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The game can be set up to allow two players to participate in battles.  Go to the menu and select Config, then Battle Control.  If you choose Custom, you will be able to designate which game characters respond to controller one and which to controller two.

While meeting with Baku aboard the ship before the performance in Alexandria, you have the opportunity to answer a question about the kidnapping.  If you answer it incorrectly 64 times, Ruby will run in and chastise you.

You can fight an optional boss in the Alexandria Castle library.  See the walkthrough section entitled "The Fall of Alexandria" for details. 

After the destruction of Alexandria, go to Quan's Dwelling with Vivi and Quina in your party.  Quina will have a "vision."  Go out on the balcony at the back, and you will meet with Master Quale and the ghost of Quan in a very interesting scene.  Afterwards, examine the clock for a pair of Running Shoes.

While Zidane is in Kuja's room in the Desert Palace after retrieving the Gulug Stone, you can obtain the Namingway Card.  Wait until Kuja has teleported out of the room, and then walk to the small, round table on the left.  Examine it to receive the card.  If you show this card to a man in Daguerreo, he will allow you to change a character's name.  Details can be found in the "Daguerreo" section of the walkthrough.

At the beginning of Disc 4, with Doga's Artifact and Une's Mirror (both obtainable at the Treno Auction House) in your possession, examine the gramophone at the inn in Black Mage Village.  The music will change to a beautiful vintage Final Fantasy piece.

If you complete the Stellazzio sidequest, you will be able to access the best synthesis shop in the game while in Memoria.  (You will need the hammer from Queen Stella and two pumice pieces.)  The "Memoria" section of the walkthrough explains how to do this.