Now that you have spoken to Phacia in Cadin, the party will automatically find the secret entrance into Ruid. To navigate through this mechanically advanced city, read on.

     When you enter the passage, you'll find yourself in a hallway heading North. Walk north to the first intersection and grab the Silver Light in the southeast room, and the Starlight in the Northwest room. Head North to the next intersection, grab the Fortune Ring in the Northeast room, and then continue North.
     When you exit the hallway, you'll be in a larger room with a hall heading East in the upper right corner of the room. You'll also notice that the enemy in this room steps on a switch that releases more enemies. There's no way to avoid this, so be ready to fight. Clear the room, and then head East. Turn South at the intersection and follow the hallway until it ends to grab the Dark Mace from a chest and then head back, take the door you passed and walk North to enter the streets of Ruid.
     When you emerge on the streets, follow the tracks North. At the first intersection after walking North, enter the small building on the Left side of the street to grab a Silver Light and a Healing Nut. Exit, and then head North to the next (and last) intersection and take the right path. Grab the chest in the North building for the Fire Armlet, and then walk south and follow the path (there's only one way to go) until you enter Taben's Tower.
     When you enter the Tower, the first room you enter holds a chest containing a Tri-Ring (w00t!) and another one of those darn floor switch tripping (bummer). Clear the enemies out, grab the chest, take the stairs up twice. You'll now be in a room where you could go up again, or walk East. Walk East instead and take the stairs up twice again. You'll now find yourself in the outer hall of Taben's Chamber. Enter the Chamber and speak to Taben.

     As you enter the chamber Taben mocks you, and then introduces you to his newest invention...The Magic Masher. However, the small detail you don't know, is that the tester is Nash! (>_<) He then proceeds to cast a Sleep Spell on everyone except for Mia. Instead of freaking out and sobbing, she bitchslaps Nash REALLY FARKING HARD (I mean, she leaves a handprint on his face! It's always the small quiet ones you have to look out for...err... ehm ^_^) And once again, the Almighty Bitchslap brings another stray back into sanity, this time, it's Nash. He apologizes to Mia and then Taben sneers and whips out a remote control device and sics Nash on everyone against his will...TIME TO BEAT UP BENEDICT NASH!!!!!!! (^_^)

---------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: MAGIC MASHER---------------------------------

Magic Masher
Hit Points
160 x AL
1 x AL
2 x AL
1 x AL
3 x AL
Mag End
2 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Magic Masher has 3 attacks (well, 4 really). The 1st attack, can be identified when Nash is holding out his staff and it starts sparking. He's either gonna cast Thunder Bomb on everyone -OR- Thunderbolt on one character. Both do moderate damage. The 2nd attack, can be identified when he is simply standing straight up. He simply Melee Attacks at one character causing 1 HP of damage if successful. The 3rd attack, called Thunder Strike , really sucks. When he is kneeling on the ground, be ready for everyone to take SERIOUS damage. Hopefully, he won't use this one alot or you're screwed.

     This fight can be hard, but if everyone is at least Level 38-41, you'll be ok. Here is the Strategy to use: Alex should use Vigor and Sword Dance every round after. Jessica should cast Saint Litany on everyone the first round. After, keep everyone healthy. Kyle should use Power Up and then Power Slash every round after. Mia, should just continually cast Flame Bomb over and over again.
     This fight shouldn't take too long, cause otherwise, you'll be dead.


     Once you beat the Magic Masher, Taben gloats and then runs off rather happily... how odd. Accept Nash's apology by choosing "We're all friends aren't we?" and he'll rejoin your party. Now, take off after Taben.

     Once you catch up to Taben, Ghaleon is standing there mocking you. After a short dialogue, the Grindery becomes operational and rolls away with Ghaleon laughing. Not good. What to do now...

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