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Book 1
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(Shining Force Gaiden II)

Spell Chronology

Book 1 Characters

Name of Character Picture Normal Promotion Notes
Nick Swordman Hero A mysterious young man who Ruce introduces as the Shining Force leader. Has a high defense rate.
Ruce Warrior Gladiator The son of Lug. He creates a force of his own to search for the missing Shining Force.
Shade Archer Sniper The son of Hans from Shining Force. A very skilled archer, but has a lower defense rate.
Sig Monk Master Monk The nephew of Gong from Shining Force. His healing spells are strong, as well as his attack power.
Wendy Mage Wizard Not much is known except the fact that she is a strong magic user.
Apis Knight Paladin The son of Ken from Shining Force. Like his father, Apis can use spears and lances with ease.
Cray Monk Master Monk Cray starts out weaker than Sig, but becomes a much stronger fighter, but he is not as good in healing.
Claude Birdman Bird Battler One of my personal favorites. He can fly over mountains and lakes. If you give him a strong sword, he is unstopable.
Stock Ranger Bow Knight Stock starts out quite weak, but if you take the time and build up his levels, Stock can become quite powerful.
Mayfair Priest Vicar She was the daughter of the Archbishop of Cypress until Woldol killed him. Woldol also blinded her and awaits to kill her.
Yeesha Mage Wizard A mage who was sealed by Bazoo. When Nick defeats Bazoo, she is freed and joins the force, revealing that Nick is the Prince of Cypress.
Gyan Beast Berserker A loyal servent to the King of Cypress (which is truely Nick). He is not one of my favorites, and I hardly ever used him.
Domingo -- -- Magical Creature A hidden character. Domingo is a very powerful magic user. Get him to learn Bolt 3 and he is unstopable. He can also fly over water and holes.
Kashing Knight Paladin One of the few survivors from the Force that left from Gardiania. Although he is not as strong as Apis, he can still be handy, if you want to level him up.
Gates -- -- Gladiator Another one of the few survivors from the Force from Gardiania. I never used him, and he is not nearly as strong as Ruce.
Shriek -- -- Bird Battler Another force member from Gardiania that was spared because of Dantom. He is just as good as Claude, and should be used.
Randolf -- -- Paladin He is the sole survivor of his platoon from Cypress. He is quite a strong fighter, but I hardly used him.
Amigo -- -- Magical Creature The strongest healer in the game, Amigo is also a hidden character. Her Aura spells come in handy, unless you have Mayfair with the spells, then Amigo is useless.
Lug -- -- Gladiator The father of Ruce. He retrieves the Sword of Hajya and gives it to Nick. He is pretty strong, and you must use him in the final battle.

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