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As you probably guessed, each of the following documents came from the incredibly campy but at times useful official magazine of Nintendo, Nintendo Power. They did an entire article on Arcana and also had a poster with maps of the game, both of which are here. Thank our very own Celes for these scans, believe it or not.

Note: No Pink Goats were harmed in the making of this shrine. |-P

Page 1
Just a little intro, nothing special.

Page 2
This page kind of gives you an introduction to the aspects of the game. Very useful if you don't understand it.

Page 3
This gives you an idea of what to do at the onset of the game. It talks a bit about Balnia and the different buildings.

Page 4
Gives you a map of the first level, Balnia Temple. Then it shows you what happens when you beat Balnia Temple. Spoilers, so don't look unless you want to know or already know.

Page 4
Edited: Just the map. Spoiler Free.

Page 5
Just a summary of the plot of the rest of the game. Again, Spoilers, so don't look if you haven't beaten the game yet.

Now for the Centrefold…erm, you know what I mean…

Map 1
Has maps of Draven Pass, Forest of Doubt and Crimson Valley.

Map 2: Has maps of the first two of the three Ice levels, as well as part of the Stavery Towers, both first time and second time.

Map 3
Polar Dungeon, the rest of the Stavery Towers and Bintel Castle and the Tunnel.

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