Cranky Lemia

     When you arrive back in Vane, Nash splits and rushes into the Guild ahead of you to report to his superiors. Follow after him, and he meets you at the entrance inside. He tells you that Lemia Ausa herself wants to meet with you. Cool! The last living member of the 4 Heroes is about to make your acquiantance. If you prefer, walk around over to Royce's chamber before going inside the Grand Hall. You can intrude on another secret meeting just for fun. hehe ^^. Also, take this time to unequip Luna's weapon, but not her armor (Trust me) and give it to Nall. Once you are ready, head inside the Grand Hall.

     Once inside the Grand Hall, talk with the 2 rows of people, then Ghaleon, and Mia. You will find out a tad more about Lemia's odd behavior. Lemia will appear after you talk with Mia in a rather impressive fanfare. She takes one look at you and then declares that you are full of evil and intend to kill the Goddess! What the fu...?! You are immediately arrested, while Luna is taken elsewhere and Nall flys off to hide.

     The scene cuts to Alex all by himself in his jail cell. You hear a woman shouting from an adjacent cell, and you swear that voice is rather familiar. However, before you have a chance to think it over, Mia shows up (with Nall of course) and lets Alex out. She also gives him Althena's Mirror, which shows the true soul of the one who looks into it. She apparently has been too scared to use it on her mother, but is determined too now given the recent events. Turn Mia down to hear some rather funny insults from Nall before accepting her in your party.

     Walk west by the cells until you automatically stop in front of the screaming woman's cell. Mia sees the Memory Mask on her and frees her as well. The lady mumbles about the Vile Tribe, the Star Chamber and the Magic Emperor as you drag her with you. Leave the dungeons and then head to the local shops in vane to buy Mia some new equipment (especially a Fire Cane) AND a Dragonfly Wing. Once you have done this, Save your game, and then head back into the Guild. Walk east and take the hallway north to the blue doors. Just before Mia breaks the spell on the doors, Nash shows up and he joins your party as well. Normally, this isn't a grand occasion, but this time it is. Let Mia open the doors, and enter the Crystal Tower.

     Once inside the Tower, you receive some bad news. The entry way contains a force field that prohibits anyone except the Dragonmaster himself to use a weapon. Now you could play by the rules and unequip your weapons. However, once inside, you cannot re-equip them. This is where that Dragonfly Wing you bought comes into play. Leave everyone equipped, and then use the Dragonfly Wing. This will put you behind the barrier and still able to use your weapons. Hooray!! ^^. Take either set of steps up and get ready for a hard climb.

     ***If you wanna live, save your MP on your way up. Meaning, have Alex attack and Mia and Nash use thier Fire Canes as items to cast free Fireballs. This will help you save some MP for the boss fight at the top of the Tower.***

     Once you are on the second floor, head east and grab the chest for 500 S. Don't worry, none of the chests here are trapped. head back to the west and follow around to the stairs. Going up...
     On the next floor, simply follow that hallway to the next set of stairs. When you step out on this floor, head east when the righthand wall permits. Head south to grab a chest with 750 S, and then northeast around the pillars to the steps. You appear in a room with a chest. Open it to receive a Star Light, and then backtrack down to the previous floor, pass back through the opening in the wall and take the set of stairs above you to the north.
     On the next floor, avoid going southwest as it will lead to a dead-end. Instead go southeast and take the next set of stairs. When you get on the next floor, head northwest and take the leftmost set of stairs first. Follow the set of passages to get a chest with 250 S. Head back down the 2 floors you went up, and take the stairs in the middle of the passage this time. Follow the passage around to the south and take the first door (the one along the south wall) to get an Angel Ring in the small room on the next floor (give it to Nall for later use, WAY later use). Then, head back to continue to take the next set of stairs going up.
      On the next floor, simply head east to the next stairway. On this floor, you hear Luna singing. Before rushing to the rescue, make sure you heal as best you can and SAVE your game. You don't wanna do this Tower again if you forget to heal up and lose. Also, reverse you party's battle order on the Party Management screen. When you are ready, walk up the stairs.
      As you go enter the room, Luna is singing while Lemia, Phacia, Royce and Ghaleon look on. Once they are done talking, Mia loses her grip, and confronts her mother. Lemia threatens to subject Mia to some nasty punishment and name calling. Then, she tells Ghaleon to complete the ritual. But, before he can do anything, Mia whips out Althena's Mirror to reveal....nothing! Just as Mia is about to cry from embarassment, the masked woman steps forth and the mask shatters to reveal another Lemia!!! The cranky Lemia orders Ghaleon to attack you, but he coyly refuses, and in one deft swoop, nabs Luna and lands near your party. The Fake Lemia, Royce, and Phacia transform to reveal thier true selves, The 3 Witches. Before you can stop them, they mock you before they dissappear and summon 4 Ultragoyles in thier stead. I hope you healed up...

-------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: 4 ULTRAGOYLES-------------------------------

Hit Points 189
Attack 87
Defense 60
Agility 27
Wisdom 40
Mag End 40
# of Attacks 2
Range 15
Exp Points 30
Silver 180

     The Ultragoyles can barely be considered bosses later in the game, but at this point, they can be rather tough. All they do is attack, so I suggest you do the same.

     Alex should use Vigor, and then Sword Dance. However, keep an eye open for a chance to bombard them with a well timed Explosion Staff if they bunch up together. Luna should do the normal Cascade Song on Alex and then heal (she has her armor, but not her weapon. *If you would have left it equipped, you would have permantently lost it*). Nash should use the Thunder Bomb spell (as if he has anything else). Mia should use any attack spell, but I like the Blizzard Spell since it hits all the enemies.

   Once you win, the scene cuts back into the Grand Hall.


     Back in the Grand Hall, Ghaleon nearly cries for being deceived, and then quickly hatches a plan. He asks you to escort him to see Quark! Sounds good! He leaves ahead of you, and you say your goodbyes to Nash and Mia. *sniff* (Don't worry, you'll be back here soon enough. ^^) When you are ready, head back to Meribia.

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