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 Mountain Path

Enemies in this area:
Gnoll <Eat: Vanish>
Hilgigars (boss)
Ochu <Eat: Lv3 Def-less>
Troll <Eat: Vanish>

You are now on the Mountain Path.  You will find the little thief out on a limb.  After a short scene, you will have a new character.  Welcome the little summoner named Eiko.  Equip her with whatever you have available, because what she is using is a bit weak.

Blue Stone
Run back up the slope and climb the vines to get a Remedy.  Continue to the right until you come to a small statue.  Remove the Blue Stone from it, and go back down the vines.  Back on the lower level, continue to the right.  Climb up another vine to the left of the path, and walk left to get a Tent.  Get the Red Stone from the statue and then climb back down to the path.  Continue to the right.

In the next screen, walk toward the back, and you will go uphill.  At the top are Suzuna and Stiltzkin.  Give Suzuna the letter you have for her, and buy what Stiltkin has to offer.  Suzuna will give you a Kupo Nut, which should be taken to the grotto when you get a chance.  Rest and save.  Go left and up the ladder.  Start across the giant tree root, and you will get your first glimpse of the Iifa Tree.  Continue across the root, and you will meet significant opposition. Iifa Tree

Hilgigars You will have to fight the Hilgigars, who uses earth magic.  Try to cast float on your party members when you can.  Bio works well against this enemy, so keep it on him.  If you can, steal the Phoenix Down, Mythril Fork, and Fairy Flute.

Afterwards, Eiko will suggest that everyone go to her house.  Take the Yellow Stone from the statue, then go right.  Take the right fork in the path, and get the Ether from the chest.  Take the Green Stone from this statue, and then return to where you met Suzuna.  Take the path to the far right and place all the stones in the statue.  This will get you a Moonstone.  Save the game again and return to the fork in the path where you fought the Hilgigars.  This time, take the left fork. Put the stones in

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