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Book 1
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Book 2
(Shining Force Gaiden II)

Spell Chronology

Book 2 Characters

Name of Character Picture Normal Promotion Notes
Deanna Swordman Hero Natasha and Dawn find this young man before Prince Nick. His past is a mystery to anybody, that is until the end of the game.
Natasha Mage Wizard The only person that Deanna feels comfortable talking to. And she is also the only other one to know the Egress spell.
Jaha Warrior Gladiator A strong warrior who for some reason wears a pot on his head. He may be small, but he is quite powerful
Eric Knight Paladin A centaur who is very childish. A good fighter he is, but I found Dawn to be a bit stronger.
Dawn Knight Paladin A centaur just like Eric, but a more mature one. She is also a stronger fighter than Eric.
Luke Monk Master Monk A strong fighter, and a good healer. But, his MP is not too high, and a couple of Heal 2 spells put him on the shelf fast.
Slade Priest Vicar Don't let this priest fool you. Not only is he a strong healer, I found him to be a strong fighter as well.
Graham Ranger Bow Knight This is the guy who stole the Sword of Hajya from under Cypress guards. Later sees his wrongs and joins the Force.
Chester Archer Sniper After he finds out that Iom killed the real King Emild, he joins the Force to avenge them.
May Mage Wizard For the same reasons as Chester, she joins the Force. She is the only other person besides Deanna who can cast Bolt 4.
Sarah -- --- Vicar She is one of the 4 who left with Prince Nick to Iom. She becomes a mentor when the Force splits and joins when the force regroups. She is the only one who can cast Aura.
Randolf -- --- Paladin The same Randolf as in Book 1. But I found more of a use for him in this one. Randol is one of the 4 who left with Nick to Iom. He stays with the group that did not get trapped on the ship.
Claude -- --- Bird Battler Like in Book 1, Claude is a very strong bird. I pity the foo' who does not use Claude. He is also one of the 4 who left with Nick to Iom.
Rohde -- --- Gladiator Against their will, Rohde and his people built Algam fort. Once Natasha's group frees them, Rohde joins the Force.
Rush -- -- Samurai Rush hears that Iom is being summoned and offers to help. However, you have to find him. He comes equipped with the Samurai Sword, which only he can use.
Higins -- -- Shinobi A hidden character. Higins is both strong in attacks, and in magic. He comes with a Critical Sword, which is his best already.
Gyan -- -- Berserker The same Gyan from Book 1. He is also another one of the 4 whoe left with Prince Nick to Iom. I find Gyan, like last time, utterly useless. So I don't even bother with him.
Nick -- -- Prince The same Nick from the last game, except with a better looking face. Immediatly give him the Sword of Hajya when you first get him.

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