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Friendly Monsters

Friendly nymph On occasion, you may get into a random battle that you immediately know is different.  The battle music is slower and gentler, and the creature will not attack you.  It will ask you for a gem.  If you give it what it asks for, you will gets lots of AP.  It will mention another friendly monster to you, and then disappear.  Each friendly monster will give you the gem desired by the next friendly monster, so you should always have what you need if you come across the creatures in order.

If you meet all eight of the first eight friendly monsters, you will be able to encounter the Friendly Yan on Vile Island.  The reward for giving it what it asks for is the ability to attack the optional boss, Ozma, with physical attacks.  This is a huge help if you intend to fight the game's hardest enemy.  Completing the Friendly Monster side quest can be dangerous, because some of them only inhabit dangerous areas...none more so than the Friendly Yan.  The regular Yans are very tough, but they are worth lots of AP and EXP.  If you run into them, use Odin and whatever other powerful skills and summons you have.  The Yans can use Snort and blow a character out of the battle, so be careful of them.
Reach the round guy

These are the Friendly Monsters in the order you should encounter them.  The locations given are merely where I found them - you may be able to meet many of them in other places, as well.

Possible Location
Friendly Mu
Friendly Mu
Nolrich Heights, between Ice Cavern and Dali
10 AP, Potion
Friendly Ghost
Friendly Ghost
Bentini Heights, outside Treno
10 AP, Hi-Potion
Friendly Ladybug
Friendly Ladybug
Magdalene Forest, outside Black Mage Village
2 Ores
20 AP, Ether
Friendly Yeti
Friendly Yeti
Larger forest in Lucid Plains, just below Madain Sari
2 Ores
20 AP, Elixir
Friendly Nymph
Friendly Nymph
Forest in Pualei Plains, close to Iifa Tree
3 Ores
30 AP, Emerald
Friendly Jabberwock
Friendly Jabberwock
Small forest in Seaways Canyon (east of Oeilvert)
40 AP, Moonstone
Friendly Feather Circle
Friendly Feather Circle
Mitmakis Ice Field on Lost Continent
30 AP, Lapis Lazuli
Friendly Garuda
Friendly Garuda
Forest in Popos Heights above Gizamaluke's Grotto
Lapis Lazuli
40 AP, Diamond
Friendly Yan
Friendly Yan
Forest on Vile Island, southwest of Iifa Tree
50 AP, Rosetta Ring, ability to attack Ozma physically