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The following table gives the names and pictures of all monsters (both versions), the exp given, the monster's HP, the floors you'll encounter them on, movement type, attack type, and added effect. The added effect occurs when the monster attacks the character and can be prevented with a Silent rod. Monsters are grouped by sprite family.

Movement types:
slow monster moves slowly and can move or attack only on every other tick
normal monster moves at normal speed, the same as the character
fast monster moves twice per tick but can only attack once per tick
teleport monster teleports a random number of spaces per tick, but not through walls
immobile monster is immobile and gives a 1 tick grace period before attacking

Attack types:
short monster must be adjacent to the character to attack
long monster can attack the character at range if it's on the same rank or file

Type GG version SMS version Exp HP Floors Move Attack Added effect
Oozes¹ Green ooze Ooze 1 2 1-2 slow short
Blue Slime Blue ooze 3 6 3-6 slow short
Red Jelly Red ooze 5 38 7-10 slow short
Blob Blob 30 160 27-29 fast short
Toads Green frog Slimetoad 2 6 1-2 normal short Poison
Blue toad Lochtoad 6 24 3-6 normal short Poison
Giant toad Bloodtoad 10 52 7-10 normal short Poison
Scorpions Scorpiox Scorpion 6 10 1-4 normal long
Scorpila Scorpius 20 96 13-16 normal long
Stones Flame bar Krag 10 9 2-4 fast long Dizzy
Ice bar King Krag 22 50 13-16 fast long Dizzy
Ninjas/Ghosts Ninja Phantom 1 30 5-8 teleport long
Asassinja Spectre 72 80 17-20 teleport long
Sasuke Wraith 110 108 25-28 teleport long
Eyeballs Siro me Orb 8 40 5-8 slow short
Medama Blood orb 52 80 17-20 slow short Rust armor
Medaoyaji Death orb 96 230 25-28 slow short Rust weapon
Wizards Magician Witch 25 60 9, 11-12 teleport long Dizzy
Sorcerer Mad witch 60 160 21-24 teleport long Fog
Orbs² Metal orb Myst 48 90 10-12 normal short
Death orb Death myst 150 220 21-24 normal short
Fliers Killer bat Demijaw 12 20 11-14 fast short
Devourers Sand shark Kraken 32 100 11-14 normal short Steal food
Sand jaws Krakos 130 250 27-29 normal short Steal food
Trees Drayad Root 44 90 15-18 immobile long
Hamadrayad Blood root 78 95 19-22 immobile long Lose max HP
Treant Death root 140 100 23-26 immobile long Lose max HP
Snails Red shail Red snail 62 64 15-18 normal short PW -1
Blue snail Blue snail 110 78 19-22 normal short PW -2
King snail King snail 300 120 23-26 normal short Lose a level
Mimics³ Mimic Kameleon 120 180 29 normal short
Mimic Kameleon 120 130 29 normal short
Dragons Dragon Dragon 250 480 29-30 normal long

1 Blue and red oozes sometimes divide themselves.
2 Orbs are passive until attacked.
3 Mimics are passive until approached.

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