Lann's Dilemma

     When you enter Lann, it seems peaceful enough. Take time to talk with the villagers and buy items if you need them. Be sure to also speak with the young lady in the first house and listen to her sing. Ingore the Red Chest for now, and head for the Elder's House. Once you find the Elder's house, you automatically go into a scene that has a really hot chick standing on a table (hmm. Maybe she'd dance....^^). You find that her name is Jessica de Alkirk! You aren't necessarily told this until later, but she is Master Mel's daughter. When you finally get the chance to tell her you are here to find out more about this 'Dragonmaster', she offers to go with you. You can say no, but you can't continue until you agree, so say "Sounds like a plan!" and she joins your party.

     Before leaving, make sure you chat with the Elder and everyone in the room. Doing so unlocks an opportunity to get a secret item later in the game. Once you do leave, head west and talk with the man standing by the boat. Jessica 'convinces' the man to let your party use the boat, so hop in. Once you get to Lann Island and watch the hilarious fight between Nash and Jessica, go back to Lann and talk with the boat owner. Repeat this process until the man starts to repeat himself (usually 2 to 3 trips). Doing so gives you the chance to get Jessica's 2nd Bromide later on in the game. Once you have done this, go back to Lann Island and get on with your quest.

     Lann Island has more trapped Tresure chests than treasure. 6 out of 11 to be exact. The traps here cause the controls on your pad to become rather awkward. For instance, pushing down results in your party's walk left. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that the Blue Water on the Island causes you to lose HPs everytime you walk on it, so be careful. (If you happen to be using a Dual Shock Controller, your pad will rumble a bit). To get through Lann Island, do the following.

     From the entrance point, walk to the northeast, making sure to avoid the water and grab a treasure chest for 300 S. Walk back to the entrance and ignore the chest above the entrance since it is trapped. Keep heading west (and slighty north) until you come to another chest that contains another 300 S. From here, head due east (avoid the water) and ignore the next chest between the 2 bodies of poison water. Walk around the top of the right body of water to find a chest with 500 S.
     From here, follow the coastline north. Pass the first chest along the way until you find another chest when the coastline turns northwest. Open this chest for 300 S and walk due west. Ignore the next 2 chests and grab the 3rd one (which is along the coastline right near the end of the bushes) to get a Fresh Ring. Equip this on Jessica (in preparation for the upcoming fight) and go back to the 2nd chest you passed.
     Now, head southwest along the coastline and then turn to follow it northwest. Ignore this last chest, and walk north to find 'Dragonmaster' Zoc. Be sure to save and heal before you talk with him. And also check out his tent for a good laugh. He will not attack you until you talk with him. So make sure that Alex and Luna are Level 19 before fighting him. When you are ready, talk with Zoc.

-----------------------------BOSS FIGHT: DRAGONMASTER ZOC-----------------------------

Dragonmaster Zoc
Hit Points 130 x AL
Attack 2 x AL
Defense 2 x AL
Agility 1 x AL
Wisdom 1 x AL
Mag End 2 x AL
# of Attacks 3
Range 40
Exp Points 600

      Dragonmaster Zoc has 3 Attacks. The 1st Attack, occurs when the giant toad is hopping in place with smoke coming from one of the pores on its back. The uses his tongue to do a Triple Lick, hitting the target for modest damage. The 2nd Attack is when Zoc is jumping up and down on the back of the giant toad. The creature jumps into the air and uses Press, which makes a veritble pancake out of any of your party members underneath it whens it lands. The 3rd Attack occurs when Zoc is holding a fireball in his hand. He is going to use the Throwing Fire spell, which causes a rather embarassing low amount of damage to one character.

     If you are not Level 18 (preferably 19), you are gonna get your little rump roasted like the wimp you are. Alex should do the normal of using Vigor in the first round and then use Sword Dance after that. Luna should use the Cascade Song on Jessica, then Alex. After that, keep everyone healed. Jessica should melee attack, unless Luna cannot keep up in the healing department. In which case, she should lend her a hand. Nash, being the ethereal wuss, should cast Thunder Bomb. You should win with a little patience.


      Once you beat Zoc, Jessica rips him a new one and then he apologizes and you let him go. Now, it is time to march all the way back to Vane. If Jessica has enough MP, use her Escape Litany to warp back to the entrance of this fetid swamp. When you dock in Lann, Phacia greets your party. When she leaves disheartened, Jessica mentions that she has never heard of a Phacia at the Shrine, and then leaves your party to go investigate. After she leaves your party, make the LONG walk back to Vane.

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