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Zidane Tribal

A member of Tantalus, a troupe of actors/thieves based in Lindblum, Zidane is hired to kidnap Princess Garnet, heir to the throne of Alexandria, on her sixteenth birthday.  He has a big heart and a pronounced sense of responsibility for others.  Just as pronounced is his interest in girls.

Zidane uses daggers and thief's swords.  He is very quick, and his thieving abilities are of great use to his friends.
Princess Garnet Til Alexandros

Princess Garnet is the daughter of Queen Brahne, and the future queen of Alexandria.  Her life in the palace is very restricting, and she has deep fears about her mother's intentions for the kingdom.  Garnet plans to escape Alexandria, and seek help from an old friend in Lindblum.

Garnet is a summoner who fights with rods and rackets.  Her true power is not realized for some time, but her ability to heal is always appreciated.
Adelbert Steiner

The captain of the Knights of Pluto in Alexandria, it is Steiner's duty, as well as his desire, to protect Garnet at all costs.  He hasn't any idea how far that devotion to the princess will take him. 

Steiner is a swordsman of great strength.  When fighting with Vivi, his attacks can be imbued with magical power to make them even more destructive.
Vivi Ornitier

Vivi is a little black mage who doubts his value and his purpose.  He comes to fear that he is nothing but a puppet created for destruction.  Despite his timidity and fear, however, he agrees to venture far to protect the land and the people he loves.

Vivi wields staves in battle, but his real gift is his ability to use black magic.  As he grows in power, the spells he gains can be devastating.  He also lends some of that magical prowess to Steiner when they fight together.
Quina Quen

While it is not certain if this unusual character is male or female (though I am definitely leaning toward female), what is certain is that (s)he can be enormously helpful in battle.  Whimsical and unpredictable, (s)he is nonetheless a loyal and encouraging companion.  (S)he wants to eat everything, but this comes in handy on the battlefield.  The ability to acquire blue magic, or enemy skills, by ingestion, is of great value. 

Quina's weapons are...forks.
Freya Crescent

Freya, a dragon knight from Burmecia, seeks her lost love, who left home years before.  She is acquainted with Zidane, and, when she learns what he is facing, offers him the assistance that her honor requires of her. 

As one might expect, her weapons are spears and lances.  Her particular skills are very helpful to her companions, as is her strength.
Eiko Carol

Eiko is a little summoner who has spent years alone.  Her village is in ruins, and her people are no more.  Somehow, the child has survived on her own, but she longs for a different life. 

In battle, Eiko uses rods and flutes.  Like Garnet, she can summon eidolons, though they do not share the same ones.  Eiko has fewer available to her than Garnet does, but hers have variations that balance the scales somewhat.
Amarant Coral

A mysterious and taciturn fellow, Amarant is a bounty hounter sent to apprehend our group of fighters.  However, he decides to join the party instead.  While he willingly fights beside them, he cannot seem to subdue his need to compete with Zidane. 

Amarant's weapons of choice are claws and knuckles.  He can also use thrown weapons to great effect.