 1,200 Jewels, Staff of Life / Call Bead*
          Enemies: None
     1. Return to the town square to fight Aegis.
          You can only attack Aegis when the gold mask over its red jewel is visible. When it is, you should attack as much as possible. One of the masks will create Will o' the Wisps, and the other will create SkullClaws, the latter of which is far more annoying. The most annoying part of the battle is the high HP of the boss, though otherwise, the battle is fairly simple. After the battle, you will receive the Staff of Life or Call Beads: if you have 6 Call Beads, you'll get the Staff of Life, but if you have less than 6, Horace will give you the amount necessary for you to have 6.
     2. Return to Horace's Camp.

Horace's Camp
          Items: None
          Enemies: Mad Monk
     1. Exit North.
     2. Fall down the northeast waterfall.

Oglin Tunnel
          Items: Call Bead x3, 5,000 Jewels, Honey x1
          Enemies: Oglin, Bone Buzzard
     1. Go south a screen, enter the southwest teleporter.
          The only point to exploring this place is to kill Oglins for experience, which are incredibly annoying and not a good idea considering the lack of recovery point, or to gather ingredients that the Dog sniffs out.
     2. Exit southeast, then northeast, enter the teleporter north.
     3. Exit northwest, east, south, enter the teleporter.
     4. Exit west, north to fight Aquagoth.
          The Dog can't attack this boss, so your best bet is to make your way northward until you reach him. Cast some spells on the tentacles to either side of you to get rid of them, since they don't regenerate, and be careful to dodge the spikes coming out of the floor. If you go to the bottom of the screen, fewer spikes will be there, and you can charge and throw your spear from a distance while avoiding the electric shocks. Keep your HP above 50 for both characters, since Aquagoth can still cast spells, and beat him to death. It's not difficult.


South of Ivor Tower
          Items: Atlas Medallion x1, Ash x5, Amulet of Annihilation
          Enemies: Hedgadillo, Blue Goo,
     1. Exit west.
          Before leaving this screen, turn the crank until an Oglin comes out from the well. You'll see why later.
          There are four hidden chests on this next screen with enemies. To get to the first two one, go south into the trees past the first set of shrubs. The second entrance is just beneath the second set. From here, go west and north again to receive an Amulet of Annihilation. Finally, just before the entrance to Ivor Tower (which is the marketplace/town/northern exit), go west through the trees and south to get Horace's [Aura] magic.
     2. Enter Ivor Tower to the north.

Ivor Tower
          Items: 20 Gold, Acorn x2, Ethanol x4, Bone x2, Brimstone x1, Ethanol x3, Mushroom x1, Brimstone x3, Petal x2, Water x6, Vinegar x4, Nectar x4, Gold-Plated Vest, Amulet of Annihilation, Biscuit x1, Amulet of Annihilation x1, Limestone x1, Ash x6, Ethanol x3, Ash x6
          Enemies: None
     1. Buy a Ticket to the Exhibition.
          This marketplace is much smaller than Nobillia's, but you can still earn some items if you happen to have some money. If not, wait until a little later in the game. If you didn't get the Amulet of Annihilation from outside or have some objection to it somehow, you can get more of them in chests throughout the town, which you should promptly loot. When you arrive in Lance's house, however, don't open the chests when you go upstairs, then try to go back downstairs. He'll teach you the [Lance] formula. (Interestingly, I opened the Gold-Plated vest chest before going downstairs--he still taught me the spell since I didn't take his other item upstairs. Either way, you can take all of his stuff after he gives you the formula). Lance also sells you ingredients, so it would be wise to consider leveling up the Lance formula or some others that you can buy ingredients for in Gothica.
     2. Exit west, north. See the exhibition.
          Talk to the guy in the center of this place, say "Yes" and "I sure do," and watch the scene.

Ventilation Shafts
          Items: Queen's Key
          Enemies: None
     1. Travel west, north, west, north, west north; drop down and exit west.
          To get the Queen's Key: Take the northern door and enter the ventilation shaft inside of that room. Follow the path and continue east when it forks to the north, then when it splits to north/west/south, go slightly north to continue along the east path. Head down the long path, then down the shaft. From this room, which has three tall bookshelves, travel east through two rooms' hidden walls and enter the shaft again. From here, go north and hug the wall to the right until you enter the secret passage. Once inside, hug the northern wall and go up, then the western wall until you can go west, then north, then east, then south and hug the east wall to finally reach the old lady. From here, backtrack to where Step 1 left you off.
     2. Enter the top door, when the path forks, go south down the shaft.
     3. Take the hidden shaft behind the bookshelves.
     4. Follow the path, east when it works, then along the long path to the vent.
     5. Exit east, take the bottom door, enter the shaft inside.
     6. Follow the path until you drop down another shaft.

Ivor Tower - Prison
          Items: Defender Collar, Iron Bracer
          Enemies: Mini-Taur, Viper, Guardbot
     1. Open the gates to defeat the enemies.
          If you do this as the dog without freeing the boy, you can earn the Defender Collar for free. Inside of the Boy's cell, you can find an Iron Bracer in the northwest corner.
     2. Open the final cell with both party members to exit.

Ivor Tower - Sewers
          Items: Water x6, Acorn x3, Iron x4, Mushroom x3, Honey x1, Oil x3, Call Bead x2, Biscuit x1
          Enemies: Rats, Blue Goo
     1. Enter the sewage, travel east and all the way south.
          The path will try to divert you to the left, left, right, and left again; ignore them and continue south. After this, there are two stone platforms on either side of the current. Each side has a hidden wall on the bottom that leads to treasures. Return to the current, go south to the platform where the current forks left and right, and go south through the hidden wall for some Oil.
     2. Follow the current east, north when it forks 4 ways.
          After this brings you back to the top of the sewers, the current forks two ways; run against the current to the right, and go to the platform to the north. An alchemist here will teach you [Corrosion]. Thank him by stealing his items.
     3. Follow the current west, exit the platform and door northward.

Ivor Tower
          Items: Water x3, Wax x2, Wax x1, Biscuit x1, Wings x2, Honey x1, Iron x2, Acorn x2, Roots,
          Enemies: None
     1. Exit the throne room south. Descend the stairs, exit northeast.
          The Boy will notice the Queen's Key on the Dog if you got it earlier. In this northeast room, get the two treasures in the northwest/northeast corners.
     2. Exit east, exit east.
          If you got the Queen's key, it's time to loot this place. You can access quite a few places without it, and in doing so in either case, remember to have the Dog sniff out the ingredients lying around on the floor and against the walls in each room. If you enter the room with the man walking around, don't talk to him; he'll take away your Queen's Key and you won't be able to loot the rest of the tower. Once you do talk to him, after you've finished your looting, he'll reward you with the [Fire Power] formula.
     3. Continue east along the hallway, exit east, exit east.
Chessboard Maze
          Enemies: Skullclaw, Bone Buzzard
     1. Travel east, north, east, south, east, south, east, south, west, south, west, west, north, west, north, north, east.
          The Skullclaws here drop 50G and 400EXP each, and they are vulnerable to alchemy formulas. Now would be a great time to level up the Lance of Fireball formulas for later use. Before you proceed, make sure you have a healthy stock of the ingredients required to cast both spells.
     2. Fight Footknight.
          Giving a strategy for this boss seems difficult since, other than its size, the Footknight seems just like any ordinary enemy. Melee attacks don't seem like a good idea since, much like the Oglin enemies you fought earlier, the attack pattern is to charge forward long before you have the chance to swing your weapon. Instead, charge up the spear and throw it from a distance while avoiding him. Having received the free armors from this place, He does very minimal damage (often 0 to the Dog, who just wandered around and got hit by him), so defeating him is hardly difficult; just keep yourself adequately healed in case.
     3. Take the new stairs downward.
     4. Follow the path down stairs until you exit south.

Dark Forest
          Items: 2,000 Gold
          Enemies: Wood Mite, Hedgadillo, Gargon
     1. Exit south.
          If you want to get the One-Up formula, take the following path through the forest: down, right, right, down, left, down, down, right, right, down, down, left, down, down, down. Talk to the Alchemist here, who will give you [One-Up]. He'll also sell you some things that the no-longer-accessible Fire Power alchemist sold, even if it's annoying to find him. Afterwards, you should backtrack to the entrance of the forest.
     2. Go down, left, up, left, down, down, right, down, left, down, left, down, down, down, right, down, left, down, right, right, down, down, right, up, right, right, down, right, right to fight the boss. [Crusader Sword]
          If you get lost on the way, look for the creatures in the trees (they resemble owls) that indicate that you're travelling on the correct patch.
          Your shadow will attack in much the same fashion as the AI version of your main character does, and for quite a lot of damage. He can also cast a few powerful spells, including Storm and Nitro, so be sure to make short work of him. Luckily, the Dog, who has the Defender Collar, will receive most of the attacks, so you should remain pretty safe even if you don't have the best armor for this point in the game. Your best asset at this point in the game is charged up Spear-throws, again, because it's something that your enemy can't use against you, and healing alchemy. Keep your HPs above 100 for this battle, to prevent being beaten by an alchemy formula, and lure the shadow towards you, get him to attack while you dodge and move out of the way, then move in to counter attack him against a corner (provided you haven't charged up a weapon to just throw at him).
     3. Exit east.
     4. Go right, up, right, up, right, right.
          Head east from here to speak to the Oglin you freed earlier. He'll give you a Wizard coin now.
     5. Go down, down, down, right, right, up, right, up, left, up, up to fight Timberdrake.[Lance]
          The only attack this boss seems to have is to cast Fireball on one or both of your characters, doing 100 or 50 damage (approximately) respectively. All you have to do to win is heal and attack regularly, making sure to have over about 125 HP each time the screen rumbles.
     5. Exit northeast, exit east to the sewers.

Ebon Keep - Sewers
          Items: Ethanol x4, Water x4, Acorn x2, Pixie Dust, Ash x5
          Enemies: Blue Goo, Rat
     1. Go east south, east, south, west, south, east, east, south.
          Here, the path should fork left and right. Go left, and after it forks south, hug the south wall to find a hidden passage.
     2. Go west until the path forks north/south, go north, west, south until the path forks north.
          Beyond this fork and against the south wall is another hidden passage.
     3. Go west, north when the path forks, follow it until it forks to the east, then go east and exit north.

Ebon Keep - Dungeon
          Items: None
          Enemies: Wood Mite, Dark Raptor, Guardbot
     1. Step on the switches to defeat the enemies, exit the empty cell to Ebon Keep.

Ebon Keep
          Items: Honey x2, Vinegar x3, Limestone x2, Ethanol x3, Crystal x1, Water x1, Feather x3, Brimstone x4, Acorn x2, 6,000 Gold, Call Bead x1, Oil x5, 500 Gold
          Enemies: Viper, Mad Monk, Dancin' Fool
     1. Exit northwest.
          If you enter this first building and go to the weapon shop, you'll meet Cecil (Yes, the one from Final Fantasy 4. He's apparently no longer a noble king, but an arrogant weapons dealer). He'll give you the [Bazooka] and a Thunderball if you buy something from him.
     2. Head east, north, west, and north into Ebon Keep Castle.
          If you go to the back and right side of the house to the right of and up the stairs from Cecil's shop, you can learn the [Regrowth] spell through the secret back entrance to the house. You'll want to stock up on ingredients here, since the next boss battle will consist almost entirely of alchemy spells (especially healing). This woman charges quite a bit, so be conservative about your spending--she lowers the prices and sells more ingredients later.
     3. COntinue north, fight Verminator.
          This is often hailed as one of the hardest, if not the hardest, boss battles in the game. This boss can cast some powerful spells on both of your characters, doing over 200 damage with each (depending on your stats, of course). The goal here is to cast as many spells on this enemy as possible in as short of time, so if you stocked up on ingredients, the plan of action becomes quite simple. The only way to damage this enemy without using magic is to use Call Beads or the Bazooka, both of which will expire much more readily than your alchemy. If you didn't talk to Cecil earlier, you'll receive the Bazooka and Thunderball now.
     4. Exit north. [Shock Wave, Hypnotize, Plague, Shield]
     5. Go east, down the stairs, east through the wall.
          These old enemies are nothing compared to Verminator. Make short work of them.
     6. Exit east.
          After talking with Tinker, check the right side of the top-left bookshelves to learn [Slow Burn]. Go down to the bottom-left of his lab and get the [Explosion] formula from the open book on the table, then open the chest to obtain the [Knight Basher].
     7. Backtrack through the village to the dungeon, then the sewers, then back outside.
          Before leaving Ebon Keep, you should explore the west side of the castle to get a few items and a new formula. Talk to Naris, and guess the number he's thinking of; if you're correct, you'll learn [Super Heal], and if not, you'll have to wait a few minutes in the game before you can ask him again. While leaving through the sewers, you can chop through the barriers to make travelling that much easier.
     8. Destroy the barrier with the Knight Basher, exit north.
Gomi's Tower
          Items: Ash x1, Acorn x1, Feather x3
          Enemies: Mosquito, Blue Goo, Dragoil, Gore Grub
     1. Go north, east, north across bridges, exit northwest.
     2. Go up the stairs, up the stairs, up the left bridges, up the stairs, east back to tower 2.
          At this point, go up the stairs to receive some Ash in a chest. Then, go back towards tower 1.
     3. Fall down a floor, go east to tower 3
          Climb 2 flights of stairs and get the Acorn x1 in the chest to your right.
     4. Try to return to tower 2, fall down.
     5. Go west to tower 1, try to return to tower 2, fall down.
     6. Go down two flights of stairs, around to tower 2, up two flights of stairs to the door.
          After going through the door, go down the stairs, west to tower 1, and up the stairs to get the Feathers. You'll have to repeat steps 5 and 6, but it's worth it.
     6. Go up two flights of stairs to fight Sterling. [Lightning Storm]
          This is one of the most annoying fights in the game. Sterling will cast Fireball on the Boy and Dog, then throw the Boy down a few floors while still casting magic on him as you move him back to the top. As the boy, try to get the Lance powered up to at least Level 1, then throw it at him and move back to the stairs to heal. If you're impatient, play as the Dog while monitoring your characters' HPs. Try to keep the Boy on the stairs, where he can't be thrown off, and charge up the Dog's attack to use on Sterling, who merely flies around and tries to only throw the Boy off the edge.

Ivor Tower - Sewers
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rat, Blue Goo
     1. Follow the current north, then west, then exit north.

Ivor Tower
          Items: 10,000 Gold
          Enemies: None
     1. Climb the west flights of stairs, exit north, exit west to fight Mungola.
          This boss really consists of 3 enemies: Mephista, Old Nick, and finally, Mungola. Mungola won't appear until you've beaten Mephista and Old Nick twice; since all they do is spin around and hit you for small amounts of damage (if you bought Cecil's armor), just defeat them easily with your weapon while conserving your alchemy unless you need to heal. Mephista heals Mungola, and Old Nick... doesn't really do anything special. The only threat Mungola poses is the use of Fireball and Corrosion, both of which are pretty weak, so your strategy is pretty simple if you don't prefer to use alchemy: defeat Mephista, then charge your attacks at the bottom of the screen to return and attack Mungola full force. He won't last very long.

     2. Talk to the King.
     3. Exit northeast, then east, then east, then east.
          Items: None
          Enemies: Skullclaw
     1. Go east, north, east, south, east, south, east, exit east.

Ebon Keep
          Items: None
          Enemies: Skullclaw
     1. Exit east, exit south, exit northeast, exit east, exit east to Tinker's Lab.
          There's nothing special to do in Ebon Keep now that everyone's back, but the Regrowth woman sells more ingredients for less money, so consider leveling up your alchemy formulas with the 10,000 Gold you just received from defeating Mongola.
     2. Exit east, talk to Tinker, fly away.
     3. Land at Prehistoria (directly east).

Preparing for Omnitopia

          Items: Spot's Collar, Gauge, WheelNone
          Enemies: Same as before
      1. Exit South.
          From here, you're supposed to go and talk to Fire Eyes, but there's no point since I'm here to tell you where you need to go. You will want to return to Strongheart's hut, since he now sells new ingredients and will teach you the [Miracle Cure] formula. Talk to him as the Dog, and he'll give you Spot's Collar. You may also want to visit some of your favorite Alchemists to stock up on some ingredients before you go, since they'll be helpful for the next battle.
      2. Backtrack through the Bugmuck Swamp (to where you fought Thraxx) to fight Coleoptera.
          This battle is almost identical to the battle with Thraxx, except now there are no maggots to contend with and more spells to resist. Use some alchemy on the arms to destroy them quickly, then, when given the opportunity, walk into the cage and attack the heart. Without the burden of maggots, doing this becomes fairly easy, and the only task becomes to maintain your characters' HPs above 200 to resist the alchemy formulas inevitably used upon them.
      3. Chop to the north to get the wheel.
      4. Talk to Fire Eyes.
      5. Return to the base of the volcano: step on the left platform, enter the cave, step on the platform, then take the gauge.
      6. Return to the Wingflutter, go to Antiqua.

          Items: Diamond Eyes, Call Bead x1, Wings x1, Ethanol x2, Biscuit x1
          Enemies: Same as before
      1. Equip Levitate.
          Going to Nobillia and talking to Horace will earn you the [Barrier] formula.

          Visit the Drain alchemist to learn [Double Drain].

          You may need to jump over the bridge as the Dog again in order to proceed beyond the river west of Crustacia.
      2. Return to the Great Pyramid, enter the south cave.       3. Step into the teleporter.
      4. Use Levitate on the stone, place one character on each of the other two switches.
          Exploring the left and right doors will lead you to treasure; through the center door is the battle with Tiny.
      5. Walk through the center door northward to fight Tiny.
          Fighting the Oglins here is a great way to gain experience, since you can predict where they're going to land, strike them, and beat them in one hit. With the money earned here, you can get some unique alchemy ingredients to level up spells while standing outside of Blimp's Cave, or perhaps exchange them in Omnitopia. Some people have even suggested having the dog fight the Oglins while you leave the game on overnight, since if he has Spot's collar, it's rare that he'll receive any damage (though not impossible). At any rate, the fastest way to end the battle is to repeatedly walk through the teleporters, which bring you to a random location in the battle, until you're on the same level as Tiny. He'll give you the Diamond Eyes.
      6. Return to Tinker's Laboratory with the Wingflutter, talk to Tinker.
          Save your game before you talk to Tinker--he might convert your key items incorrectly (a glitch in the game).


          Enemies: Tentacle, Tiny Tentacle, Rat
      1. Go west, northwest, northeast, enter the beam of light.

          Enemies: Neo Greeble, Raptor, Red Jelly Ball
      1. Travel east to the empty jail cell, lower all the switches.
      2. Defeat the Raptor and Red Jelly Balls in the lower jail cells.
          The raptor enemy is identical to the raptors you've been fighting throughout the game, only this one's a little stronger. Take him out the same way as before--dodge his attacks, then counter. The Red Jelly Balls are even slower, so defeat them with regular attacks--there are three in total.
      3. Talk to the Guardbot in the northeast cell. [Neutron Blade]
          If you return to I8-PI in the Junkyard, you'll learn the [Reflect] formula.
      4. Exit northeast through the light pillar.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Switch to the dog, check the northeast door to go into "space" to fight the Sphere Bots.
          These enemies are easy and will do minimal damage; just shoot them with the dog's laser until they're defeated. You may want to move along the gridlines and defeat all of them to save you some time later on, though it's not necessary.
      2. As the Boy, go east, then through the floor to the Shopping District.

Shopping District
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
      1. Go south, then exit west in the light pillar.
          One of the bots running around will give you a color code which should be later translated and used to unlock a door. Red = 1, Blue = 2, Green = 3. Don't bother buying any equipment here, and if you can resist, don't buy anything; you'll need the Credits for later.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Go south, exit through the floor to the fan control room.

Fan Control Room
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
      1. Hit the switch, then exit.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Move west, exit through the floor into the heater room.

Heater Room
          Items: Old Reliable
          Enemies: None
      1. Exit southeast.
          Make your way through the adjacent cooled coils. Don't forget to pick up the Old Reliable beside the exit.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Go east through two corridors, exit through the floor into the control room.

Control Room
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
      1. Turn on the Storage Room lighting, turn off the Greenhouse lighting, and exit northeast.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Go east through one corridor, exit into the storage room through the floor.

Storage Room
          Items: Dry Ice x4, Acorn x2, Honey x1, Thunderball x30, Particle Bomb x30, Protector Ring, Meteorite x3,
          Enemies: None
      1. Loot the room, then exit again.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Go north through one corridor, exit into the alarm room through the floor.

Alarm Room
          Items: Titanium Vest
          Enemies: Guardbot x8
      1. Defeat the Guardbots.
          Don't forget to take the Titanium Vest from the chest in the north. From here, you have two options: you can proceed through the north exit, or you can return to the Control Room and enter your access code now. The access code will likely be random, though when I played, if you enter your code from the bot backwards, you can unlock a door to lead to a secret boss: Face x2. The boss strategy is simple: cast Reflect on yourself and the Dog, then beat up the two bosses as they cast Flash and Heal on themselves. The battle won't last long, and your reward will be 4,000C and 30 Particle Bombs. Equip the Bazooka and use them--you have infinite of them thanks to a programming glitch!
      2. Exit northeast.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Go west one corridor, exit through the floor.

          Items: Cryo-Blast x30
          Enemies: Mosquito, Flowering Death
      1. Make your way northeast, exit.
          If you turned off the Greenhouse lights, you'll get through no problem and can get the Cryo-blasts just before the exit. Otherwise, the Flowering Deaths here will shred you to pieces; you can't fight them, and they will destroy you in one hit. It's unwise to try to run through here unless the lights are off.

Main District
          Items: None
          Enemies: Rimsala, Sphere Bot
      1. Go east one corridor, exit through the floor.

Ruffleburg's Laboratory
          Items: Call Bead x6 (If you have none)
          Enemies: None
      1. Talk to Dr. Ruffleburg. [Call Up]
          Afterwards, you can buy the strongest armor in the game from his computer.
      2. Get the [Laser Lance] from the treasure bin through the north door.
      3. Exit through the floor.
          From now on, you can go to and from Omnitopia as you please; just land anywhere, get out, then try to enter the Shuttle again. It'll ask if you want to go to Omnitopia. Therefore, now would be a great time to finally level up your alchemy formulas or weapons depending on the necessary location (see the Alchemy Guide for details).
      4. Land at Tinker's Laboratory.

Gothica: Tinker's Laboratory
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
      1. Loot the laboratory.
          You'll find the [Atom Smasher] in the southwest chest, and if you examine the scroll on the table right next to it, you'll get [Nitro]
      2. Return to the Chessboard, take the southeast stairs once in the center.
      3. Get the energy core.
          If you continue onward, you'll meet an Alchemist. He's the only one in the game who will sell Grease, and if you got the Oracle Bone from Ivor Tower's Marketplace, he'll teach you [Stop] and [Force Field].
      4. Fly back to Omnitopia.

Ruffleburg's Laboratory
          Items: None
          Enemies: None
      1. Talk to Dr. Ruffleburg. [Energize]
          Now's the best time to prepare for the last battle in the game: equip Defend, Speed, Super Heal, Revive, Energize, and your best offensive spells (preferrably Nitro or Firepower since they don't take up the ingredients for the aforementioned formulas). Buy as many items as you need from the Shopping District, equip ALL the best armor, and proceed onward!
      2. Return to the Junkyard (where your first landed at Omnitopia).

          Items: None
          Enemies: Tentacle, Tiny Tentacle, Rat
      1. Use the Energy Core at the bottom-left of the area.
      2. Descend through the floor to fight Carltron.
          Phase One: Charge up your spear and charge up the Dog's attack, then launch them at the fans above while dodging the miniature bombs below. You can hit two fans at once by aiming just between them. Don't approach them too closely, because they can blow you across the screen and you'll risk being hit by carefully avoided bombs. Once all of the fans have been destroyed, walk upwards and hit the switches to reveal television monitors.
          Phase Two: Two Raptors will appear out of the monitors. Cast Energize, then attack them frm a distance with the Bazooka, healing if they damage you for any substantial amount (unlikely). Once they're defeated, a mechaduster will appear, which can be easily dispatched with the same strategy. Two more raptors will appear, which you can quickly dispatch in the same way, followed by a Death Spider (DON'T let these guys hit you; they can kill you instantly!), then a Mechaduster, then two more Raptors. It gets hard to dodge them all, so focus on the Death Spider and Mechaduster first, then dodge anything that gets close to you. If common sense hasn't told you to yet, cast Defender, Speed, and any other beneficial formulas on your characters. After these enemies are defeated, two more Death Spiders and a Mechaduster show up; blow up the Mechaduster, then shoot the slow spiders as they approach. If any of the enemies get too close, simply have the dog's attack level set to 0, so he'll knock them back while you have time to shoot them for larger damage.
          Phase Three: Three Rimsalas will appear and spin around the arena for a while. If you haven't beaten the Death Spider yet, distract the Rimsalas with Alchemy while the Dog fights it off. These guys can be slowed down with Alchemy formulas and the Dog as well, but nowhere else during this battle are Speed and Defender more imporant; these guys will knock you around the screen, so keep your HP high enough to withstand their assault.
          Phase Four: This starts off with three spiders and another Mechaduster. Use the same strategy as before, and make it fast, because not long after this phase starts will you and the Dog be cloned. The Boy clone is easy enough, but the Dog clone has a lot more HP and can do some serious damage. Distract it with some alchemy formulas, and keep a distance; any time it get within a straight line of you, run out of the way! Try to retaliate with the Bazooka or some strong Alchemy. It might be best to equip the Neutron Blade and swing at the robot Dog immediately after it attacks, since the Bazooka is the same kind of attack it ses on you and will result in an eye-for-an-eye type of damage. Once defeated, a Mechaduster and three more Death Spiders will be released; while fighting them, the television monitors explode and begin the fifth phase.
          Phase Five: Magmar will roll onto the screen, which really complicates things if you haven't killed the Death Spiders yet. Try to defeat them first, dodging Magmar's familiar strategy of rolling around, pausing, and shooting flames. He can cast Heat Wave and Crush, but if you have Reflect, he'll get hit with them. If you don't beat him quickly enough, he'll roll to the middle of the screen and regenerate all of his HP, so power-cast some alchemy formulas and shoot him with the Energized Bazooka.
          Carltron: After what you've been through, this last part is somewhat pitiful. Carltron bounces around on a rocket launcher and makes extremely preditable attacks. Shoot him while he's in mid-air or swing at him just after he shoots a rocket towards the bottom of the screen--but be careful to avoid the explosions nearby. Use all of your defensive and offensive alchemy, then kiss this game good-bye.

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