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Evil Forest

Enemies in this area:
Black Waltz No. 2 (boss)
Carve Spider <Eat: Lv3 Def-less>
Ghost <Eat: Roulette>
Python <Eat: Pumpkin Head>
Vice <Eat: Vanish>

You are now in Nolrich Heights.  Don't go to the small village yet . . . instead, head left to the South Gate.  Speak to the gate guard and choose each option once.  A woman named Mary will appear, and she will allow you to rest (for 100 gil), or to buy and sell.  She has only the bare necessities, but if you're low on them, she can literally be a life saver.  You will see her again later.

Now head toward the small village.  It is possible that you will encounter a different type of creature in the forests here.  You can always tell when you encounter a friendly creature because the battle music is much more benign.  The Ragtime Mouse is a friendly monster who will ask your party trivia questions.  A correct answer will earn you gil and a confetti shower.  For more information, see the Side Quests and Mini-Games section.
Ragtime Mouse

The Mountain Before entering Dali, go to the mountain area on the right.  Search by the cart for a Hi-Potion, and look back by the fence for 135 gil.  Inside the hut, which belongs to a man named Morrid, examine the Mini-Prima Vista.  Morrid will trade it for three rare coffees - Burman, Kirman, and Moccha.  These must all be found before the end of Disc 3.  For more information, see the Side Quests and Mini-Games section.  Search in front of the window, and read the shipping instructions.  You are finished here for now, so it's time to go to Dali.

Enter Dali, and go to the inn.  The characters will have a conversation, and then go to sleep.  Zidane wakes up alone.
ATE: Vivi, Confused
The village children run away from Vivi on sight, and he wonders why.

ATE: Dagger Tries
Dagger tries to speak like an ordinary person, but there is too much to which she has never been exposed.

There is a Potion in the corner of the room, and an Antidote by the fountain.  Return to the lobby.

Speak to the moogle here, and check Mognet.  There is a letter for Gumo.  Next to the table, you can read the menu.  Walk outside the inn.

ATE: Cat's Eye
In the inn, the innkeeper is talking to himself.  He's going to tell someone about you and your friends.

Chocobo sounds Across the street is a weapon and armor shop which you should consider visiting.  You can pick up 120 gil at the right of the shop.  The next door up on the left is the mayor's house, but he is rather rude, so don't linger here.  On the right side of the street, you can look through a window into your room.  Speak to the kids, and, farther down the street, to Vivi.

ATE: Cat's Eye 2
In the inn, the innkeeper is talking again.  Evidently someone was "sent" to perform a kidnapping.

Walk into the windmill beside you.

ATE: Dagger Tries Harder
In the weapon shop, the princess again practices casual speech.  Someone rushes in to speak with the shopkeeper, and Dagger stands back to listen.

Aries In the windmill, examine the door to the right.  You will determine that you need the Mayor's Key to open it.  Search behind the central column for the Aries Stellazzio.  This is part of a very worthwhile side quest.  The passage at the lower left leads back to the mayor's house.  Go to the back and climb the ladder.  There are two chests up here, but you can't get them while the windmill is operating. 

The building to the right of the windmill is a pub.  They aren't open, but you can still buy medicine here.  Speak to the girl twice to learn an that another man is helping her - wonder who?  On the left side of the room, you can read the menu.

Go right, and you will be in the field where Dagger was standing in an earlier ATE.  The old lady there saw Dagger go back into the village.  She is still in the weapon shop.  Go there and speak to her, and choose the nice answers.  Search on the left for information about abilities, and a little about Tetra Master.  You can play cards with the shopkeeper if you wish.
Trying hard

ATE: Queen Brahne's Steiner
Steiner, helping out in the pub, apparently has other plans about the party's destination.

Go to the inn and talk to Dagger again.  Something strange is going on in this village.  Vivi has not yet returned, and people are acting suspiciously.  Plans are made to leave through South Gate.

At the inn, Zidane and Dagger are worried about Vivi, and decide to look for him.  Equip them with purchases from the weapon shop, and save at the moogle before leaving the inn.

Instructions for Vivi Go to the area beside the windmill where Zidane last saw Vivi.  The sound of crying is coming from under the windmill.  They decide to find a way to get underground.  Go inside the windmill, and you will find that the guard is gone.  Open the trap door and go down.

Take lift down, and get 156 gil from the chest at the bottom.  Go up the passage, and you will see the chocobo that was making the sounds you heard earlier.  Follow the men when they leave.

Get the Potion from inside the small pavilion, and the Eye Drops in the chest on the right.  In the next room, examine what looks like a coffin on the left.  Go behind the barrel, and jump up to get the Ether.  Talk to the moogle in the barrel . . . it is Kumop.  Check Mognet to find that he a letter for Mogki.  Use a tent if you need to rest, and save the game.  Near the doorway, kick the rusty wheel to make the highest chest drop down.  Open it for a Potion.

In the next room on the middle right side of the passage is a chest containing a Leather Wrist.  Go up the steps on the left, and jump up.  Run across to the far side of the crates to find a chest with an Iron Helm.  You can also get here by jumping up the crates on the far side.
A recognizable symbol

Suspicions In the next room, search the box near the doorway for a . . . Vivi!  Open the chest at the back for 95 gil.  Examine the machine which is producing eggs.  There is mist coming under the door at the back.  Open the door, and you will find a mist-making machine here.  There is a Phoenix Down in the chest in the front, and a Potion behind the mist machine.  A Phoenix Pinion can found to the right of the mist machine. 

Back in the previous room, go down the path by the egg machine.  In the next room, your party will learn more interesting and suspicious things.  Continue down the path into the next room.  You will see large black mage puppets coming off an assembly line.  Someone is coming, so the party rushes onto the conveyor belt to hide.  They are packaged up and sent out to the cargo ship.

Meanwhile, Steiner is at the mountain asking Morrid about the cargo ship schedule.  Run back down the mountain and into the house, where the schedule is posted.  Steiner will learn that the cargo ship is in the process of loading.  Exit the mountain area.  When you arrive at the loading site, examine the barrel and choose to observe it some more.  After a brief conversation, the party sees something approaching - it is Black Waltz No. 2, of whose existence you were warned.  He has come to return the princess to the castle, so you must fight him. Making plans

Dire warning He zaps around and uses elemental attacks, but isn't terribly tough if you're careful.  Steal a Leather Plate, a Steepled Hat, and a couple of Ethers from him before the battle ends.  After you finish him off, return to the inn, where Innkeeper Hal is surprised to see Vivi.  In your room, if you examine the desk at left, you can get your "color fortune" told for 10 gil.  At the right of the room is the very impressive Dali Inn Library.  Save the game.

Just as a point of interest, if you exit town at this time, you can see the cargo ship resting on the strange symbols on the ground outside town.  Return to the field and board the airship.  Dagger and Zidane start piecing things together, and realize the ship is heading for Alexandria.  As the party climbs the ladder to the ship, Zidane gets in trouble.

Suspected destination Watch your hands!

Taking off Not exactly an apology

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