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In the Sega-CD version of Lunar, Nash had an item called Mia's Bromide. It boosted Nash's defense by a whopping one point, but that wasn't the real purpose: The Bromide was instead meant to show the extent of Nash's infatuation with Mia Ausa. Think about it, the dude is carrying around a picture of a girl he doesn't have the guts to ask out.

The PSX version has taken the concept of Bromides to the next level and beyond. Instead of a single picture, there are now 13 of them!!! If you examine each one, you are treated to a saucy poster-size graphic (one screen wide & two screens high). Of course, they are not at all easy to obtain & you must be on your toes to get them all. Most have requirements that determine how/when you can get them. The following list shows a clickable icon of each one from the game (which leads to the actual pic) & how to collect them. Enjoy them in GOOD health. Hehehe. (^_~)

How/When Obtained
Jessica's Bromide 1 In the possesion of Jessica's Blue Haired stalker, who wanders around the north end of Althena's Shrine Get it by talking to her twice-but only after Kyle joins your party & before you leave for the Frontier
Jessica's Bromide 2 In the possesion of Lann's Boatman You must return to Lann from Lann Island before beating Zoc and talk with him until he repeats himself (usually 2 or 3 trips). You must return later in the game and talk to him, after Nash destroys the balloon engine & before leaving for the Frontier.
Jessica's Bromide 3* In Ramus' Possesion Can be bought from Ramus during the game's epilogue after he gives you Luna's Bromide 1 (talk to him twice).
Jessica's Bromide 4 Underneath Kyle's bed in Nanza Search here after Kyle defeats Xenobia's minions & before talking with Kyle to join your party.
Luna's Bromide 1 In Ramus' Possesion He gives it to you during the Epilogue
Luna's Bromide 2 In the basement of Alex's house In the left-hand side shelves only after Ghaleon kidnaps Luna & before going to Meribia with the Dragon Wings.
Mia's Bromide 1 In Nash's Possesion In his Inventory when he joins your party.
Mia's Bromide 2 In the Possesion of a red-headed student in the Magic Guild's eastern classroom Get it from him after you return to Vane from the Frontier & before you retrieve Nash from the Transmission Spring.
Mia's Bromide 3* In Ramus' Possesion Can be bought from Ramus during the game's epilogue after he gives you Luna's Bromide 1 (talk to him twice).
Mia's Bromide 4 In the possesion of the Perverted man in Iluk Get it after Nash destroys the balloon engine & before you leave for the Frontier.
Phacia's Bromide In the Possesion of Phacia's butt kissing assitant in Althena's Shrine Get it after the 3 Witches reveal themselves & before you return to Meribia.
Royce's Bromide In the Possesion of Royce's admirer in Meribia on Black Rose Street Get it after Mel is turned into stone & before you travel to Vane.
Xenobia's Bromide In the possesion of a purple Miner in the city of Talon (he's about halfway through the mine where you save the injured miner) Get it after the Grindery rolls away & before you leave the Frontier.


*Note: To get these 2 Bromides, you need to talk with the fellow in Burg and pay off Ramus' debt at the beginning of the game for Ramus to sell these to you.