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Note: You will always have Rooks in your party, and if you have a live spirit, it too will always be with you. As for the other two slots, they can be filled by one person, two, or none. Also, for characters other than Rooks, they may learn spells while you are not with them; I've made a note of when they do so.


The hero of this story. Rooks is the last of his race, a people gifted with the ability to utilize magical cards and the spirits within them. His parents could also, but within the past years of warring within the land of Elemen, they have died, leaving Rooks an orphan. He is also a talented fighter and mage, using strong equipment and being able to cast spirit-summoning spells like no one else can.

Level Spell learned
3 Heal 2
6 Attack Impair
9 Unpetrify
13 Defense Impair
15 Home
17 Restoration of Spirit
20 Heal 3
25 Confused
30 Ruinous Mission
35 Call Wind Spirit
36 Call Fire Spirit
37 Call Water Spirit
38 Call Earth Spirit




We don't know much about Teefa at first, only that she's with Ariel for some strange reason. More will be revealed later, but for now, all you need to know is that she is a good mage, knowing some offensive and defensive spells, especially many of the attributes.

Level Spell learned
2 Heal 1
4 Paralyze
5 Flee
7 Attribute 1
10 Attribute 2
(Final chapter) Attribute 5, Attribute 9, Attribute 10, Attribute 11,
Heal 2, Heal All 2, Attack Impair All




Quiet, sensible, oh, and she's a princess under protection of Axs. She also resembles Teefa ...hmm... She's mainly a healer; her spells can get you out of a jam.

Level Spell learned
(First Acq'd) Heal 1, Flee, Attribute 3, Attribute 6
10 Defense Impair All
13 Attribute 4
16 Heal 2
(Last Acq'd) Attack Impair All, Offense Impair All, Accuracy Impair All
33 Attribute 8




A big bodyguard for Salah (but does he deserve his pay?), Axs knows very little magic but can attack and defend well.

Level Spell learned
(First Acq'd) Offense Impair, Heal 1
25 Flee
30 Sleep




An elf that comes and goes as he pleases. Good attack, good speed, knows some magic, Darwin is a great help, but remember to pack equipment for him in case he shows up, because without his sword he's half-useless.

Level Spell learned
(First Acq'd) Heal 1, Attribute 2, Sleep, Offense Impair
19 Attribute 5
(Last Acq'd) Attack Impair All, Defense Impair All, Accuracy Impair, Attribute 7




Apparently a friend of Rooks' family, which is how he gains Rooks' trust. Ariel's motives are somewhat sly. Can he be trusted? Ariel's a NPC, so don't worry about controlling him.

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