Ghaleon's "Test"

     Upon heading up the steps and exiting the small room you appear in, you are finally in Vane!!! Nash greets you and is impressed about how fast you made it through. He tells you to meet him at the Magic Guild once you explore Vane. He apparently has some reports to make to Ghaleon. Das cool. Once he takes off again, take time to explore Vane and talk with the inhabitants. Also, make sure to upgrade your equipment and weapons, but don't bother buying any of the Pendants from the Magic Item Shop. You will get enough of these later in the game and you will find they don't do all that much good. O_o. But whatever you do, stop by the library and read the books. They will give you a deeper knowledge of the world of Lunar. Once you are ready, heal at the Althena's Statue if you haven't yet done so (it is located in the Northwestern corner of Vane) and then enter the Magic Guild. Before you enter, talk with the kid at the entrance. He tells you that he is super late for class, and runs into the Guild. Might as well follow him inside (keep him in mind also as later in the game, he coughs up one of those precious Bromides).

     Once you enter, Nash says hello. At this point, Alex and Nall take time to explore, while Luna goes off with Nash so she can sit down and rest in the Guild's Lounge. Nash says to find him upstairs when you are ready and then escorts Luna to the waiting room. The scene stays on Luna as she has an interesting encounter with a strange and mysterious man. Once the plot thickens, the scene cuts back to Alex and Nall.

     Take the time to explore the Guild, but don't enter the southwest stairway until you explore the Guild. You will find out more about Ghaleon, Lemia and her daughter, Mia Ausa. Once you have explored the Guild, head over to the set of stairs in the southwest corner you have been avoiding and walk up them.
     Head north and talk with the guard standing at the door. He tells you this is Mia's room. Why not say hello? Come on, she is supposedly really hot according to her fan club members (which may have been detered due to a lack of choices, but hey ^^) so walk in and meet her. You find her crying, and Nall does her best to cheer her up. At this point, Nash (who is deathly in love with Mia) shows up and rips you a new one, while mentioning that Ghaleon is ready to see you now. When Nash's tantrum is over, walk back to Ghaleon's office and meet Luna, but not before looking at Mia's things to piss Nash off even more. hehe ^^. Luna slightly scolds you for being late, and Nash is still rather upset. hehe ^^. Walk into the office to finally meet Ghaleon.
     Low and behold, he was the mysterious person that Luna met in the garden!!! He, just like Phacia, suggests that you take up a career in magic rather than becoming a Dragonmaster. Turn him down, (either choice is OK) and he mentions that there are rumors of a new Dragonmaster in the town of Lann. He assigns you to investigate the rumor, and tells Nash to assist you in your journey/quest. Talk to Ghaleon's steward for more information, and then, head out into Vane to buy Nash some new stuff (especially a Fire Cane) and then Save your game. Notice, Nash is more than a couple levels behind in experience, so you can either walk back into the Cave of Trial and try fighting some Ice Mongrels, or just head out of town (I suggest the latter since Nash can gain experience along the way). Just make sure everyone has upgraded armor and weapons before leaving. Once you are ready walk south the to Transmission Portal to leave.

     To get to Lann, you have to go through the Nanza Pass (comprised of East, West and South Mountain Passes) and the Nanza Barrier. To get to the Nanza Pass, head southwest from the Spring of Transmission and enter the Pass. The treasure chests in the Pass have some deadly booby traps, so pay attention.
     To get through the East Mountain Pass, walk northwest along the path until you reach a treasure chest at the top of the cliff. Do not open this one, it is trapped. (The traps in these chest make a random amount, though usually 2 or 3, members of your party confused while summoning Giga-Wasps in a battle scene. This can be VERY fatal at this point, so don't tempt fate) Head east to nab a chest with 50 S in it and head back to the trapped chest.
     Continue south along the cliff line and go down the path. Grab the chest for a Herb, and continue southwest and grab another chest for 50 S again. Head back to the east, and take the next path down as well. Head northeast a tad and grab the chest for another Herb. Turn around and head westward. Pass over the chest south of the one you just looted, it is another trap. Keep heading west and you will arrive at the Nanza Barrier.

     Upon entering the Nanza Barrier (a rather cool looking fort structure), talk with the Guard and Nash demands passage and flaunts his Magic Guild credentials. The guard is apparently scared of the Guild, so he lets you pass. You also hear Kyle's (Kyle is Nanza's leader) drunkenly slobbish self having a fit when you enter. Head over to the West Entrance, and talk with the Guard there as well. He is a stubborn fellow who doesn't give a rat's ass about anything, especially you. He mentions that you are gonna need Kyle's permission to pass through the gate, so you might as well save your breath and go find Kyle.

     Finding Kyle is rather easy, it just involves some walking. First, head for the North Tower and climb up to get on the walkway above the fort. Talk to the Blue-haired man near the North Tower. He tells you he saw Kyle head for the East Tower. So, walk over to the East Tower and climb to the top floor. Talk with the little girl, and she informs you that Kyle went to get some Ice Cream in the cafeteria. Climb all the way back down the tower and then wander around until you find the cafeteria (which shouldn't be all that hard). Talk with the diners, and at least 2 of them saw Kyle head off to his bedroom. Go to Kyle's room, which is located directly above the cafeteria, and talk to the man in the room. He tells you that Kyle got rip-roaring drunk and they locked him in a jail cell for his (and thier) protection. The jail is due west from Kyle's room. Go up to the cell and try to wake him up. The animation scene is rather amusing, so enjoy it. (^_^) The guard gets rather upset, and offers to open the gate if you leave Kyle be. Sounds good. Head back up to the West Gate, and talk with the guard, who now lets you pass.

     After leaving Nanza, you find yourself in West Mountain Pass. The pass is relatively small, and the only direction you can go is west, so head west. The treasure chest south of the entrance is trapped, so don't open it. The next one you come across is a Star Light, so nab it. Also make sure you talk with all the travelers in the pass for a good laugh. Once you leave the Pass, head northwest on a short walk to find the small fishing village of Lann.

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