The Grindery Bowels

     Once you enter the Grindery area, a door quickly opens and Vile Tribesman start pouring out of the Grindery. If you took my advice and gave your new toys to the correct people, have Alex, Kyle and Jessica Defend, Nash Attack, and Mia cast Flameria (hehe, for only 15 MP no less ^^) and they will drop like flies provided you have been faithful in your Level Building. This will happen for 3 battles, so be ready. After the 3rd battle, everyone is getting tired (which makes the aforementioned strategy VERY funny ^^), and as the masses of enemies surround your party, the Prairie Tribe shows up with Tempest not missing a mark and saves your ass. After a very quick thank you, the party enters the Grindery while the Prairie Tribe holds off the barrage wave of baddies.

     Inside the Grindery Bowels, you will be navigating a series of scaffold-grating floors and pipes that connect ajoining areas. All the pipes are one way trips, so make use of the Save function in case you think you might miss anything. To navigate successfully through this seemingly confusing area, read on.

     From the entrance, walk north until you come to an area that opens eastward. Walk straight East along the bottom of the wall and you'll come to a door in the north wall that leads to a small room with a chest holding Healing Nut. Grab the chest and enter the tube just to the west of the chest. This will drop you in the south half of a short hallway. Walk to the north and take the tube there.
     Upon emerging from the pipe ride, you'll find yourself in the southeast corner of the next room. Take the hallway north to find a chest with a Healing Nut, and again just to the west is the next pipe. Enter it, and you'll come out to find yourself next to what looks like the Red Dragon's Arm. Walk east and you'll find a chest holding a pair of Saint Clothes and the pipe to the next floor. So grab the chest and then head up the pipe.
     On this floor, head south through the door and follow the hallway. You'll find the only chest on this floor, and it has a Silver Light. Grab it. From the chest, head south until you come to a 3 way intersection. Keep going south and then head east in the next hall. The hall turns south yet again into a rather large open area. Stay along the west wall and walk south. Just keep walking south and stick along the west wall and you'll find the exit to the next floor.
     You now find yourself on the Third Floor of this Area, and you are halfway done. Follow the path east and when the room opens up, stay along the south wall and head east until you reach the 2 generators. Walk north between the 2 structures and at the end, go up the hallway to the west to find a chest holding a Silver Light. Nab it, and then walk east to the next hallway, ride the pipe at the end, and then walk north after exiting the pipe. You should now be standing in front of 2 pipes. Take the one on the left and it will drop you in the next room. You'll land near a chest as well. Open it to receive a Stone Bracelet, and then head west until you cannot walk any farther. This should put you in front of another pipe. DO NOT take the pipe, instead, walk due south and search along the wall you come to, to find a chest holding an Angel Ring. Now, make your way east and south to find the pipe leading to the fourth floor.
     When you enter the 4th floor, head south and stick along the wall to the east. You'll find a pipe that you should take that will land you in a cross shaped room. Head to the north end of the room and take the pipe there. This will land you on the west side of an open room. Walk east a bit and then take the hallway north. Stick along the west wall while walking north and you'll come to another pipe. Take it and you'll find yourself in a one way room. Follow the path to find Quark's Head sticking out of an energy draining device. The party comes to the sober realization of what Ghaleon is really trying to do. Once you finish reading the dialogue follow the path to the last pipe, and be sure to grab the chest to get the Insane Shield along the way. Once you have that, then exit the Grindery Bowels via the pipe at the end.

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