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These are my personal tips. If you have some good ones, you can E-Mail them to me.

  1. Don't worry about using spells and Special Techniques during a dungeon. There's always a save point before a boss, except for in two or three places where there aren't too many monters.
  2. Don't use the same kind of weapon all the time. Try to vary so you can learn some new moves earlier.
  3. When you find a save point, don't recover immediatly. Use the Heal magic to heal your HP, so your water EXP will increase more. After, you can recover at the save point.
  4. At New Parm, you'll be able to buy your first magic. I suggest you buy water magic for Sue and fire for Justin. When you have more Mana Eggs later, don't give too much magic to Sue, because she'll leave your party before the end of the first CD. Buy earth for Justin. And of course, give all elementals to Feena. Sue doesn't need earth or fire.
  5. At the Dom Ruins, just after the first save point, there's a trap that damages you. Make yourself hit that trap a couple of times, then Heal, recover your MP at the save point, and repeat that until your water magic levels up a couple of times. Take advantage of that because you won't be able to come back here later.
  6. You get more EXP by hitting groups of enemies.
  7. Always talk to everybody. Some conversation are nice to listen.
  8. Always keep an eye on the IP gauge. It tells when you and your enemies will decide your actions and when you attack.
  9. Try not to get ambushed by enemies. They'll hit you one or two times before you have time to counter.
  10. Try to look everywhere for items. Remember that there's usually one Mana Egg per dungeon after the Ghost Ship.
  11. In the Virgin Forest, the very first dungeon of Disc 2, you'll meat Guido. He'll stay there to recover and save your progesses until you get out of that maze. Well, just next to him, to his left precisely, there are four plant traps that take out your HP when you walk on them. Do this a couple of times, recover with water magic, and when you run out of MP, recover at Guido's tent, and repeat the whole operation. I upgraded my water magic levels from level 10 to 21 there.
  12. Still in the Virgin Forest, area four this time, there are Chameleons that keep hiding. When you see them and walk near them, they disappear, so try to catch them before they do. They have great defense, but don't hit hard. Use Rapp's missile technique to kill one in one blow, or use you magics to upgrade them rapidly. Four in a fight give 240 EXP and 2400 gold pieces! When you don't have any MP or SP, go recover at the Area 3 save point.
  13. To boost your magic rapidly, when you get to a new place, use your high-ranged magics like Howlslash and Burnflame on groups of enemies. Try to do this next to a save point. For example, to boost Justin's earth and fire levels, use Dragon Cut on a big group of enemies. In two or three fights, both types will upgrade.

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