The Grindery Quarters

     When you exit the Grindery Bowels, you'll find yourself in a place called "My Secret Garden". Apparently, Ghaleon is still a bit of a softy for Pixies...hmm... anyway, there is a Statue of Althena in the center of the Garden, so use that, and then once you tire of talking to faeries *snicker*, walk into the Grindery Quarters using the entrance in the north-middle of the Garden.

     Once you enter the Grindery Quarters, follow these directions: Go east, turn south, turn east, turn south again. This will land you the 3rd and final Healing Ring. From here, continue south, turn west, and then enter the door on the North and take the stairs inside the small room.
     You'll now find yourself on the 2nd floor. To the left and right are hallways with four rooms each, 2 on top, 2 on bottom. The rooms you want to visit are these: Left hall - 2nd bottom, Right hall - 2nd top. This will land you the Insane Helmet and the Holy Bandanna. To procede to the next floor, simply take the hall going north behind the entrance.
     On the 3rd floor, simply follow the path east around the perimeter of the room you'll turn south, and then west again. You'll come to the stairs going up to the 4th floor. Pass them up for now and keep going west to nab a chest holding the Phantom Ribbon for Mia. Take that, and then had up to the 4th Floor.
     When you step out on the 4th Floor, grab both of the chests to receive a Star Light and a Healing Nut, then save your game and make sure you are healed up before going on, cause there is no turning back once you do and life is about to get rough. When you feel that you are ready, walk up the carpeted path going north.
     The party meets with a dead end, and Alex throws a very out of character tantrum. Just when they are about to give up, Phacia appears and casts a spell that opens the door. She also explains what is going on, and why she is now helping you. However, her bitchy (and hot ^^) sisters show up, and start a little sibling rivalry. Phacia uses her powers to hold her sisters back while you confront Ghaleon in the next room.
     When you enter, Ghaleon gives a very contrite speech, and then engages you in battle. Get ready for the fight you've been waiting for...

---------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: MAGIC EMPEROR---------------------------------

Magic Emperor
Hit Points
180 x AL
4 x AL
3 x AL
1 x AL
3 x AL
Mag End
2 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Magic Emperor has -5- attacks, and none are to be sneered at. The 1st attack, is basically 2 high level bitchslaps against 2 characters, and can be expected when he is shrugging his shoulders. The 2nd - 5th attacks, are given away by Ghaleon's glowing purple hands. One may think the order is random, but he'll cast one of his 4 omnipotent spells. Remember, the ones you had so much fun with so long ago? They hit everyone, and all do LOTS AND LOTS of damage. He'll cast them over and over in this order, always: Inferno, Nitro Dagger, Tornado, and Rock N' Roll. Most of the time, he'll attack, cast a spell, attack, cast a spell, etc.

     The main goal of this fight is to make it as short as possible. Here is the Strategy to use: Alex should use Vigor and Sword Dance every round after. Kyle should use Power Up and then Power Slash every round after. Jessica should cast Saint Litany in the first round, and then keep everyone alive and well after that.. Nash, should just continually cast Thunderbolt over and over again and Mia should use Flame Bomb every round. If you do this well, this fight should end rather fast, which is what you want.


     Once you beat Ghaleon and the party stops chatting, walk north and get your woman (^_^). When you enter the chamber, you find Luna standing alone staring at the Goddess Tower. Talk to each party member, and then ascend the stairs and finally save Luna. When you starts walking towards Luna, you'll note that she used to be a sweet adorable girl...and thanks to Ghaleon, she's now a crabby psycho bitch. After a few choice words, she changes into a VERY evil (and VERY visually appealing ^^) outfit, and then turns the room into an open air chamber. As Alex tries to get near Luna to smack some sense into her, she pegs him with a magic sucking fire bolt, just like Ghaleon did to him in the White Dragon Cave so long ago. After watching THE MOST KICKASS animation in the game, the scene cuts back to the normal view and Ghaleon mocks your party. Now realizing that what you fought was an illusion, Ghaleon himself picks a fight with you. Get your licks in, but your scripted to lose this fight. once you do, Ghaleon warps away with Luna to the newly summoned Althena's Fortress, and Nall is left there crying while the party lays there near death as the Grindery falls apart. Things are looking VERY bleak...

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