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This walkthrough was made by me, JasoX, and shall not be found anywhere but at my 7th Saga shrine at RPG Classics ( If you find this walkthrough anywhere else please tell me.

This walkthrough was made as I went through the game, so it shouldn't have missed anything other than secrets. Anything I did miss I would appreciate a save state right before it (to confirm it).

Also I am going to be using Lejes as my main character so that may change the story a little bit.

1. The Beginning

          You begin the game by choosing one of the 7 characters. For information on them go to my character section. After the introduction, go south of the town (there isn't really anything in it anyway) to the next closest town. Once you get there talk to everyone and find out abut the castle. Now is probably the most boring time in the game. There are 2 ways to defeat the ghost. #1-fight around town till your at level 8, then kill him (what I do) #2-fight him, die, talk to someone in town, use the item obtained in battle with him and kill him (the easy way out).

2. Earth Cave
This is very tough. The enemies are strong, and there are lots of them. Part way through you will see the gate. To open it you knew to use the earth key you got from the ghost. Be careful through the rest of the way. There is a monster named Trick in one of the treasure boxes. It will try to petrify you the first round, then hit you for +70 damage! The best way to beat him is to petrify him first, then use ice on him. The plus side to this is you get 220 exp. and a random gem. I got a sapphire (worth 2500!). The bounty hunter, Pison, who you meet near the end, is much harder than the enemies. To beat this guy you need to be at least level 11, preferably 14. The recommended strategy to beating him is to use the defend-attack strategy (it does extra damage). So in other words, defend, attack, heal. After you get through the cave you find a new town with new stuff to buy with all that money you got in the cave.

3. Melnam
After getting through the earth cave, explore the town and recruit any allies, if you can. You can get a map here, but you need to track down Gain. Anyway head west toward the next town. In this town make sure you get an ally. You will need him later. And last make sure to talk to Brantu. You'll find him in the back of the inn. Now go west to the next cave and find the wind rune. Then find the way to a path blocked with rocks. If Brantu is with you he will open the door.

4. Melnam Ruins
Since leveling up takes soooo long, I cant tell you suggested levels anymore. Anyway go through Melnam until you get to a cave. Go north and meet red Pison. This guy is hard and the reason I hacked my stats. After the fight continue through the cave until you get out and enter Eygus. After you get there talk to the sage in front of the building. He will let you into a cave that leads to the southern edge of the continent. After you exit the cave head south to the town on the shoreline.

5. Pell and Guntz
This town is Pell. You may find some new equipment in the shops, and you need to locate Quose. Now head east to Guntz. Talk to the elder several times until he makes you a deal. Now return to Pell and get Quose. Return and talk to the elder to get the water rune. Now do as he says and head east.

6. Patrof
When you first enter this town, you will be told to leave. The town has been taken over by one of the other characters searching for the runes.  To get inside go to the graves and push up on the furthest east one. Now make your way through the caves and get through the castle. When you meet the the other character, tell them you will join them. Now the castle should be unlocked. This is a difficult battle so go back to the town and save. After you defeat him. Go north towards bone.

7. Bone
Bone is a maze of a town. The only necessary thing to do is find the kid in the southwest area of town. You'll get a remote from him. After you get it go to the cave that is to the east. you will see a odd colored section of the wall. Use the remote in front of it. Inside you will find the "dinosaur" people saw was actually a submarine. Take a ride and you end up in Dowaine.

8. Belaine and Telaine
After another long walk you will end up in Belaine. This is an odd town, in the fact that the items in the castle are better than what you can buy. Especially since this town looks like it has about 40 weapon shops. After your done head north towards Telaine. Nothing much here so head towards Padal.

9. The Serpent
When you get to Padal, go to the large building to the north. On the 2nd floor you will find commander Prosa. He will ask you to save his daughter in exchange for the moon rune. To find the serpent that captured his daughter go to Polasu.

10. Polasu
Polasu is hard to find. It is WAY northwest of Padal. Once you get there you'll find that all the children were kidnapped. the serpent's castle is not so hard to find. It is almost straight south. The castle is a bit hard to navigate, but just keep going upstairs and you'll eventually find the way through.

11. Bilthem
You may have noticed a red town on your way to Polasu. This is Bilthem. It has been taken over by Doros. You need to defeat him to get the light rune.

12. The Sky Rune
To get this rune teleport to Telaine. Exit and go to the cave to the east. After getting through the cave you will find the ruins of a town. Go north to find the dragon. After beating him, check the altar behind it. The sky rune will be missing. start checking all the towns for runes as one has it in it.

13. Brush
After getting 6 runes, head for the north west peninsula. At brush you will find Brantu. He will tell you to visit the fortune teller. Do so and return. he will show you his invention. Take a ride and visit the new continent.

14. The New Continent
After talking to everyone, head south a ways towards a cave. After getting through, head east. It was about now I realized I couldn't use magic. In Bbugask, you will be told to head for Guanta, in the north.

15. The Magic Cave
In Guanta you will meet the elder that cursed you. Yet he refuses to remove it. You also learn about the cave to the west. This is a rather long cave, but it shouldn't be to bad. At the end you meet metal Pison. After beating him get the moonlight. Now return to the elder.

After having the curse removed, head to the castle to the north. Near the beginning you will see a big dragon. Guess what to do now. Near the end you will see a big monster. Guess what to do now.

17. The New World
After the big monster is killed you will lose all the runes. You will also get transported to a new place. First head south west to Pasanda, then northwest to Ligena. When you get there talk to the elder. Afterwards go around the large building to find Ropesu's house. Search behind all the dressers and bookshelves till you find a passage. Don't talk to anyone who is moving.

18. Melnam
In Melnam you can actually find equipment for Lux. Other than that there's not much there. Go northwest to find Palsu and talk to everyone. Someone will give you a letter for her son in Melnam. Return and find him in the underground lab. After a while go back to the lab and defeat the out of control machine.

19. The Last Continent
After crashing, go north to the small village. After saving, go east. At the end of the cave you find Saro. Return to the village now, then go northwest up the peninsula again, and find your way up the castle. I won't tell you the exact way up, but you should be able to figure it out. At the top you face Gorsia. You must use the runes in this order: wizard, light, sky, star, moon, wind, water. Now good luck beating him!

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