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Brahm's Mansion to Bodley Mansion

When you talk to the ferryman again, make sure you're not holding Dracula's Heart this time. Boy, the guy's sure a lot more happy this time, isn't he? Let him take you across, but don't get off on the other side. Let him take you back again, and get off on the other side. You'll now be at the town of Aldra. Unfortunately, it's bound to be night at this time, and you'll have to waste some time until daybreak.
The best way to waste time would be to keep fighting the two Two-Headed Creatures at the riverbank, since they're the only nearby monsters that will give you experience at this time. When day breaks, enter the town and go up the stairs. You'll see a guy like the one who gave you the Blue Crystal before. Talk to him, and he'll give you a Red Crystal for your blue one. There's also a church in town, but you probably don't need it right now.
You can buy Laurels and Garlic in this town, by using the familiar method of throwing Holy Water at the walls and floors of the empty houses. You can get some Garlic if you want, but as long as you have one piece left, you don't really need any more. At any rate, don't spend more than 50 hearts. When you're ready, leave town via the left exit. Take the first stairway you see going down. There's two holes you need to watch out for...
...and you see where they are in the last two screenshots. Avoid those, and you can get across without having to cross the poison marsh. For now. Proceed left, and you'll end up in a graveyard.
At the very end, drop some garlic, and a man will appear. He'll give you a Silk Bag, which will allow you to carry twice as much Laurels. Now, turn back, use a Laurel to pass through the poison marsh, go up the stairs, and go left. You'll eventually reach the town of Ondol. Since it's probably very close to getting dark now, hurry up the first two stairs, go left, and enter the first house you encounter.
Well well, something very interesting's for sale here. The Morning Star will make your whip both longer and stronger. If you were too late in getting here, and night has fallen already, you'll have to waste some more time until it becomes day again. In that case, exit town through the left exit, and fight monsters there to gain more experience, the return to town when it's day to get the Morning Star.
I didn't want to keep the best line in Castlevania 2 from you guys. An old man in the town of Ondol says this. Cracks me up every time I see it. :)
Anyway, after finishing your business in town, exit left and keep going... only to find someone put a mountain in your path. But there is a way to pass: your Red Crystal. Hold it by selecting it in the menu screen, then kneel near the mountain. Soon, a whirlwind will appear, which will take you right to the entrance of Bodley Mansion. Time to go get Dracula's fourth body part. This one'll be short and sweet.
You'd have to go a long way around to find the stake salesman here, that's why I told you to buy an extra one from the salesman in Brahm's Mansion. Now, all you need to do is the following. First of all, pass up the first staircase you see, and jump through the wall at the end. See those dull spikes ahead? They won't hurt you, but they will cause you to bump your head and fall into the water below.
To prevent that, use Holy Water to break the blocks that are in your way, then make your jumps. Proceed to the right when you reach the other side. The rest is very simple. Just go all the way down and go right, and there you'll find the orb. Since you already have an Oak Stake, that's all there is to it. Another body part in the bag.
Dracula's Nail will let you break blocks by hitting them with your whip. You don't really need that power though, your Holy Water works just fine. If you're not level 4 yet, fight monsters in the mansion until you gain a level, then it's time to move on. Exit the mansion and proceed further left.

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