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Name Image Description Location
Jaguar Tooth Ring
Press A to run. In the sand pits of Prehistoria, a salesman gives it to you with any purchase.
Chocobo Egg
Increases Max HP by 45 for both characters. You can find one at a random chance by purchasing pots in Nobillia. Can also be purchased in Ivor Tower.
Oracle Bone
It makes some NPCs say more when you speak to them. Also used to find the Stop formula. If you keep a Jeweled Scarab and Golden Jackal when you get to Ivor Tower, you can trade for this item.
Thug's Cloak
Increases Evade by 3%. Bought at Ivor Tower Market place or received in the Colosseum for already having the thre Nobillian armors.
Silver Sheath
Increases the strength of swords by 25%.You can get it by trading 1 Sun Stone or 1 Golden Jackal and 10 Spicefrom in Nobilia. Can also be purchased in Ivor Tower.
Moxa Stick
Powers up healing items or spells by 25%.You can get it by trading 2 Chickens, 1 Jeweled Scarab, and 12 Spice in Nobilia.
Armor Polish
Increases the protection from body armor.You can get it by trading the Silver Sheath in Nobilia.
Insect Incense
Repels insects.You can purchase it in Ivor Tower.
Jade Disk
Increases Hit Percentage. You can get it by trading 3 Chickens and 3 Beads in Nobilia.
Ruby Heart
Decreases Enemy Hit Percentage when your HP is low. You can get it by trading 1 Moxa Stick or 1 Tapestry, 1 Jeweled Scarab, and 1 Limestone Tablet in Nobilia.
Wizard's Coin
Increases Magic Defence. Found by purchasing the thugs cloak before meeting the Oblin that gives it to you, and he'll give you the wizard coin instead.
Staff of Life
Increases Defence. You recieve it from Horace after beating up the dog statue if you have at least 6 Call Beads.
Sun Stone
Increases Endurance. You can get it by trading 1 Limestone Tablet and 5 Rice in Nobilia.

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