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The mists of time blur the past, but it is said that long ago the Spirits bestwed thier blessing upon humankind. As a symbol of their benediction, the mystic ones gave the Spirit Stone to their chosen people, the Icarians.

It is also sait that the light of the Spirit Stoneilluminated the world. Under its calming power, all people lived serenely in peace.

But the tranquillity was not to last. As humans flourished, their internal struggles increased and peace began to weaken. At the height of human prosperity, the peaceful era suddenly failed. The spirit stone shattered, scattering into seven fragments hither and yon. The Spirits vanished, and the fate of the Icarians was lost in time.

- The Story of Creation, as told by Angelou -


In the far eastern corner of the Messina Continent lies the small prot town of Parm. The once-sleepy village is coming to life in the throes of a booming industrial revolution. Young Justin matches the town's awakening with his own spirited energy. He yearns for adventures, just like his father's. As a keepsake, he always carries his father's amulet, the spirit stone.

One day, Justin and his friend Sue hike out to explore the Sult Ruins, a forsaken place north of Parm. While rummaging amid fallen towers and crumbling battlements, Justin spies something strange in the dephts of an ancient shaft. Just then, a mysterious voice floats on the air ...

" Welcome, he who holds the Spirit Stone. "

Stuhned for a moment, Justin quickly becomes as alert as afox. Could the voice be summoning him? Will it say more? Will the secret speaker appear?

Reaching in his pocket and raising the Spirit Stone high, Justin watches ... and waits. The Spirit Stone begins to feel warm, and suddenly a surge of power races through Justin. With his father's amulet, he might hold the key to the secrets of the ancient Icarians ... and a civilization lost in the swirling haze of time. At lastm a magnificient adventure beckons. Justin vows to follow it, wherever it leads.

He is ready. If the voice will just speak again ...

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