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 Madain Sari

Enemies in this area:
Blazer Beetle <Eat: Limit Glove>
Goblin Mage <Eat: Goblin Punch>
Troll <Eat: Vanish>
Yeti <Eat: Pumpkin Head>

Walk across to the onion-shaped structure straight ahead.  This is Madain Sari, Eiko's hometown.  After a cutscene, there will be another ATE.

ATE: Vivi's Feelings
As a result of his visit to the Black Mage Village, Vivi is contemplating life and death.

Vivi's Feelings

When you regain control, get the Tent next to Dagger, and the Libra Stellazzio behind the fountain.  Go to the right, and see another ATE.

ATE: Dagger's Feelings
Dagger considers her eidolons, and realizes that this place feels familiar.

Continue right and speak to Moco.  Quina will appear and shock the little moogle.  Walk back to the left, and watch the next ATE.

You must assign tasks to the moogles.  Send Mocha fishing, let Momatose get the potatoes, and have Chimomo help in the kitchen.

ATE: Eiko's Feelings
Eiko and the moogles discuss her culinary abilities, and her feelings for Zidane.

Go left and speak to Vivi.  When you try to enter Eiko's house, Morrison will stop you, and then offer to escort you to the Eidolon Wall.  Follow him.  In the next screen, there will be another ATE.

ATE: Eiko's Kitchen
There are more decisions to make.  You should cook for 11, leave out the oglop seasoning, and let Chimomo cook.

Lots of decisions
Follow Morrison, and then go talk to Dagger near the town entrance.  Return to Morrison and go look at the Eidolon Wall.  Dagger will examine the paintings on the wall and identify some of the eidolons.  She wants to spend more time there, so speak to Morrison again, and then leave.

That's not Kuja!

ATE: Eiko's Kitchen 2
Allow Quina to help Eiko make dinner (after the case of mistaken identity is resolved).  Quina decides to enlist Vivi's aid to get more heat for cooking.

Return to Eiko's house, and the meal will begin.  While they eat, they will discuss eidolons and the fate of Eiko's people.  Afterwards, Eiko will ask Zidane to clear the table, but first, get the Ore and Phoenix Pinion from the chests near the table.  Speak to Dagger, then get the pot from the table, take it to the kitchen, and give it to Eiko.   Zidane will question her about the Iifa Tree.  Get the Kirman Coffee beside the left picnic table.  Quina and a moogle are blocking the way to the lower area, so go back inside.  As you start to leave the house, Momatose comes in and offers to let you sleep.  That night, Zidane and Vivi will have a conversation before retiring, and experience a heartwarming moment of male bonding. Under the stars

In the morning, the party will gather at the entrance to town.  After a cutscene, during which Eiko joins your party, you will leave Madain Sari.  If you wish, you can reenter the village and speak with Morrison to stock up on supplies.  Outside the village, call a moogle and save the game.

Continue to Iifa Tree