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Treno Auctions 

Auction house You can get some rare items by bidding at the Treno Auction House.  You can also make a profit by buying rare items and reselling them to collectors.  When bidding at the auction house, try to wait until the bidding seems to have stopped and the item is about to sell, and then bid an amount just slightly over the highest bid. (If you bid every time someone else does, they will keep raising their bids just to irritate you.  No, really.)  I would recommend saving the game before bidding on anything, and saving again if you get what you want at a good price.  If you can't get the item you want at a price you like, wait for it to come around again, or reset the game and try again.  The prices seem to fluctuate a lot, and sometimes you just have to keep trying.

To bid, step up to the auctioneer and press X when you want to submit an amount.  You can change the bid amount with the directional keys.  It will automatically be set to just over the last bid, though, so you shouldn't need to change it much, if any.

Sell the following items to the proper people to make some extra money.  With one exception, you should wait and accept the second offer.  The Synth Shop scholar, however, will only make one offer, so be sure to accept it.

Item Name
Reasonable Price
First Offer
Second Offer
Doga's Artifact
8500 gil
Scholar in Synth Shop
10,000 gil
Griffin's Heart
8000 gil
Adventurer by the cafe
8000 gil
10,000 gil
Rat Tail
17,500 gil
Adventurer by the cafe
20,000 gil
25,000 gil
Une's Mirror
11,000 gil
Nobleman by the cafe
12,000 gil
15,000 gil

Magical Fingertip After buying and reselling all of these, you can try to buy the Magical Fingertip, which can be used to get a great weapon for Steiner.  You probably won't be able to afford it until late in the game, though, as it goes for a lot.  See the Excalibur section of the Side Quests and Mini-Games section for details.

You can also buy various equipment here, and the wonderful Dark Matter, which will allow Dagger to summon Odin.  The bidding for that is usually pretty fierce, so you may have to be patient.