The Magic Man Cometh

     After watching the Grindery roll away in an awesome animation sequence, you'll have to walk all the way back through Ruid, but at least the main gate is open the time. Once you leave Ruid, don't go to the Balloon just yet. Enter Talon and head to the room you saved the Miner in. The purple Vile Tribesman will cough up Xenobia's Bromide if you talk to him. Now board the balloon and chase the Grindery.

     It doesn't take very long for the party to reach the Grindery, but it takes even less time to realize that they aren't gonna break through it's shield either. Drats. While the party gripes, Nash informs everyone that the Grindery is heading straight for Vane. Everyone realizes the sobering effect of what Nash said, and they zoom off ahead of the Grindery to Vane.

     You'll next appear in the Magic Guild. Mia asks her mother for permission to carry out her plan and her mother agrees. Lemia then asks you to retreive Nash who is standing at the entrance in front of the Transmission Spring. DO NOT talk to him yet. Instead, walk over to the eastern most classroom and talk to the red-headed boy in charge of the Mia Ausa Fan Club. He'll hand over Mia's Bromide 2, thusly completing (hopefully) your Bromide Collection until you receive the final 3 in the game's epilogue. NOW you can go talk to Nash and get him to join you. When you tell Nash about Mia's plan, he freaks out hardcore, so head back to the Magic Guild...but do talk to the old lady by the fountain after Nash joins so she warps away.

     Once back at the Guild, the others are waiting by the door to the Silver Spire just to the left of the Grand Hall at the end of the hallway. Speak to everyone and Mia opens the doors. Follow her in the door, down the stairs, and step on the Teleport Circle, and you'll appear at the top of the Spire in a hidden room. Mia then flips on a magic monitor and everyone watches as the Grindery approaches. Mia then asks everyone to concentrate and focus on her, so she can release the power of Vane upon the Grindery. Everyone of course agrees...

     After watching the kickass animation sequence and witnessing the greatest tie in the history of Magic Battles, sadly leave the now fallen Vane. However, do NOT walk over to the Grindery yet. If you have followed this walkthrough, then you have successfully triggered 3 very special and unique items that will make your life ALOT easier for the rest of the game. So first, warp to Lann and talk with the Mayor to get a rather power item called Ghaleon's Tear which drops the number of attacks/round to 1, but the attack hits ALL enemies on the screen...give it to Nash. Next, warp to Reza and talk with Lily, the mayor's granddaugther, and she'll give you the Gale Ring. This WONDERFUL item gives the equipped character +1 Attacks/round!!!!!! Give it to Alex. Lastly, go to Damon's Spire and talk with Damon to receive the Hell Ring, which cuts the cost of MP to cast a spell in half!!!!!!! w00000t!!! Give this to Mia. Make sure you have all you new toys equppied, everyone has full health, and then walk over to the Grindery.

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