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 Iifa Tree

Enemies in this area:
Dracozombie <Eat: Lv5 Death>
Myconid <Eat: Mighty Guard>
Nymph <Eat: Night>
Soulcage (boss)
Stroper <Eat: Lv5 Death>
Zombie <Eat: Roulette>

The Iifa Tree is tough, so you might want to level up a bit before taking it on.  When you're ready, head back across to the Conde Petie Mountain Path.  When you get back to the intersection where you got the third stone, go up, and you will exit back to the world map.  The Iifa Tree is straight ahead. Iifa Tree

Communicate You will come up against a barrier, and you'll have to ask Eiko for help.  She'll indulge in a little showmanship, but will promptly remove the seal, and your party will receive a Ruby, which will teach Reflect and Carbuncle (though only Eiko can learn the latter).  Proceed across the gnarled tree roots until you reach the tree.  Once inside, you will find Mocchi.  Deliver the letter you are carrying, rest, and save the game.

As you make your way through the Iifa Tree, you will encounter many undead enemies.  Remember that they are susceptible to cure and life magic.  (If you aren't sure whether an enemy is undead, cast cure on it at the beginning of the battle.  If it isn't undead, using cure on it won't do any harm, since it is still at full health, but if it is undead, the cure spell will damage it.)  Using a Phoenix Down will sometimes result in an instant kill when used against an undead enemy, but this isn't reliable.

When you reach the circular area, choose to stand on the center platform.  Your whole party will decide to ride the platform down.  Follow the descending spiral path.  In the second screen, there is a small alcove on the right with a switch that you need to push.  This will cause a chest containing a Phoenix Down to drop just above it.  At the bottom of the screen is a chest with a Hi-Potion in it.  In the next screen is another switch.  After pushing it, return to the previous screen and get the Healing Rod on the left.  Go back down and get the Ether in the alcove to the right of where you were, and the Remedy and Lamia's Flute on the side path at the bottom left.  After getting all the items, continue down the path at the bottom of the screen. Stand on it

The whole party will ride a huge leaf to the bottom of the tree.  There will be a couple of battles on the way down, and at one point, you will have to talk to Vivi to keep the game moving.  Right before you talk to Vivi is the only time you will have control on the trip down, so if there are any equipment changes you want to make, do it then.  After you speak to Vivi, you will continue to the bottom of the tree.  Your party will split up at the bottom.

Speak to everyone and collect the items that are here.  There is a chest containing an Elixir at the foot of the stairs on the right, and a Brigandine behind the base of the column.  Go ahead and equip it on Zidane.  Try not to have any characters with a level at a multiple of five, and make sure the Phoenix summon is available to you.  It is a huge bother, but I would suggest going all the way back to where you met Mocchi to save the game.  If you don't, and your party gets demolished in the upcoming boss battle, you probably aren't going to enjoy redoing this whole area and making sure you get all the items a second time. Found something

No more When you are ready, examine the far left of the bottom area.  Something will drop down from above.  You will have to run up the stairs to help Dagger, and then your party will talk to the Soulcage, which will reveal some disturbing facts before you fight it.  Have the girls use their summons, cast Bio, and try to steal the Brigandine, Magician Cloak, and Oak Staff.

After the battle, the party will make a quick getaway, and a movie will show the mist being cleared away.  Moco will arrive with bad news from Madain Sari, so you need to return there now. Clearing the mist

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