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OK... this document was originally written by two talented CC fans, Crono228 and Terrageist. To be perfectly clear: this is being posted WITHOUT the permission of either of them, but not because I didn't try. O_o Neither e-mail address is working any more. But I think the story is convoluted enough to deserve its own section on the shrine, so here it is. If they do read this and want it taken down, I'll do so without reservation. Please do not e-mail me about this section, since I will not change the document without the authors' permission. Original document follows; it's just been HTML-ized by me.

Chrono Trigger AND Chrono Cross - Story Guide/FAQ
Version: 1.1.5 and a bologna and cheese sandwich
Copyright 2000, Terrageist and Crono228

Current Maintainer: Terrageist
--->ICQ UIN: 19688123

Original Author: Crono228
--->AOL IM Crono229 [yes, 229, not 228]

Legal Stuff:
This document Copyright 2000, Terrageist aka Jahmal McNair and Crono228, whose name
will only be published with his permission. ^_^ Any use of this document without
explicit credit given to the authors is a violation of International Copyright Law.
Legal action can and will most likely be taken if the violator isn't nice enough to
correct his/her mistake.

Table of Contents

A. Update History B. Introduction C. Notes on Time Travel and World Splitting 1. Sequence of events up to the big split (1010 AD) 2. Another World (1010 AD until 2400 AD) 3. Home World (1010 AD until 2400 AD) 4. Lost futures and other dimensions 5. The Chrono Cross "present" (1020 AD), both worlds D. Unanswered Questions and Mysteries E. Credits
This file is currently ONLY available at If you got it from somewhere else, please let me know. If you would like to use it on your site, please, Please, PLEASE ask first, and give full and original credit to Terrageist AND Crono228. And, if you can, the 2 squillion other people who helped! ^_^
WAIT A MINUTE!!! WHAT'S WITH THIS 'Current Maintainer' CRAP?? WHERE'S CRONO228?????!!!!! Crono228 had to go back to his real life or something, so I've volunteered to adopt this FAQ. He was nice enough to let me have it, and I hope I don't it up ^_^

A. Update History

---------->09/25/2000 - v1.1.5 and a bologna and cheese sandwich Added and clarified FATE's and the Dragon Gods' motives based on a thread on the Chrono Cross message board on GameFAQs. REvised Section C based on another thread on GameFAQs. Corrected and clarified some CT stuff about the development of Zeal. Yes, more DreamStone theories. Massive corrections to Section 4 under 1999 AD and 2300 AD. Should be much more CT accurate now. I can't believe I left all that OUT! A very little bit of layout shuffling, and attempts to minimize redundancies. ---------->09/24/2000 - v1.1 and a bologna sandwich Added more legal crap because a friend said I should, just in case. Fixed more layout stuff. Added details to Section C about self-referencing time loops. More headaches my dear readers. Added details to the timelines about the Mammon Machine and some theories about the Masamune. Still basking in the afterglow of fixing the timeline. Merged sections E into Section D. It's all just unanswered questions anyway. Put in my two cents about all the Unanswered questions and mysteries. Revised intro and update history to reflect changes ^_^ ---------->09/23/2000 - v1.0 and a bag of chips Can we say HEAVY layout and formatting changes? I think we can! But if you liked the old format better I'll change it back, ok? Added the entire plot of Chrono Trigger so that people who haven't played it, and people who did but didn't get the connections will understand. Reorganized the timeline(s) to include history and future of both as best as I could manage. In other words, I beat it into shape and it LIKED it. Oh, and I know many of the quotes are wrong, others are from personal friends of mine. If any of you can fix or come up with better ones, please, politely submit. Added a ton of my wild and crazy theories, including lost futures. Be afraid. Too lazy to clean up and complete in game sources list. Need rest...send polite corrections/clarifications/arguements and wait for v1.1 ---------->09/14/2000 - v0.9 It turns out Crono228 had to tear himself away from maintaining this FAQ to get back to real life, other games, or whatever. Reprinted for your convenience are the important parts of his message if he says anything else, It'll be here: >>NOTICE: I will no longer be updating this file due to lack of time. >>I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE E-MAIL REGARDING THE CONTENT OF THIS FILE, >>Thanks to everyone who read and contributed to this guide. ---------->08/29/2000 - v0.8 Still trying to fix the formatting problems.. New/Updated Un-answered Question (-1, 0, 4, 14, 15 ) Section 2. formally known as "Who is Guile?" is now known as "Points of Contention", which includes the Guile debate among other controversies. And yes, the timeline has gotten neglected in favor of the un-answered questions. Don't worry, I'll add what's missing soon. Finally, because of the huge amount of e-mail I've been getting (very hard to keep up with) I've decided to create a topic on the gamefaqs Chrono Cross message board where you can post answers, questions, whatever to this FAQ. This way, it's easier for me and instead of all the ideas going through me and into this file, everyone can just share their ideas openly. You will of course still get credit for contributing. The name of the message thread is "Official Story Guide Discussion" ---------->08/27/2000 - v 0.6 Attempted to fix some formatting problems present in the previous version Added new info to and clarified the "Who is Guile?" section. Too many people have written in telling me "But Magus is Janus" I thought I should make it clear what I mean when I say he may be *Janus* Added & updated un-answered question #11 I'm a little behind on e-mails, should be caught up soon. And finally, I know the time-line is still incomplete, especially with regards to events in Chrono Cross itself. I'll be playing through the game once more some time this week and filling it in.

B. Introduction

Crono228 says: Chrono Cross has one of the most complex stories I personally have ever encountered in an RPG. After playing through the game twice and taking notes, I still have questions about what exactly is going on in the story. (and yes, I'm talking about the English version!) It is for this reason that I have decided to create this guide/FAQ because I feel that other people will be confused by the story as well. The guide has 2 main parts. The first is an attempt at a sequence of events. The second is a list of un-answered questions, either my own or someone else's. The goal is to have all the questions answered and come up with a consistent sequence of events. Eventually I may include a characters' section that will give biographies of all the characters, from both worlds. Terrageist sez: Well, I agree with Crono228. The plot of this game gave me headaches (in a GOOD way, like the Xenogears and Vagrant Story). I've played through CC 5 times, still working on more endings, and still noting tiny details. I hope this guide really does help people understand the scope of this game. I will try not to make this an anal, "every single bit" guide, just a broad, sweeping story guide covering significant events in the Chrono universe...erm...universes... Of course, I won't terribly mind if it becomes very detailed, but I don't want people to slog through mush like "Serge nods at Kid here, and goes to his boat" just to figure out what's what. By the way, for all the completists out there, this guide includes the significant events in Chrono Trigger too, just as Crono228 wanted. I'm considering his character bios section but I'm not sure. You see the current guides out there have excellent Character sections, and not every character in CC actually affects the plot (Except Mojo!! He's the key to EVERYTHING!!!!!). What I think I might do is make a list of all characters from both games, playable or not and explain their relationship to the overall plot. I might do the same for locations. Tell me if you really want it. I need YOUR help to make this guide, complete, correct, and comprehensive. Please e-mail me any new information, corrections, answers or anything else. All I ask is that you give me the source, that is, where the information comes from. Most likely this will be a character you speak to or an event. Tell me the location of the character, and if necessary, when in the game you must speak to them. I have to check these things out for myself before adding them. A final note. This guide SPOILS *EVERYTHING* in Chrono Trigger AND chrono Cross. The plot and characters are laid out in detail. We suggest you play through both games at least once and get the GOOD ending in Chrono Cross before referring to this guide for clarification on what you may not have understood. Much of the following is speculation. Some of it is prophecy. The rest, my dear reader, is history.


Well, I warned you.....

C. Notes on Time Travel and World Splitting

For starters, we humans are limited. We can only understand time as a line, and a flow starting somewhere, and going forward into forever. There's past, present, and future. The problem with this is when presented with scenarios where our nice line is looped, whirled, and tangled in upon itself, we perceive a big ugly knot. I doubt anyone can ever fully explain "backwards" and "forwards" time travel to a point where we can all understand it. The Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross writers wanted to make an enjoyable, fun story first. Scientific accuracy can come much later. I mean, look at Star Trek. There's a good sized BOOK on how much it gets wrong, and other books on how internally inconsistent it is, but it's still extremely popular and has had good story moments. At least Chrono Trigger's story can be consistently linked to its sequel. Well, into the fray. Chrono Trigger operated on the idea of parallel time. This means that you can only travel back relative to your present point in time, your existence of "NOW". So if you go back, say, 400 years ago, stay 5 minutes, and go back to your present date, you will have returned 5 minutes AFTER you left. Oddly enough, you can do the freaky stuff like meeting yourself and such, you just have to account for the difference (400 years and 5 minutes). The dreams of the planet, and the power of Lavos, however, prevented such silliness and maintained parallel time. Otherwise, the CT/CC universe would be even MORE messed up and I wouldn't have even TRIED taking over this guide from Crono228. ^_^ Within Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, there are also implied, self-referencing time loops. This means that someone or something from the future, causes an event in the past, which causes a new event in the present and future to happen. This new event now ENABLES AND ALLOWS the someone or something in the future to cause the ORIGINAL event in the past. Got it? Here's an example: Kid from 10 years in the future travels back in time to save young Serge in 1010 AD, so that he can exist to save Kid in the present and near future (new event) , so she can exist 10 years in the future to travel back to the past to save Serge! And because of parallel time, Kid can go back to her future after she left for the past and not incur any nasty paradoxes! The loop is complete and self-referencing in time, so it has no beginning or end. It just is, and always was, for the span of time (20 years) it exists in. The rest of time is allowed to go on as normal. Got a headache yet? No?! GREAT! Now for more wild theories! The gurus' Time Eggs are unique. They can home in on specific, necessary points in time, space, and dimension (say, the Tesseract where the unified Time Devourer dwells or the exact moment just before Crono's death). I'd like to GUESS they're powered by the hopes and dreams of a struggling planet trying to set things right, dammit, like the Epoch (which is why you could only take the Epoch to particular time periods, and not anywhere you darn well pleased). I know, it's sentimental and romantic, and maybe even a bit sappy. But I'm sticking by it until somebody argues me to Heckran and back. Still not sick of my rambling? I'm so proud! Now it gets really nuts! Now about this dimensional splitting and such. As said in Chrono Cross (and repeated by Crono228), major events that disrupt the planet split off into separate dimensions. Each dimension has the event happening a different way (Serge lives, Serge dies) and time forks. Immediately after the split, not much is different between dimensions and things may be very similar, but the more time passes, the more each dimension may differ in certain aspects while still being closely related. Other futures can be and are erased from existence altogether (Lavos, 2300 AD) and are hurled into the Tesseract, the darkness beyond time. Funny thing is, a being with enough power can reach beyond the Tesseract and change a part of one existence with MAJOR repercussions throughout ALL existences (Schala's kindness toward Serge). Um, with all this weirdness going on the planet (or the player) would like to set things right, so it manipulates certain events (Dinopolis) and souls (Crono, Serge) to heal itself. Hopefully, it succeeds, but that's up to you RPG fanatics. ^_^ You read all the way to here???!!! Geez, I may be onto something....or about to be flamed hotter than Mt. Pyre! And I don't HAVE the blessing of the Water Dragon! And besides, if you want to get really in-depth, there's some wacky-fun relativistic and quantum mechanical stuff going on that you DON'T WANT TO GET INTO. Unless you do, then bug me!

1. Sequence of events up to the big split (1010 AD)

Note: The story of Chrono Cross supposedly happens 20 years after the main time period of Chrono Trigger (1000 AD), putting Chrono Cross in 1020 AD. Whenever someone in Chrono Cross refers to an event occurring 10, 14 or whatever years ago, I will use 1010 AD, 1006 AD, etc. The point is, in Home and Another, THIS ALL HAPPENED BECAUSE IT WAS BEFORE THE HOME/ANOTHER SPLIT. - 65,000,000 BC - "...the planet began its dream..." An advanced race of reptilian creatures called Reptites rule the earth alongside the dinosaurs (which they evolved from). Their ruler, Azala, dislikes the new species on the block (intelligent apes) and decides to destroy them starting with Laruba village. Crono & company fall out of the sky searching for the Dreamstone to reforge the sword Masamune. The warrior supreme of Ioka village, Ayla, enlists the help of a few friends from the future to disrupt Azala's plans. In exvhange for their help, and being beaten by Crono in a drinking contest, she hands over the Dreamstone and joins his team. Now, ideally this could lead to peaceful coexistence between Reptites and proto-humanity but.... The alien creature Lavos crashes into Azala's castle like a meteor, causing an ice age which kills off the Reptites allowing humanity to rise. Lavos eventually burrows into the planet's core while its energies spread, slowly mutating the environment of the planet. Humans develop big smarty-brains and rule over everything. At this point, a dimension splinters off from the main "reality" where the Reptites were NOT killed off. They evolve in harmony with the will of the planet and build a big flying city called Dinopolis. See section 4. Crono & Co. put the Sun Stone in a solitary cave so it can start storing solar energy for the next few million years. Ayla marries Kino (um, a likable, scrawny guy from Ioka). Chrono Trigger: Unnatural Selection, subquests, the PSX version ending. Chrono Cross: Fort Dragonia (H), Chronopolis - 65,000,000 BC until 12,000 BC - "...and you shall be as gods...." Lavos sleeps, slowly devouring the planet from the inside like the porcupine spiked worm he is, and still corrupting everything. Okay, this isn't actually explained, but somehow, a group of humans manages to get lots of power from DreamStones and discover magic. Led by Zeal, they use their power and the DreamStones to elevate themselves and their culture above the rest of humanity, who are still slugging it through the ice age. Seriously! Zeal and her Zealots (couldn't resist) live on a big, flying subcontinent! The 3 wisest men of the Zealots become the gurus Belthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar. The Zealots, under the guidance of the Queen and the Gurus create many wonders, such as the airship Blackbird and the Sun Stone. CONJECTURE: I shall assume during this period that Melchior creates the Masamune and possibly the Einlanzer at this time. I say this because Doreen is happily bouncing around Zeal in 12,000 BC but no sooner. Gaspar researches biology and the nature of Nu, which somehow evolve into BeachBums and Land Octopi by CC. ^_^ Balthasar goes into technology and begins preliminary preliminary work on Time Travel technology and robotics. Now Queen Zeal has two children: Schala (oldest and heiress to the throne) and Janus (protective little brother). Both are raised and tutored by the 3 gurus and their mother. No mention of a father, hmmmm. Eventually, Queen Zeal discovers a NEW power source: Lavos. The Zealots construct the Mammon Machine out of DreamStone to channel Lavos' power into rechargable DreamStone pendants, which draw out the power and feelings of the wearers, who serve Queen Zeal, who serves Lavos now. Her prolonged exposure to Lavos' energies is corrupts her mind and her children, and the gurus, worry what she will do next. She gives Schala a special pendant that apparently has the power to bend time/space, reach across dimensions, and, umm... activate a special function of the Mammon Machine. Zeal's plan seems to be to unite herself with the sleeping Lavos and take all of its stolen power for herself and Zeal. This would leave Schala to take her place as ruler of the Zeal people in her image. The Zealots begin building the Undersea Fortress/Black Omen to carry out her ambitious plan (I guess they need to get closer to Lavos). Schala, Janus and the gurus realize that her plan is a VERY BAD THING. Chrono Trigger: Silly Zeal people, secret message from Gaspar in Zeal, Undersea Palace, people in Terra Cave 12,000 BC, people in 65,000,000 BC - 12,000 BC - "...You know, she really does look like Rita Repulsa..." Um, Crono and our other heroes fall out of the sky (again) on the ground. They notice the groundlings in Terra CAve don't look too far advanced from Ayla's time. They tell our heroes to check Zeal if they want advancement. So, they fight and teleport their way to the floating Zeal subcontinent where they learn about the Queen, her kids, the Gurus, Zealot society, the Mammon Machine, and the VERY BAD big plan. Queen Zeal uses the Mammon machine to summon Lavos to the completed Undersea Palace, even though the "Mysterious Prophet", Schala and Janus rebel against her. Crono, using the "red knife" given to him by guru Melchior, disrupts Lavos' energies and summons Lavos' true form. Crono sacrifices himself to try to save everyone else from getting killed by an awake and cranky Lavos. Marle uses the Time Egg to warp to the exact moment of Crono's death and replace our mute hero with an exact replica. Thus he is saved. What, you mean you DIDN'T save him? Meanies! CONJECTURE That "red knife" looks a lot like the "red rock" from Ayla's time which was used to repair the Masamune. Yes, the DreamStone, which is forged into the Masamune. If anyone remembers the exact scene, when Crono plunges the knife into the Mammon Machine, it transforms into a sword that looks a LOT like the Masamune. Then Masa & Mune explain the pendant/sword thing. What I believe is that Melchior gave Crono the knife knowing that Crono only wanted what was best for his friends, family, and the world. The "red knife" drew out his hopes and dreams and was transformed into the first Masamune. Crono's goodness was passed on through subsequent generations until we get to 1005's mass murder. Of course, this whole thing falls apart if the red knife disappeared with the Mammon Machine and Lavos, but the three spirits remain so Crono and Melchior's sentiments probably lived on with them, even if the original knife/sword was destroyed or taken into the Tesseract. Schala uses her pendant's power to get our heroes out. Janus is pulled through time to between 560 and 580 AD. The guru Gaspar ends up in London England circa the Victorian era--I mean the End of Time. The guru Melchior ends up in 1000 AD near the demihuman "Mystic" kingdom of Medina. The guru Balthasar ends up (and dies?) in 2300 AD. Lavos gets reeeallly cranky and sends waves of power through the earth to the sky, causing the Zeal continent to fall down and go boom. Schala is pulled into a dimension outside of time and space (the Tesseract) where she encounters either-- A. a piece of Lavos within the Mammon Machine pulled in with her (possible) B. a Lavos Spawn from a dark future eradicated from time (possible) C. true Lavos (also possible, less likely) D. All of the above (um, no.) Anyway, they merge to become the Time Devourer. The queen, who is in the process of uniting with the real Lavos, raises the Undersea Fortress, transforming it into the Black Omen. Oh, remember the Mysterious Prophet? Well, he's everyone's favorite scythe wielding sorceror, Magus. Crono's friends show him mercy, despite Frog's middle English protests and he joins them to go after Lavos. I mean, Lavos did take his sister, so it's an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing. You mean you DIDN'T recruit Magus? BOO TO YOU! Later, Queen Zeal's dumb servant Dalton abducts the guru-designed super airship, the Blackbird after the Zeal continent falls. He also borrows our heroes' time ship, the Epoch and gioves it a cool flight upgrade, and a really dumb name. Our heroes kick his butt from here 'til eternity and get Epoch back, dammit. Our heroes "borrow" the Zeal Sun Stone, since they drained then abandoned its power for the Mammon Machine and Lavos. Chrono Trigger: events occurring in 12,000 BC era Chrono Cross: CT kids on Opassa beach. - 12,000 BC until 7,600 BC - "...the Black Omen sparkles in the sun..." I am assuming that everything in this time frame happened just as it happens in Chrono Trigger, not that Chrono Trigger says a whole lot. Let's just say the Black Omen sits there, awaiting the Lavos Event. Humanity keeps chugging along. Any evidence to the contrary is welcome. BUT, after Lavos is erased, there is no Black Omen....oops. - 7,600 BC - [This is 10,000 years ago from 2400 AD] "...Reptites bad..." True Lavos reaches across dimensions and draws Chronopolis back in time as a backup plan against Crono and friends. At the same time, the flying city of Dinopolis (Terra Tower) is pulled across dimensions and drawn back in time by the planet to counter Chronopolis. You see, Dinopolis was the planet's ideal, and their Dragon God the source of their power. In other words, the planet needed some Lavos-free backup. There is a battle between Chronopolis and Dinopolis (or the inhabitants thereof anyway, assumed to be evolved Reptites). The humans win and FATE divides the Dragon god into the 6 lesser dragon gods of El Nido. What's left of Dinopolis settles into the sea and becomes Sky Dragon Island. Um, I suppose the last surviving reptites go out and cultivate some of the demihuman races or something. Chrono Cross: Chronopolitan spectres - 7,600 BC until 600 AD - "...By the great dragon gods!..." At some point, FATE and the researchers at Chronopolis create the islands of El Nido. They are populated by people from Chronopolis who have had their memories of the future erased. FATE needs humanity to grow and develop to a certain point so that she and Chronopolis will be around by 2400 AD. She installs "Records of Fate" are placed throughout the land to guide the thoughts and actions of the people so that history remains mostly unchanged. In other words, FATE and the Chronopolitans were making sure that, at least in some timeline, they exist, because El Nido has to exist for FATE to exist, and vice-versa. It's a complete self-referencing loop (see section C). Put simply, it's like being your own great-grandmother or father. By the way, the 6 Dragons sit and watch humanity grow and develop, and sense the pain they cause to the planet and environment. Though they don't show it until one big scene on Disc 2, (and are likely kept sedated by FATE), the Dragon gods are NOT pleased with humanity. At all. EVER. And yes, they'd like to be free of FATE's control so they can get 65 million years of revenge on Lavos and his "children". The El Nido, Guardia, Porre, and Medina (Mystic-Demihuman) kingdoms and races rise and develop under the ever-watchful eyes of FATE. Young Janus is "adopted" by Ozzie, Slash, Flea, and the rest of the "Mystic" race. I'm assuming since he didn't look like most normal humans (thanks to Zeal) he fit in just fine. He vows to take revenge on Lavos (and his mom) for what they did to him and his sister, so he delves into Shadow magic and becomes an extremely powerful sorceror. He becomes the Magus (impressive music) and gathers power to himself as the champion of the demihumans of Medina. He then declares war on Guardia and Porre on behalf of the Mystics. The Guardian knight Cyrus and his squire, Glenn, try to use the holy sword Masamune (y'know, I actually liked "Granleon" better) to defeat him; but Magus deflects its power, shatters the Masamune, kills Cyrus, and turns Glenn into a (the) Frog. Defeated and shamed, Frog goes into hiding to train for the time when he can get revenge on Magus, still holding on to a piece of the Masamune. He also sort of becomes an famous anonymous hero righting wrongs and assisting Guardia in the war here and there. Chrono Trigger: events transpiring between Frog and Magus, flashbacks Chrono Cross: Belthasar, in Terra Tower, Chronopolis spectre who says that Chronopolis was drawn 10,000 years into the past, 2400 AD - 10,000 = 7,600 BC) - 600 AD - "...We three embody the dreams of Melchior..." Ok, here goes...DEEP BREATH Crono and Lucca end up here searching for a present princess Nadia who has been mistaken for a past Queen Leene. Nadia, aka Marle, is briefly ripped from existence because her ancestor Leene may have been killed by Yakra. Magus' servant. Crono and Lucca receive the assistance of Frog in rescuing Leene and kicking Yakra's butt, thus allowing Marle to exist again (I wonder how she liked the Tesseract?). Also, after assisting Guardia's army on the bridge, they realize that Guardia needs to WIN the war against Magus for Marle's timeline to be properly restored. For this, they will need the legendary hero. Unfortunately, Frog is still too busy blaming himself for Cyrus' death and for recently losing Cyrus' Hero Medal to that bratty little Tata to help out our heroes. So, Crono, Marle, and Lucca decide to locate the Masamune for Frog and reforge it. Well, first they find the other half, after battling the spirits of the sword, Masa and Mune. They also get back the hero medal. Doreen, the third spirit has decided not to bother THIS time around for whatever reasons. They notice that the sword has Melchior's name on it so they visit 1000 AD to find him. Melchior makes them jump back in time to prehistory to get the DreamStone (see above). Lucca and Melchior reforge the Masamune shiny and new and Frog decides it is finally time to go after Magus. They go in, layeth the smacketh down upon Ozzie, Flea, and Slash, fight a gadzillion other monsters and come upon Magus, who is conjuring up a big spell to try to destroy Lavos. Unfortunately, our heroes screw up everything (at least from Magus' perspective) and everyone gets to go back to 12,000 BC. for a while. Ok, later on (sorta), Our heroes find that Cyrus' ghost is haunting an old manor up north. Our heroes exterminate the monsters, and have the manor repaired. Finally, Frog must confront the ghost of his old friend and they make their peace. In gratitude for finally being able to rest, Cyrus gives his dreams to the Masamune turning it into the best sword in Chrono Trigger. Magus "settles some differences" between him and the terrible trio (by wiping the floor with Ozzie, Slash, and Flea) and Medina finally settles on peaceful existence with humans. Robo and Fiona plant a forest! Frog gets turned back into his human form, Glenn. (Source: PSX Chrono Trigger Ending) (*NOTE This is NOT the Glenn from Chrono Cross) - 600 AD - 1000 AD - I am assuming that everything in this time frame happened just as it happens in Chrono Trigger. Let's see, kingdoms expand and grow, people have descendants, a desert becomes a forest, a robot becomes a saint, a mayor learns generosity, and a bunch of other stuff, like... CONJECTURE: While the Zenan demihumans are pretty peaceful, the El Nido demihumans are having issues. Many settle their differences and live with humans in Guldove. Others, who aren't so forgiving, settle in Marbule. Any evidence to the contrary is VERY welcome. - 1000 AD - The Guardia Millennial Fair, Crono meets Marle, (who somehow inherited a Zeal pendant) and a grand, headache-inducing romp through time and space begins. Crono is charged with high treason and kidnapping but, busts out (with help from everyone's favorite genius, the great Lucca Ashtear! HO-HO-HO!). Well, it turns out that the chancellor/prosecutor is none other than Yakra XIII trying to settle a 400 year old score (not to mention rule Guardia) but our heroes make sure he doesn't get very far. Melchior and Lucca reforge the Masamune, and, much later on, forges nifty Rainbow weapons, armor, and accessories for our heroes from the Sunstone and the giant Rainbow shell. Crono is proven very innocent and by right of virtue, a hero, at his trial by all the people from different times that he has helped (thanks Lucca!) Crono and Marle get married after a balloon ride. Awwww. Crono learns to speak ^_^ Chrono Trigger: beginning, middle, and sidequests, PSX Special Ending - 1003 AD - "..the life force known as 'Serge'..." Lucca and her family (Lara and Taban) decide to start an orphanage. She finds and adopts baby Kid wearing Schala's pendant in the forest (or maybe in 1004 since she's 16...or has a late birthday) Serge, the assassin of time, second Chrono Trigger, arbiter of the Frozen Flame, and bearer of cool Swallow weapons is born to Marge and Wazuki. Leena, daughter of Miguel, a close family friend, is also born. Chrono Trigger: PSX special ending Chrono Cross: Serge, Kid, and Leena are all 16-17. more basic subtraction. (1020 - 17 = 1003) - 1005 AD - "...The sword that conquered darkness?" The Masamune is stolen from Guardia Castle by an unknown person. This person uses it to kill many people in Guardia. It is assumed that this event turns the sword evil. CONJECTURE: The Masamune draws out hopes and dreams of the bearer, right? Well, it seems as if the bearer has to have some damn powerful hopes and dreams, if it wishes to counter the original goodness imbued in the sword by Crono and Melchior (see 12,000 BC above), and the later generations of virtue given the sword by Cyrus, Glenn, and who knows how many others. Whoever did this must have been damn powerful, or serving someone with a lot of power, and some bad dreams. Chrono Trigger: PSX Special Ending - 1006 AD - "...res nullius..." 3-year old Serge is bitten by a Panther-demon. In order to save his life, his father Wazuki and Wazuki's friend Miguel (Leena's father) travel by boat to Marbule. However, a bad storm (caused by Schala reaching out to Serge from beyond time) causes them to go off course and into the Sea of Eden. This storm also causes FATE to shut down for a few minutes. With FATE's hold on them briefly removed, the 6 lesser dragon gods use this time to create a 7th, the Lunar dragon Harle, free from FATE's influence. She is the embodiment of the dark moon and her purpose is to engineer the destruction of FATE and the release of the Frozen Flame. Then she is to rejoin the Dragon gods to take revenge on humanity on behalf of the planet...sorta. Poor Harle. If Kid is the beauty, then she must be the beast. Funny, how at Harle's last moment, it's the opposite. CONJECTURE: My take on the whole Harle/Kid thing: Since the merged Schala/LAvos Time Devourer creature is at the center of all this, wouldn't it make sense if the dragons created Harle in the rough image of their silent mistress, as Kid was also created in Schala's image? Just a thought... Wazuki and Miguel find Chronopolis and enter it. Wazuki is told by a voice to bring the child. Serge comes into contact with the Frozen Flame and becomes the second Chrono Trigger, the arbiter of the Frozen Flame (the only one who can access it now). This act, Schala's interference, and the 2400 AD time crash splits off a version of Chronopolis into the distortion known as the "Dead Sea" and FATE is denied access to the Flame. Serge is also healed and Wazuki brings him back to Arni. Miguel stays, apparently chosen by FATE to be the Dead Sea's (and the Flame's) guardian. - 1006 AD until 1010 AD - "...FATE has no mercy..." Um, let's see....Serge grows up in Arni. Wazuki's mind, already traumatized by seeing his son almost die in Chronopolis, is consumed totally by FATE. He becomes the biological instrument of FATE and is transformed into Lynx, the image of Serge's worst fear (big cats). Lynx and Harle try to "convince" Lucca to release the Prometheus lock on FATE (in Home's FATE, which still exists for now, no Dead Sea yet). This culminates in a raid and the burning down of her orphanage. The Mastermune, purified and merciful, send Serge and 2 frrrriends back in time to save Kid and the other children. Sadly, before young Kid can even really thank her silent savior, the Mastermune loses power and Serge returns to his own timeline, BUT current Kid is snapped out of her coma (and gets her L7 tech if you did it right...) Chrono Cross: kids on the beach, Mastermune flashback - 1010 AD - "...Angelus Erratus..." Schala hears the cries of a little Serge across the dimensions. Serge is drowning in Opassa beach. Schala creates a daughter-clone (Kid) who travels through time and dimensions to save Serge from drowning. Kid is entrusted with Schala's pendant and is then born into the universe proper in 1003 or 1004 AD. I assume she homed in on when Serge was first born, and made that her target for her 'rebirth', even though Serge doesn't get saved until future Kid travels back to save him. THIS WAS THE START OF ALL THIS. THIS WAS WHEN THE COGS OF FATE BEGAN TO TURN. THIS IS THE ANSWER WITHIN THE FLOW OF TIME. Thank you. Chrono Cross: child Lucca on the beach at the very end of Chrono Cross, Serge's grave he's 7 years old when he died CC takes place in 1020 AD and he's 17 years old (1020 - 17 + 7 = 1010).
At this point, the world is split into 2 dimensions (called Home World and Another World in Chrono Cross). Their timelines are described below as well as I can figure them...heheh O_o

2. Another World (1010 AD until 2400 AD)

- 1010 AD - "...noone can give anything to him, nor take anything away from him..." Serge drowns and does not survive. - 1010 AD until 1020 AD - "...son of man..." Oh yeah, I suppose that there are 6 dragon gods per world, (total of 12) but FATE somehow engineers the death of the each dragon god's twin, so there are only 6 dragon gods, total, between BOTH worlds. I assume that this is to weaken them. Leena grows up, boyfriendless. Dario is killed by Karsh, after that little Masamune thing, and, he, um, stays dead. Radius, retired from being a Deva in 1016 (4 years ago from present), moves to a small hideaway on a small island. Porre begins military expansion into El Nido. The valiant Acacia Dragoons, led by General Viper, stop them for a while. Viper enters into a pact with Lynx and Harle: in exchange for Acacia's assistance in locating the Frozen Flame, Viper will get to wish Acacia back to its forer glory...I think. I'm not exactly sure what Viper gets out of this in either case, but Lynx is not exactly willing to keep his end of the bargain later on... Lynx also steals Guldove's Dragon's Tear (of Hate) to activate Ft. Dragonia. Fargo becomes a pirate (arrrgh!) after Zelbess dies. Marbule becomes a place filled with bitter demihumans, but at least it doesn't rot. Kid forms a (1 member...heh) band of thieves called the "Radical Dreamers." She's quite bent on avenging Lucca's death AND keeping Lynx and Harle AWAY from the Frozen Flame. - 1020 AD - See the game summary waaay down below. - 1020 AD until 1999 AD - "...Leene Dome? cool..." Humanity grows, prospers, builds cute little dome cities and doesn't particularly suck, thanks to the REMOVED influence of Lavos. - 1999 AD - "...the world's killed by a giant evil porcupine? What a sucky way to go, kick his ass Crono..." The Day of Lavos is removed from time and dumped into the Tesseract thanks to Crono, Marle, Lucca, Ayla, Robo, Frog, and Magus, if you picked him. This is a GOOD thing, by the way. I mean, how were THEY supposed to know about the Time Devourer? 1999 AD - 2400 AD - Saved from "The Day of Lavos" humanity continues on. - 1999 AD until 2400 AD - "...Dr. Ashtear was indeed a genius, almost considered a 'mad scientist'..." Eventually, the Chronopolis Military Research Center is established under Balthasar's and Dr. Lucca Ashtear's influence. I'm certain he chose the name. The Mother Brain computer, now not corrupted by Lavos, is merged with Prometheus', aka Robo's core programming. Lucca puts Robo in there as a safeguard, in case Mother Brain goes wacko again. Lucca and Balthasar's designs are used as a base to construct FATE, a massive supercomputer capable of collecting data across time, space, and dimension. - 2400 AD - "...if we succeed, we'll be able to control, even rewrite time and space..." An experiment performed in Chronopolis causes a "Time Crash", which throws Chronopolis into some kind of time vortex or something (I forget how it was described). This allows Lavos to draw Chronopolis 10,000 years into the past, and corrupt all of FATE but the Prometheus lock. (See above; 7,600 BC). Oh, and physical reality is having issues with time, space, and dimension being all borked, so the Dark Moon is created, and it was always there.

3. Home World (1010 AD until 2400 AD)

- 1010 AD - "...No use living in the past, we have to live for today!..." Serge nearly drowns on Opassa beach, but is saved by future Kid time traveling to the past...I think, completing another loop in time so that things happen right and there is minimal dimension splitting. Also, all this borking with time (Schala, Schala-Kid, Lavos, FATE/Chronopolitans, Crono's Crew) causes Home's Chronopolis to get smushed with other timelines from the Tesseract (2300 AD Dead World, 1999 AD Day of Lavos). And Home's Chronopolis and FATE is destroyed and transmuted into the "Dead Sea", forever frozen in time. FATE, however, installed Miguel as her guardian in this world to keep meddlers from awakening Home's Frozen Flame. - 1010 AD until 1020 AD - "...willst thou stand against the goddess of FATE?..." Oh yeah, I suppose that there are 6 dragon gods per world, (total of 12) but FATE somehow engineers the death of the each dragon god's twin, so there are only 6 dragon gods, total, between BOTH worlds. I assume that this is to weaken them. Leena grows up, and takes Serge for her boyfriend. Dario is NOT killed by Karsh, after that little Masamune thing, and he washes ashore on a tiny island, tended to by a caring woman. Radius, retired from being an Acacia Dragoon Deva in 1016 (4 years ago from present), moves to Arni village and becomes its new chief. General Viper enters into a pact with Lynx and Harle: in exchange for Acacia's assistance in locating the Frozen Flame, Viper will get to wish Acacia back to its former glory...I think. I'm not exactly sure what Viper gets out of this in either case. They explore the Dead Sea, and get caught up in the Dead Sea nastiness. Probably because they don't have the second Chrono Trigger with them to counter the trans-dimensional nastiness. Porre begins military expansion into El Nido. With no one to give them any real opposition, they take Termina easily and burn Viper Manor. Guldove's Dragon Tear (of Love) is kept safe by Steena, the Dragon Shaman after Direa's unfortunate death. Fargo becomes a stupid cruise ship captain after Zelbess dies. Marbule becomes a place filled with dumb ghosts and basically rots. The demihumans, after the life was sucked out of their homeland, have little choice but to work for fruity Fargo on his fruity S. S. Zelbess and be stripped of nearly all their pride and dignity. As the latest form of entertainment for his ship, Fargo manages to book Nikki (the rockin' bard) and the Magical Dreamers (Miki, Yu, Mi, guest starring the demihumans and Serge & friends). Since this eventually leads to Marbule's restoration, I say it's the most sensible thing he does. Kid this timeline....because...errrr....hey, Serge isn't dead, y'know? Isn't that cool? - 1020 AD - Again, read the game summary waaay down below. - 1020 AD until 1999 AD - ", is the Nadia Bell still there?..." Humanity grows, prospers, builds cute little dome cities and doesn't particularly suck, thanks to the sorta REMOVED influence of Lavos. - 1999 AD - "...this doesn't make any sense...other WORLDS...?" see, the Day of Lavos happened, right? But because of the Time Crash it was thrown into the Dead Sea along with pieces of 2300 AD and 2400 AD, so it didn't happen everywhere, just in a little teensy spot. Miguel is stuck there to oversee this frozen moment. - 1999 AD until 2400 AD - "...but we can't compare her wild theories to our research here..." Eventually, the Chronopolis Military Research Center is established under Balthasar's and Dr. Lucca Ashtear's influence. I'm certain he chose the name. The Mother Brain computer, now not corrupted by Lavos, is merged with Prometheus', aka Robo's core programming. Lucca puts Robo in there as a safeguard, in case Mother Brain goes wacko again. Lucca and Balthasar's designs are used as a base to construct FATE, a massive supercomputer capable of collecting data across time, space, and dimension. - 2400 AD - "...but...there's the question, should we have, and use this power?..." An experiment performed in Chronopolis causes a "Time Crash", which throws Chronopolis into some kind of time vortex or something (I forget how it was described). This allows Lavos to draw Chronopolis 10,000 years into the past, and corrupt all of FATE but the Prometheus lock. But all the meddling with this dimension's timeline causes this version of Chronopolis to end up a lot less stable when the dimensions split in 1010 AD. Specifically, it seems to get smushed together with bits and pieces of the Tesseract, Day of Lavos 1999 AD's Leene Dome, and 2300 AD's Dead World domes (Arris, etc.). Somehow, Another's FATE manages to keep some measure of control over her destroyed sister's home, and destroys it when that meddling Serge and his Radical Dreamers try to screw things up. Oh, yes, physical reality outside of the Dead Sea doesn't take this too well either, and thus, the Dark Moon is created, and, FWIW, it was always there.

4. Lost futures and other dimensions

- 1999 AD - The Day of Lavos "...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM..." Lavos erupts and releases that massive amount of energy it's been saving in the planet's cor for millions of years. It lays waste to everything andscatters its spawn across the planet, preparing them to invade other worlds. For some reason, in its very core Lavos was harboring a new life form, embodying the stolen dreams of the planet. I forgot why and I feel very pathetic now. Um, well, this future was erased, but it rears it's ugly head in the Dead Sea in Home World so that sucks, But Lavos isn't actually there because he's dead (sorta) IMHO, Crono and friends succeeded in mostly preventing this from happening. I figure it's floating around the Tesseract with all the other crap. - 2300 AD - A Dying World "...but you're still hungry..." Crono and friends end up here after a mishap with a time gate. They find that everything sucks. There is little to no plant life, domed cities are deserted and broken, and the few people left are barely alive and starving. The planet has settled into a bleak, new ice age and is dying slowly and painfully. In order to figure out what's going on, Crono and friends repair and recruit the a certain unit RY-66R, codename: Prometheus, called "Robo". Crono and friends soon discover that all this was caused by the eruption of a powerful alien creature called "Lavos" in 1999 AD. It laid waste to the entire world leaving very little left for humanity to do but wait. Crono and his friends try to give the last people a little bit of hope, but resolve here to stop Lavos from destroying their world. They also come to find Belthasar, thrown here from 12,000 BC. His conscious mind was transplanted into a Nu (one of Gaspar's time-crossing creations). Balthasar/Nu gives our heroes Belthasar's last and finest creation: the Epoch, a passenger ship capable of going through time at will, regardless of location and without the need for time gates. After receiving Gaspar's Time Egg, Marle and friends attempt to brave Death Peak to save Crono. Balthasar/Nu fulfills its final duty, releasing 3 Poyozo helpers to make Death Peak scalable. They invoke the Time Egg and jump to the instant before Crono's death, replacing him with an identical, but fake, doll-copy. Thus, Crono is pulled out of time and Lavos' grasp and saved. Later, heeding Gaspar's foretelling, they return to find that Robo's friends (Atropos and the other RY series) and master (the Mother Brain supercomputer) have long since turned on humanity and plan to destroy what's left of them. It is assumed that Mother Brain was severely damaged during the Day od Lavos and went insane. Lucca, Crono and friends save Robo and destroy Mother Brain system, though Lucca does take with her extensive knowledge of 24th century technology. ^_^ Oh, and the nonexistent Black Omen was not permanently sealed, because it didn't become unnecessary because Queen Zeal didn't finish her unification with Lavos. Yes, and Queen Zeal also didn't taunt our heroes about this. This is also where our CT heroes finally retrieve the Sunstone, which has been resting and storing the energy of the sun for over 65,002,300 years. This one's a definite goner, and that's not necessarily bad. Sure, it also has its bits and pieces in the Dead Sea, but once FATE detonsates the Dead Sea, it's gone. This post-apocalyptic wasteland was sacrificed to the Tesseract with the hope of a better future taking its place. This more or less happened, but only exists in the memories of all who actually went there and came back. In other words, the CT cast. - 12,000 BC until 600/1000/1999 AD - Queen Zeal and the Black Omen - "...but she sends giant monsters after you, JUST LIKE Rita Repulsa..." Um, sorry folks--wait, no, I'm not apologizing for her. If Crono and Crew didn't kill her in the Black Omen then she and her fortress died with Lavos (no one to power her, or it). Goodbye, good Riddance. - 65,000,000 BC until 2400 AD - The Reptite Dimension - "...they evolved in harmony with the wishes of the planet..." Did Azala and the Reptites HAVE to die? Well, no. This seems to be a Lavos-free reality, created by the planet. Humans remained basically at Ayla's stage of development if they even got that far. The Reptites founded their own empires and kingdoms that, in many ways, mirrored the humans. By 2400 AD they've gained a similar, yet planet-friendly and much more spiritual, mastery of science and technology equal to humans of this time. They build the great city Dinopolis and within it, implant the Dragon god plasma organism. The dragon god is like a Reptite version of FATE. It is also capable of tracking other dimensions and heeds the cries of the planet when it is summoned. Thus, Dinopolis is sent through time, space, and dimension to directly counter Chronopolis in 7,600 BC. The Chronopolitans (and FATE) battle the Dinopolitans (and the dragon god) but FATE wins, divides the dragon god into 6 lesser ones (to weaken and control them) and scatters them throughout El Nido. Dinopolis gets a brief resurgence with the whole Terra Tower thing but it was under the Frozen Flame's control so it doesn't really count. bleah. You want proof? Remember the Chrono Trigger ending where EVERYONE was a Reptite except for, like, one or two humans? I think that the Dinopolis reality is just an extension of that ending farther into the future. Don't forget that there's also a Reptites rule/humans are apes ending to Chrono Cross as well. Now this is intriguing. I believe that this is a separate, legitimate, unexplored dimension that wasn't committed to the Tesseract, and still exists somewhere.

5. The Chrono Cross "present" (1020 AD), both worlds

"...for all the Dreamers, everywhere, this planet's dream has NOT ended..." Uh...this is where most of Chrono Cross happens so I'm really gonna gloss over it. I mean, really, you should be paying attention, kiddies. Also, I don't want to get too in-depth with the branching story paths and all because you should know all that, right? RIGHT? C'mon,if you really want annoying details then bug me and I'll put them in in a later revision, mmm'kay? That, and this is from memory and illegible notes written late at night. It's really bad. U_U zzzzzZZZZZZ.... PLEASE feel free to skip this part. @_@ DEEEEEP BREATH. Serge, a nice kid from Arni village, is summoned (by a future Kid) into Another after chatting with his girlfriend. He falls out of the sky on the beach to here and finds out he's dead which sucks royally for him because he has no girlfriend here (because he's dead) or a mom. His mom died of loneliness, or a broken heart, a while ago. Sucks STILL more because Lynx and the Acacia Dragoons attack him after he gets the morbid pleasure of reading his own grave. Worthe yet, he may or may not be thtuck with a pink dog who hath a thpeech impediment. Kid helps save his butt and they head off to Termina (after shaking the snot out of pathetically pathetic Solt and Peppor). From here, they realize that they'll have to go to Viper manor to figure out what's going on with the Frozen Flame. One way or another they get there, but don't find the Flame. Harle warns them about Lynx (and pisses off Kid) but they ignore her and press on. They find out about Lynx and Viper's little deal and piss them off. To escape Lynx, Kid takes Viper's daughter, Riddel, hostage but is stabbed and poisoned by Lynx, who confronts Serge and messes with his head something nice. They manage to get to Guldove, thanks to a kid named Korcha who seems very proud of his body to wear so few clothes. Kid's dying, Harle visits and annoys, Serge sees a Dragon priestess, a Hydra and an ecosystem die, Kid is saved and then robbed by Korcha's bratty little sister, Mel(CHA!). They get a boat some new friends, and head off to further the plot but bump into Another Fargo's S.S. Invincible, a pirate ship. The pirates are big meanies until our gang saves their butts from the ghost ship. Fargo gives them some info and they head off to a little old man on a little island that's been attacked by a little Harlequin and beat her down a little. Uh, Radius sez go get Blue Dragon's blessing, so off to Home world. Unless you're insane, and braved Mt. Pyre WITHOUT the Ice Breath. Let's see, our gang saves some faeries from some trolls, gets a couple gifts from the Blue Dragon and heads back to Another. Finally, they go to Mt. Pyre and Ft. Dragonia, solve some annoying yet simple puzzles, confront Lynx, and Serge gets a wardrobe change, about 50 lbs. of muscle, 4 inches of height (without the hat), and fur. Kid gets stabbed and abducted...sorta. know, boinks around in |_1m8o for a while, meets a nice old lady with a unique ability, gets a lecture from Harle and goes back to Home reality. Problem is, he's hated/feared/not recognized in this new body, except by his mom (moms are great that way) and Home's Radius, Arni's chief. Umn, they head up to sucktastic Home Termina (thanks, Porre >_<) and then to the burnt-out shell of sucktastic Viper Manor, where Norris explains stuff, like the fact that Home's Viper, Lynx, Harle, and the Dragoons are MIA. Oh, somewhere here they also realize that they can't travel between worlds anymore. (THANKS FOR NOTHING LYNX! err...SERGE...err...) They investigate and find that they went to explore the Dead Sea to find the Frozen Flame ...and didn't come back. They decide the best thing to do would be to maybe check out the Dead Sea. Oh, wait, they can't get into the Dead Sea, heh. Wait, the demihuman sage of Home Marbule might know, Marbule is so close to the Dead Sea and he's, like, a sage and all, but Home's Marbule is sucktastic thanks to Home's Fargo. So our gang hitch aboard the S. S. Zelbess CRUISE ship where they have zany misadventures! They have their boat cheated away, get turned into cats by a stage magician, fight in a Pokemon battle--I MEAN the Zelbess Grand Slam (and either win, or get creamed, like I did), and win their boat BACK after figuring out that cheating Home Fargo's little scheme. Seriously, though, they might discover why Marbule is sucktastic, make some friends, but might not quite convince Captain sucktastic Home Fargo to help out. So they find the sage, and convince him to give our gang the key to the Dead Sea (and aside, restore a little of his faith in humanity). Oops, the entrance to the Dead Sea is also blocked by the EVIL Masamune. Home's Radius, after giving some history on this, knows that to counter the Masamune, one needs the Einlanzer (bleah...fake German). So, um, they get it, after fighting Garai's spirit at the Isle of the Damned (guess he's still mad at Radius about the being killed thing). Umm, they explore the Dead Sea, discover it's an unstable dimension, as in 1999 AD Leene Dome Day of Lavos Ground Zero, with a little 2400 AD Time Crash ground zero thrown in, spiced with 2300 AD's Dead World. Its condition wasn't helped by Lavos reaching across time for Chronopolis, Schala's well-intentioned meddling, nor the dimension split. It's like somebody took a big ol' scoop outta the Tesseract and smushed it on top of Home's Chronopolis. Gee, I WONDER who can reach beyond the Tesseract to influence time-space, hmmm? Ok, let me stop the sarcasm because Balthasar probably had a hand in it too. FATE, despite its lack of power over either Frozen Flame (for different reasons) managed to hold this place together and install Miguel as its guardian. Oh yeah, all the people who ventured into the Dead Sea: Lynx, Harle, Viper, Riddel, and Devas are dead. CONJECTURE: Oh, and it's very possible that Home's Kid went in too and also died. I believe that there is only one FATE currently in existence. You see, there WERE two FATEs when the world split, but they likely behaved as one since each was in tune with the other dimension. Remember, FATE was in the past before the split and was likely in both futures too, since they guided the development of the world. Also the dragon gods do refer to the goddessES of FATE, perhaps knowing of her dual physical existence. I believe, though, that Home's FATE was destroyed in the Time Crash experiment when Schala started mucking with time-space while Another's FATE was spared thanks to Schala's non-influence here. Still, one FATE in tune with both worlds seems to be enough to hold it all together for a while...until Serge drops in. Miguel and the CT kids explain all this, and Miguel challenges Serge on behalf of Fate (in front of the ruins of the NADIA BELL AND LEENE SQUARE! How DARE he!). Serge & Co. hand him his HolyDragSword buttocks and FATE, not wanting the Frozen Flame to awaken to Serge's presence, nukes the place...HARD. Luckily, the Holy Sky Dragon, not wanting this to end so soon, saves some sons of man and hints them on their next move. Regaining the power to cross worlds, they...cross worlds, and find Another's Viper and 2/3 the Devas at the Termina bar. The Acacian group are pretty teed off at "Dark Serge," betraying them, and the fact that their absence allowed Another's Porre army to finally make some headway into El Nido and kidnap Riddel. They did take what's left of Another's Dragon Tear (of Hate) in hoping that it would help somehow (does it ever!). Our gang picks a Deva and goes to rescue Riddel from the EVIL (except for Mr. Norris Niceguy) Porre empire. Um, they go in, deliver a few beatdowns (on Grobyc, Porre soldiers, and dork sword mech), save the girl and a captive pirate captain, and adopt a cyborG. Everybody meets back at the S. S. Invincible and decides on a course of action: get into Home's Ft. Dragonia and get Serge's body back, but not before obtaining Home's Dragon's Tear (of Love), in Home's Guldove, which Steena will only give to those who can beat down 6 dragon gods. Um, to prepare to fight the dragon gods, they do cool subquests! First, they take badass pirate Fargo to meet sucktastic casino Fargo, who, after getting tongue lashing about the depths of his levels of suck, agrees that saving at least ONE Marbule might be what Zelbess really wanted. So, Nikki and Miki sing, dance, and elaborately perform the life back into Marbule. Home's Fargo finally gets a clue (and officialy stops sucking) and Serge & Co. play exterminator, and piss off Another Marbule's sleeping Black dragon god after Home's Marbule is cleansed and restored. Next, Another's Riddel and Karsh discover (quite by accident) that Home's Dario was not killed (possibly saved by the Masamune's power) and washed up on a tiny island, except he has no memory. The Masamune goes all evil and now Serge, Riddel and friends have to fight Dario. Um, they beat him, and Doreen drops in on Masa & Mune and gives them a schooling about how holy swords should conduct themselves. Serge now gets the 100% enmity-free, 3-spirit-enhanced MasterMune (GrandDream) swallow, after the spirits leave the other sword and stop making Dario go nuts. Serge becomes an overpowered butt-kicking machine, second only to Glenn with 2 Einlanzers (making X-Strike so powerful I had to reset my PSX, thinking there was a glitch with my game). Norris has the Porre army withdraw from Home's Viper Manor so that Riddel and Dario can rebuild Home's sucktastic Viper ruins into a really nice orphanage for all the war orphans. Despite otherworld differences, they continue their relationship and the 3 Devas are finally 4 again. Finally, Serge allies with a space alien, who is NOT from the same planet Lavos is. I mean, he's too gosh darned cute. Ok, back to main plot. 6 Dragons get beaten down. The Dragon's Tear (of Love) is given along with Home's only Dragon shaman, Steena (poor Direa). Harle gets frustrated with all this and leaves the group. Serge & Co. get to Home's Ft. Dragonia and gets a lovely lecture about how reptites really were supposed to inherit the planet and humans are just a symptom of Lavos' presence. After enduring humanity's sucking through history, SERGE FINALLY GETS HIS BODY BACK, and we get to see ALL of it. ...groan... Uh...okay...Now they go to the Sea of Eden (the indirect way, through FATE's leftover distortions) and visit Chronopolis. All right, I forgot WHY they go to Chronopolis. Sue me. They find out looots of stuff, which has been more or less outlined in the history and future sections so I shall NOT repeat myself. Anywho, FATE/Lynx/Dark Serge is pleased to finally see Serge and friends. He/she/it's even more pleased to beat them out of existence! Well, not until explaining why the whole Lynx body-switch thing, which is to override the Prometheus software lock (poor Robo!) and mimic the genetic makeup of the Frozen Flame's own Arbiter (Serge) in order to transfer control to FATE. Now all that's left is to get rid of REAL Serge so he doesn't do anything like taking back control of the Flame. Uh, FATE gets a beat down, and Serge finally finds Kid. Unfortunately, Kid is not right in the head and possessed by a lot of enmity. Harle tries to stop Kid but it's too late. Kid activates the Frozen Flame (thanks to her whole Schala-Time Devourer connection) and our poor harlequin is forced to join the other 6 dragon gods to form the great Lunar Dragon. Oh, Sky Dragon Isle becomes Terra Tower and the big, Flame-possessed Lunar Dragon is just itching to get a few eons worth of vengeance on behalf of the planet. Of course, its "righteous indignation" is just a tad perverted by the influence of the Frozen Flame. At least, thanks to FATE's final destruction, the Dragon artifacts are freed. Serge and Steena use the power of Divine Dragon falls, plus the 6 Dragon artifacts for supplication (probably the last shred of the dragons' mercy) to merge the Dragons' Tears of Love and Hate to form the lost 7th Element (really the sextessence of the other 6), HARLE! Well, no, she's the spirit of the 7th Element, the dark moon, the result of 2 worlds forced apart and then together again. Really, they form the Chrono Cross, the essence of the planet, the final note in the melody and the harmony which can ultimately heal this planet's shattered dream. Wow, I really went off there, didn't I? Also, they save Kid using the power of the 3 essences of the MasterMune (after another schooling by Doreen--this time, about mercy). Lucca, through Luccianna, gives Kid a farewell message 9with an inside regard to Janus Zeal). Anywho, Serge and friends borrow Starchild's anti-grav device from his flying saucer, whack it onto the boat, and fly up to Terra Tower. They beat down some Elementals, and meet Balthasar for one last time. He explains his and Lucca's rather LARGE part in all this and basically says that all this work was just so Serge could get the Chrono Cross and the Time Egg and save Schala. Belthasar wishes them luck and they reach the top where they get o meet the Lunar Dragon and the TRUE Frozen Flame. After the fight of their lives, Terra Tower undergoes a...unique and perplexing transformation and settles down to earth. After a group meeting they decide the best thing to do is go to where all this started, yes, Opassa freaking beach and use the Time Egg to umm, beat down the Time Devourer. At the beach, 3 familiar faces (one recently overcoming a speech problem) fill in what was up with all this and clue them into Lavos, Schala-Kid-Zeal, and the Chrono Cross. Blarg. If you just kicked TD's butt, um, Schala gets completely consumed by enmity and they go around devouring universes and stuff. If you pulled off the melody and the harmony (used the Chrono Cross), the bond between Schala and Lavos is broken, Schala is healed (body and soul) and I think she unites with Kid, making them "whole". The planet is healed and the last of Lavos and his spawn unexists. Now we're treated to a vague ending filled with good music and postage stamp black and white FMV. I mean, it's GOOD, but only worth it on a big TV. The book is closed on this saga and Schala Kid Zeal, humanity, and the planet go on with their lives and dreams free from all annoying control-freak influences. I think. Look, the only thing that's certain is that the Time Devourer doesn't go around devouring time-space continua and leaving "Dead Seas" and Tesseracts in its wake. That, and after being part of the Time Devourer for who knows HOW long, she hasn't lost any of her talking and philosophical musing skills. Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit. Fin.

D. Unanswered Questions and Mysteries

*Note: These may be numbered funny due to the fact that they are added and removed constantly. The numbers are just there for reference (Like if you are e-mailing me with an answer to a particular question) Terrageist: Um, I'll fix this, and I've worked many of the suggestions, corrections, and improvements here and in section E into the main timeline. But I'm so tired after beating the timelines into shape I'm not touching this now for 1.1. It's still not totally fixed but I put in my 2 cents. 1) I put this one first because I think it's pretty important and should be easy to answer. Did the world split into home and another in 1006 AD (when Serge gets bitten and comes in contact with the flame) or 1010 AD (when he drowns/or is saved from drowning)? I was 99% sure it was in 1006, until a couple of people in e-mails say (in passing) that it was when he drowned (and also didn't drown) PLEASE, if you are answering this question, use references from the game. Yes, dammit. The CT kids on the beach explain it at the end. Kid travels back to save Serge thus completing a time loop in one world, and splitting off another, because with Serge dead, Chrono Cross (the game) would not havehappened. 2) How exactly does time travel effect the universe in Chrono Trigger/Cross? When Crono and friends defeated Lavos in 1999, they altered the bad future which they traveled to in 2300. But, it was traveling to that future and seeing the destruction of the world that caused them to decide to defeat Lavos in the first place. This creates an obvious paradox. It is mentioned in Chrono Cross that altered time-lines become new dimensions. However, in Chrono Trigger, in the last part of the game (The Fated Hour) the group can travel through the time periods and change events, the effects of which can be seen immediately in (what seems to be) their own dimension. I've gotten many suggestions on this, they can be summarized into the following categories: a) When Crono and friends traveled back in time and changed things, they created new dimensions each time they did so. b) Only changes to Major events (i.e. Lavos destroying the planet) cause new dimensions to come into existence. Terrageist sez: Actually, this one is up in the air, since there seems to be NO way to conclusively prove/disprove either. Actually, both statements above are nearly the same. Just expanded. I like version A. 1.5) This one comes from Ketheriel Granveldt: "Okay. Lavos drags Chronopolis from the future into the past as a backup plan, right? Well, how is this considered a back up plan? What could Chronopolis possibly do to ensure that Crono and co. don't do their mission in Chrono Trigger? And unless I'm mistaken, they said Chronopolis was from the future where Lavos was destroyed and apocalypse was averted. So dragging it back just kind of made sure that Lavos DOES get destroyed, right? I mean, something can't exist if it was never made, and if Lavos destroys the world like in Chrono Trigger, Chronopolis would have never been made, and he wouldn't have been able to drag it back." This is a great question. I'd like to add to it the fact that one of the researches in Chronopolis says that FATE monitors El Nido and tries to make sure that the *history it knows is not altered* Well, the history it knows is one where Lavos gets destroyed. I think this might turn out to be a major hole in the plot. Terrageist sez: Ok, good point, KG. Let me take a crack at it. It is already assumed that powerful entities can reach across time, space, and DIMENSIONS to do things. The planet did it. Schala did it. FATE can do it. Zeal pendants (Kid and Harle's 'Astral Amulets') can do it. Therefore, Lavos can do it because Zeal's power IS Lavos' power. What is in Chronopolis that can possibly benefit Lavos, you ask? Why FATE, dear friend! FATE is a supercomputer entity able to track and manipulate people and places in any number of dimensions. With it, Lavos could easily wipe Crono from existence, were it not for A. the Prometheus lock (go Lucca!) which Lavos probably didn't know about; B. Balthasar; C. the will of the planet (Dinopolis); and D. Lavos AND FATE wanting to make sure Chronopolis isn't tossed into the Tesseract. So now, Lavos is in a bit of a pickle. But wait, suppose Lavos is aware of Schala and the piece of itself within the Mammon Machine that became the Time Devourer? Well, a perfect plan would be to use FATE to manipulate events so that, even though Lavos as Lavos is destroyed, it can continue to exist as the Time Devourer. 2) From the e-mails I've gotten ,and seeing the PSX endings myself, it seems the general consensus is that the killing spree that the Masamune was used for in Guardia made it into an evil sword. We know from events in CC that the Masamune has the power to draw out feeling in the person using it, but is it stated anywhere that the opposite is true? Whether or not this is found I think it's safe to assume that's the point of that little ending in the PSX version of CT. This comes from C.B. While in the Undersea Palace (CT), Masa explains the origin of the pendant and sword. One of the last things he says is, "We embody Melchior's dreams, sealed within the knife." Terrageist sez: The "knife" mentioned is the red knife made of Dreamstone, the same stone used to forge the Masamune and possibly its counter, the Einlanzer. Oddly enough, Dreamstone, and therefore, the Masamune and its resident spirits have the power to counter Lavos. That scene in CT is when Crono plunges the knife into the Mammon Machine, making it go boom and revealing Lavos' true form is the one C.B. is referring to. It is stated in both Karsh and Melchior's flashbacks that the dreams embodied in the Masamune can influence the sword's bearer, while also drawing out his/her negative feelings. So, I suppose this power can also be used to serve Lavos. Put simply, yes, I agree, that the PSX ending was for the sake of explaining why the sword is evil. 3) Is Magus dead? It seems that no matter if you choose to fight Magus at the Cape in 12,000BC after Zeal collapses or not, Frog still gets changed back in the end of the PSX version. First of all, if you fight and defeat Magus, does he die or just disappear and leave the Amulet behind? Second, what explanation is there for Frog being turned back if you don't fight him? I'd like to suggest that Magus lets him have the amulet after the events in CT because they have fought on the same side. Terrageist sez: No, no, he's probably still alive and kicking somewhere. I mean, he's directly mentioned in Lucca's final letter to Kid, and he's a butt-kicking mage, so of course he'd figure out how to extend his life, or even travel through time. 4) What is the origin of the Lavos with which Schala merges to form the TimeDevourer? This comes to us from Elranzer: "I can explain the "Lavos" which was merged with Schala. They messed this up in the US translation. Since Chrono and gang caused a paradox, everything that was in the "old" future was hurled into the Tesseract, where all lost time continua objects go. Lavos was indeed killed in 1999 AD, and it was in fact THAT Lavos which summoned Chronopolis. But the Lavos which Schala was merged with was a Lavos Spawn. The Lavos Spawn ONLY exsited in the "old" future, and all of them were hurled into the Tesseract ("Darkness of Time" in the US version). This also explains why the "Lavos" you fight at the end of Chrono Cross is tiny, in fact, just the right size of a Lavos Spawn in comparison to the characters. Also, in the Tesseract, the bubbles show lots of stuff that were hurled in there because of the paradox, like the broken down cities of Chrono Trigger's 2300 AD." This sounds right to me, especially the explanation about why the Lavos that makes up the TimeDevourer is so small. Terrageist sez: Yeah, I'll go with what Elranzer said...for now. 5) Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but what is the origin of the Dragon god? Was it always a part of the planet or part of the Alternate future timeline of the Reptites where Terra Tower came from, or something else? From Johnathan Rushing: "The dragon god was created by the reptites, similar to how the humans created FATE. In essence, they are the equivilents of each other. FATE and Chronopolis, and The Dragon God and Dinopolis are the two sides of the same coin from two different dimensions." Terrageist sez: This was explained by the Chronopolitan spectres. The Dragon God, however, is in tune with and heeds the wishes and dreams of the planet, unlike FATE. 6) What's the deal with those researchers in Chronopolis? Are they ghosts or what? Webrunner says: "I imagine the researchers' minds still exist (one of them says that death doesn't really exist)" An interesting possibility..... DamnThMan says: "I think Prometheus(Robo for people who didn't pick up that he's Prometheus) was showing you those specters so you could learn about fate." Another very interesting possibility, you guys are sharp! Terrageist: I'll go with these two people. 7) What is the origin of the Frozen Flame? I know it is a piece of Lavos, but where, when, how, and why was it created? Also, where, when, how, and why did it become a part of FATE? Terrageist sez: Uuuuh...well...that is to say....LOOK! Miki's naked! *runs* Seriously? Well, the Flame could be a chunk of the Dreamstone that didn't become the first Masamune, or it was the first Masamune (assuming Melchior found more DreamStone and made another). This MAsamune could have been corrupted by Lavos' dark sentiments and then made manifest in the world as the Frozen Flame. Or it could be what's left of the Mammon Machine. It seems as if the Frozen Flame wasn't around in the far future when FATE was created so it must have won it in the battle of 7600 BC. 8) Are there 2 Lynx's and 2 Miguel's? Wazuki (Serge's father) didn't become Lynx until a while after the incident with the Frozen Flame at Chronopolis. Did something happen to his other self before becoming Lynx? There must have been 2 Wazuki's after the incident, because there were 2 Serges (the one that died and the one in the game) Similarly, there should be 2 Miguels. This comes from DarkAlucard: "Well, in an interview with the scenario designer, he says this about Miguel: He was brainwashed when he entered [Chronopolis] 14 years ago. Perhaps he was too infatuated with Fate's powers and knowledge about the future. Or perhaps he became a part of the Chronopolis. At the point where the timeline split in two, consequently there were two of him as well, but the Migel who was in the Chronopolis was most likely eliminated by Fate. According to the Ultimania guide, Lynx was with Viper, Riddel, Karsh, etc. when they got lost in the Dead Sea. So the Home version of Lynx is dead." Good enough for me, I'll incorporate this into the event timeline soon. Terrageist: I DID incorporate this into the timeline so there. Yes, there are 2 Lynxes and 2 Miguels. Home's Lynx died in the Dead Sea with the Acacia crew, while Home's Miguel was installed, by Another's FATE, as the Dead Sea's guardian. 9) About the Epoch. Is that thing in the hidden room behind the desk in the library it's remains after Crono & friends crashed it into Lavos, or, just the remains over time? OR, is it the Neo Epoch that Belthasar mentions? Uh, maybe... 10) At the top of Terra Tower, after defeating the Dragon god, Belthasar appears and gives Serge the Time Egg. Did he have this all along? If so, what was the point of Chrono Cross? Why didn't he just give it to Crono or something and have him free Schala? Am I missing something? The point of "Chrono Cross" is that they needed the Chrono Cross to free Schala (Duh!) Thanks to DarkAlucard for this one. I'll incorporate this into the event timeline soon. Terrageist: incorporated this too so THERE. Basically, Serge couln't have GOTTEN the Chrono Cross unless he destroyed FATE, who had a lock on the Dragon God's power. With the Dragon God free, Divine Dragon Falls is released and the Chrono Cross can be formed. Also note that the Chrono Cross is formed of elements existing in BOTH WORLDS, thus it is the essence of the planets desire to be whole again. 11) Who is the "Entity" that the Chrono Trigger gang talks about in the camp fire scene?(after completing the quest to revive the forest) Here's Webrunner's interesting take on it: Lucca, in CT, mentions that there is a being 'leading' them through it. Why couldn't THIS be Schala? We know she caused everything in CC, so here's the thing: They begin to merge, creating the TimeDevourer's early stages... Schala wants to escape. She leads the CT team on a quest, eliminating Lavos in the future and saving mankind from the day of the Lavos in a time line- this gives birth to Chronopolis, which after being pulled back in time by Lavos in the past (who is actually Timedevourer now) creates El Nido which allows Serge to exist- and Serge is led through his way in order to save Schala. he *does* this, and then Lavos is left without Schala- and would then logically turn BACK into Lavos, the weaker form, which allows Chrono and Crew to destroy Lavos come 1999. Had Crono and crew fought the truly evolved and merged Time Devourer, they probably wouldn't have come out alive. On closer consideration, I think that it most likely is not Schala. The reason being Schala and Lavos didn't begin to merge into the Time Devourer until Crono and friends interfered in the past, once they had already started their quest. I'll leave this up for a while just so others of you can give your input. Luckily, there's another theory some of you have been proposing: Mike Sullivan says: "Iagree Schala is a good bet for the 'entity' but I also thought Square was just goofing around and referring to the player (they did a similar thing in Secret of Evermore, some crazy guy freaks out because he realizes the whole world is subject to the whims of a controller weilding overlord!)" And Erika Hays agrees: "I always thought that entity leading them through was the person who plays the game. After all, we ARE telling them where to walk and who to talk to..." DamnThMan agrees but also gives us another possibilty: "Way back when i first played Chrono Trigger I thought that the entity was the player or Gasper since he kept telling you where to go." And yet another theory from Aldar: "After playing through CC I am convinced it was the *planet*. The introduction and conclusion of the game allude to the Planet's Dream ... I believe that the myriad of alternate dimensions, the transportation of Dinopolis, and all of the time gates are all part of the planet's dream, and the only foreign body present is Lavos. Chronopolis was also a part of the planet's dream, save for the fact that it was pulled through time by the Very Large Spiky One. This would mean that all of the events in CT/CC are the planet's eternal dream... which, in the end, really makes everything else fall into place." Terrageist sez: I really like all these theories, but I think the one I'll place my faith in is Aldar's. 12) How did the Dragons that no longer exist at the time Serge goes looking for them die? I added this question after getting this information from DarkAlucard, which comes from an interview with one of the designers: "At first, there was a pair of each dragon, one in each world. But we made it so that one in each pair perished." Terrageist sez: stupid vague designers. They don't tell us WHY they perished. I think FATE engineered their deaths to weaken the Dragon God's overall power. Especially considering that Home's FATE seems to have been destroyed in the Dead Sea Time Crash with everything else. Of course, 1 FATE is enought to keep tabs on BOTH worlds. She was designed with the ability to do this (Chronopolis spectres say so). 13) A couple of people who have sent me info have made reference to Harle having some connection to Schala/Kid. I didn't pick up on this *at all*. If anyone has any details on this, please share them. And many of you have! Because of the response to this question, I can't be specfic as to who sent these in, as many of you did at once. Here are the reasons some feel that Kid and Harle have some connection, some going so far as to say they are the same person! 1) Another's Kid is unaccounted for. 2) Harle and Kid look alike (under Harle's make-up anyway.) 3) Their fortunes (given by fortune teller in Termina) are EXACTLY the same. Terrageist sez: oh hush, all of you. Harle was created at the same time Schala made contact with Serge. But Kid was born into time near the moment Serge was (which is why they're nearly the same age). So, there may be 2 Kids and two Harle's. OR maybe since Kid is the "beauty", then Harle must be the "beast." Meaning when the Dragon Gods created Harle they merely transformed another aspect of Schala. Rememmber, it was said that Schala had a kind, loving side and a raging, enmity-filled side. So it's likely the dragon Gods inserted Harle into time as close as they could manage to Kid, even though Harle is 18, Serge is 17, and Kid is 16. Yes, I know, Harle was always Harle, and wasn't "born" per se. I'm just saying when she COULD have come into existence. When he world was split by Serge being saved, Harle could have went into "Home" and Kid into "Another". And maybe Harle wasn't stupid enough to go into the Dead Sea and Lynx was. 14) What happened to Harle? The last time we see her is at the Sea of Eden, and the last time we hear about her is when Belthasar tells you she is the 7th dragon in Terra Tower. And then.... Terrageist sez: Ok, screw me. Here's my theory: When Kid activates the Frozen Flame, the Dragons merge and reform the Dragon God. Since Harle is also a dragon (of the dark moon), she must also join them. So, she could be within the Fused Dragon God. When you beat it and the Time Devourer down, Harle could have been released, thus allowing for that one ending where you see Harle and the Dragon god. Funny how, while Kid was the "beauty" and Harle was the "beast.", Harle was the one who wanted to stop Kid from activating the Flame and releasing the Dragon God's rage. Or maybe she wanted her to stop because she wanted the Dragon God to be free from Lavos' influence, which would not have been possible with the Flame. Anyway, we know that she did NOT desire to fight Serge. BUT, just because Harle was a creation of the Dragon Gods, doesn't make HER a dragon god. Just their tool. So what I thought was a simple resolution gets even more complicated. Thanks roosta. So what's the answer? Depends on which ending you got. 15) This question comes from Chris Mishima. Okay, now a question that I'm suprised people aren't asking. Why is Schala's hair blonde instead of blue like it was in Chrono Trigger? Is it because she was exposed to Lavos, did the programmers forget her hair color, did they decided to change it so it wouldn't be so obvious as too who Kid was, or did she go Super Saiyan? While reading it I was trying to decide whether or not to add it, until I got to the DBZ reference ^_^ Terrageist sez: Oh, bitch bitch bitch bitch biiiiiiiiiitch! FINE. In the Japanese version of CT, it is said in Terra Cave that the Zeal royal family (Jaki/Janus, Jean/Zeal, and Sara/Schala) dye their hair blue as a symbol of their status. Hair sye eventually fades, and in the Tesseract, it did. Alternately, You could say that the royal family's extended exposure to Lavos could have mutated their bodies. Schala's exposure in the Tesseract could have made her body revert to its natural status. Magus, for whatever reason, could have either continued the Zealots' silly tradition or have had his body permanently altered by his magical arts and "surviving the darkness" (actual quote from US CT) 16) Where do these events go in the timeline? HELP ME!!! (please?) A quick rundown: --a) Um, Fargo and Zelbess have 2 kids, Nikki and Marcy. Zelbess goes to dat big fish bowl in der sky, ja? Something big and nasty happened. The kids are abandoned. Nikki managed to keep in touch with his aunt Irenes. Marcy may have been either by Luccia(nna) or in an orphanage (Lucca's?) or something. See, she's 9, so she was born just AFTER the world split. What Fargo does AFTER this is discussed in each world, since that's all I'm really certain about. --b) The Masamune ends up in the Divine Dragon Falls. --c) Radius and Garai's little Masamune incident, Masamune goes to Island of the Damned. Karsh and Dario's little Masamune incident. Masamune goes to Dead Sea. (Another) 17) Who is Guile? Crono228's money is currently on: JANUS Probably the most controversial question in Chrono Cross. It happens to be my pet mystery for this game. (as I'm sure those of you who frequent the CC message board know) Terrageist: actually, it's EVERYONE's pet mystery for the game. SHEESH! Why Guile most likely has a secret identity: -In the game "Radical Dreamers", on which Chrono Cross is based, Gil (Magil in the U.S.) reveals himself to be Magus. I do not present this as evidence he is Magus (at least not here) but only to suggest that Square intended people to question who Guile is. -Among the meanings for the word Guile are deceit, trick, and duplicity -He wears a mask, usually associated with hiding secret identities. *Terrageist: and Street Fighting USMC special forces people with bad haircuts.* -He has several striking similarities to Magus, among which are: Long, purple hair; floating instead of running; using black magic. Again, I do not present these as evidence he is Magus (at least not here) but only to suggest that Square intended people to question who Guile is. --The Candidates: ********* **Magus** ********* The case for: -Guile shares many of his characteristics; Long purple hair, floating instead of running, using black magic -Magil was actually Magus in "Radical Dreamers", "Magil" is similar to "Guile" -Lucca implies that Janus may be standing next to Kid in her letter. "Janus" is of course the name Magus used to go by. The case against: -Magus could possibly be dead. (see un-answered questions) -Guile does not act, talk or dress like Magus -Guile does not have Magus's pale complexion. -Guile uses a Wand not a Scythe like Magus. -Guile doesn't seem to recognize people and things Magus should (Ozzie, Flea and Slash, the Epoch). However, as Rorshach13 reminds us: "but Magus did use a wand/staff thingy when he first attacked Lavos, but it "didn't work" as he says and Queen Zeal laughs a lot and then [Crono] dies..." A very interesting little detail. ********* **Janus** ********* "Janus" here means the Janus that Crono and friends meet in Zeal in 12,000 BC, grown up to be an adult *without* having been drawn into the Dark Ages and raised under the influence of Ozzie. In other words, if Guile is indeed Janus, it could be said that Guile and Magus are two alternate forms of Janus as an adult. The case for: -It is possible, but unconfirmed as yet, that Janus is left alive and well in 12,000 BC after Crono sacrifices himself. -Lucca implies that Janus may be standing next to Kid in her letter. -The similarities which Guile shares with Magus may imply that he is actually Janus as an adult (just like Magus) -Guile is a powerful magic user, just like Janus. -In the ending of CC, there is a picture of Schala sitting and a man standing next to her. The man's head is not visible, but the clothes do resemble Guile's -Guile doesn't seem to recognize people and things Magus should (Ozzie, Flea and Slash, the Epoch), and he wouldn't, would he? The case against: -Janus may not have escaped being transported to ~580 AD by Lavos -Guile uses Black Magic, which seems odd for Janus. -How Janus could make it from 12,000 BC to 1020 AD is unknown The Tuff One has an idea: "I would think that if Schala was able to clone herself and send a clone through time, she could also easily transport Janus or Magus through time or clone Janus and send Janus's clone to 1020 A.D" Terrageist sez: ACK! tththhtbbblblblppptt!!! I like the "alternate timeline Janus" idea. And the "Schala cloned Janus" idea. But...I don't know....bleah.

E. Credits

Terrageist: ok, see, I'll clean up this section too. WAIT! I'm NOT gonna remove anyone (I'll probably be adding people), but many of you really smart and cool people are credited SPECIFICALLY above, and I feel that should be reflected down here. Now, neither me, nor Criono228 could catch everyone's specific contribution but trust me, they were all valuable and necessary. So DON'T FEEL BAD IF, IN A FUTURE REVISION, THERE IS STILL NOTHING NEXT TO YOUR NAME. Right now, actually, there's only one specific credit because I'm tired, dammit. More cleanup in v1.1. Due to the overwhelming response to this guide, I'm afraid I can't list specifically what each person contributed (unless it's something huge) Sorry for any inconvenience or trauma this may cause. These are listed alphabetically. Also, I use screen names or aliases when they are given. If you'd like your real name given also, or only, or not at all, or have any other problem with how you are credited, let me know. Aldar Benjamin Isip Bewindo C.B. Chris Mishima ChronoAxis Crono228: for writing the first 10 or so versions of this guide, and giving it to me. Cullen dude202: valid questions DamnThMan DJellyBean: FAQ goodness Elranzer: Even more FAQ goodness with a chewy nougat, plot clarification core! Erick Repsys Gordon Brown Jason Stebelton jason79: info on the CC GameFAQs message board Jennifer Hawthorne Johnathan Rushing KerrinScott IM: more info on the CC GameFAQs message board Ketheriel Granveldt Michael Tai Mike Sullivan Potato Boy: moral support ^_^ roosta: more on the enigma that is Harle Rorshach13 Sheamon: He's transcribing the script! I mean, how do you BEAT that? The Tuff One ToastyFrog: wrote one of tehe first and best CC FAQs Vagrant Webrunner Wiegraf1471 And everyone with the mental stamina to read through all of this, including the crappy quick and dirty game summary. I'm hoping to get a good version of this out before Sheamon finishes his game script. ^_^ EOF

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