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The races only differ in their possible ability points in the different categories. At the beginning of the game you won't see the difference between a dwarven magician and a Fuzzy-Magician, but a Fuzzy-Magician will be much better at the end of the game since he can gain a much higher Intelligence than a dwarven magician, resulting in more Magic Points and the ability of casting more powerful spells.

Race Max. Strength Max. Dexter. Max. Intell. Max. Wisdom
Human 75 75 75 75
Elf 75 99 75 50
Dwarf 99 75 50 75
Bobit 75 50 75 99
Fuzzy 25 99 99 75


Picture Class Gender Spell-Category Magic Points Dexterity Recom. Race
Alchemist Alchemist Male Magic Power INT x 0,5 Ordinary Fuzzy
Barbarian Barbarian Male - - - Dwarf
Druid Druid Male Both stronger power of INT or WIS x 0,5 Ordinary Bobit, Fuzzy
Fighter Fighter Male - - - Dwarf
Illusionist Illusionist Female Will Power WIS x 0,5 - Bobit
Lark Lark Female Magic Power INT x 0,5 Ordinary Human
Paladin Paladin Female Will Power WIS x 0,5 Ordinary Bobit
Priest Priest Female Will Power WIS x 1 - Bobit
Ranger Ranger Male Both weaker power of INT or WIS x 0,5 Ordinary Human
Thief Thief Male - - Superior Elf
Wizard Wizard Male Magic Power INT x 1 - Fuzzy


  • Spell-Category:
    Magic-Power (Magician-Spells) based on "Intelligence"
    Will-Power (Priest-Spells) based on "Wisdom"
  • Magic Points:
    The value of your characters' Magic Points is defined by the class and the attributes Intelligence (for characters with "magic power") or Wisdom (for characters with "will power").
  • Dexterity:
    Some character classes get a natural bonus for evading hidden traps in chests and enemies' attacks.

Suggested Party:

As in other RPGs the best choice is a versatile party with good fighting and spellcasting abilities. A party that served me well consisted of:

#1. Paladin - Bobit
#2. Ranger - Human
#3. Priest - Bobit
#4. Wizard - Fuzzy

The Paladin and Ranger are good fighters and are able to support the party with extra healing spells. With a Priest and a Wizard you will be able to use the most powerful spells later in the game.

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