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 Black Mage Village

Enemies in this area:
Myconid <Eat: Mighty Guard>
Zemzelett <Eat: White Wind>

Where there are no owls Black Mage Village is that round area in the forest, but you have to go all the way down and around to reach it.  Go to the end of the cliff, then turn the corner and run back in the direction you just came from, except now you are on the lower level.  Head toward the circular area in Magdalene Forest.  Once you get there, read the sign and run in the direction where there are no owls.  An owl will fly away, and it will look as if you run back into the area you just left.  Don't let that throw you, but just keep reading the signs and going where there are no owls.  Eventually you will see a black mage run up and then leave.  You will come upon him, and see him removing the illusion that conceals the village.  You must follow him before it reappears.

When your party arrives, the black mages are frightened and run away.

ATE: Life on the Run
The black mages are still running, obviously afraid of outsiders.

Being optimistic To the left of where you are standing is a weapon shop, run by No. 239.  He has a huge inventory, so buy whatever upgrades you can afford.  Outside the shop just to the right of the door is an Elixir.  Take the path to the right.

ATE: Gourmand's Nose
Quina sniffs out a chocobo egg.

ATE: Different Language
The black mages explain to Vivi how they came to be here, and that their friends who "stop" are buried in the cemetery.

Speak to Moguo, who wants you to deliver a letter to Mocchi.  Save the game, and enter the hut.

The black mages in the small hut would like you to take Quina elsewhere.  They are trying to hatch a chocobo egg, and Quina wants to eat it.  Get the Gysahl Greens at the right side of the hut.

ATE: Visitor, Not Invader
Two black mages accuse Dagger of wanting to use them, but she protests that she wants to help them.

The usual?? The building next to the weapon shop is an item shop.  Get the Ether on the floor by the bookcase, then see what No. 163 has to sell.  For the first time in the game, you can buy Hi-Potions!  Woo-hoo!  They are 200 gil each, and you should seriously consider buying several of them.  Exit the door on the right and enter the building immediately next to you.  This is the inn.  Go into the bedroom and get the Virgo Stellazzio by the bed.  Examine the phonograph.  You can talk to the proprietor, but he isn't open for business yet.  (Don't you wonder what customers they are expecting at an inn in a secluded forest hidden by magic?)

To the left of the item shop if the Black Cat Synthesis Shop.  Dagger is there, but she soon leaves to find Vivi.  Synthesize the Rune Tooth for Zidane, and the Madain's Ring and Extension, if you can.  At the back under the clock is 2000 gil.  Climb the ladder and follow the planks to the very back to find 843 gil.  Exit the synthesis shop and continue left.  Vivi will run by, and won't answer when you call.  Go on to the left, and you will find the cemetery.  Talk to the black mages, and they will give you a little insight into Vivi's emotional state.  Go back to the inn and you will find Vivi there.  Quina and Dagger will show up.  Quina goes off to look for food, and Dagger suggests resting.  You should agree.
ATE: Crime and Punishment
Cinna missed the cable car again, and Baku is waiting there to express his displeasure.

Searching Vivi will leave in the middle of the night, and Zidane will tell Dagger an abbreviated version of his life story.  The following morning, the party regroups and the mages tell you something about an area beyond Conde Petie.  Go back and speak to Moguo again.  Read the letter from Stiltzkin.

ATE: Everyday Life
A black mage ponders his life as a shopkeeper.

It's time to go back to Conde Petie.

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