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Vivi in Alexandria
After another movie, you will gain control of Vivi, a little black mage.  He is in Alexandria planning to see the Tantalus performance tonight.  As he walks down the street, he will be knocked over.  A little girl will help him up, and give him back the ticket he dropped.  Return to Memorial Square (where Vivi just was in the movie), and pick up a few items.  Search the front left corner of the screen for a Zombie Card.  At the far back of the screen in the center is a Lizard Man Card.  Get the Potion on the far side of the statue, and the Sahagin Card at the center left of the screen.

Go back to the left and reenter the street.  Vivi will be knocked down again, this time by a boy with a rat-like face.  Get the Potion in front of the first house on the left.  Enter the first door on the right and get the Potion from the back right corner of the room.  After acquiring the 9 gil hidden at the foot of the bed, climb to the loft and get the Fang Card from the dresser.  Go back outside.  There is a Potion on  the left of the street before you reach the hanging banners.

Continue into the next area.  Go to the door at the back center of the screen and read the letter.  At the building to the left of that house, read the pub sign, and then enter the pub and talk to everyone.  Search the front right corner of the room for a Potion, and find the Flan Card by the barrel on the left side of the room.  On the floor by the door on the left is 27 gil.

Back outside, search the clump of grass at the front right corner of the screen for 33 gil.  The clump of grass at the front left holds a Goblin Card.  Speak to the hippo, Hippaul, whom you will meet again later.

  Found in the grass

Found a remedy
In the next screen, talk to Mick standing at the center left to learn that you need to take your ticket to the ticket booth in the square.  Enter Doug's Item Shop at the back right.  Search to the right of the counter for 38 gil.

Go back outside and enter the square.  Go inside the building at the center right and search in the bottom right corner of the screen for an Ether.  This is the Synthesist's Shop, but they are about to close, as he is taking his wife to tonight's performance.  Talk to the synthesist's wife - how much do those tickets cost!?

Go through the side doorway into the Weapon Shop.  They're not doing business at the moment, either, but you can get a Remedy way back in the corner to the right of the counter, under the arrow pointing toward the Synthesist's Shop.

Back outside, look on the left of the path in front of the Alexandrian soldiers for a Phoenix Pinion

Enter the center building on the left and witness a scene with an irate man.  Walk around, and you will run into another hippo - this is Hippaul's mother.  If you like, you can go upstairs and walk all the way around to the far end of the hall, and go out onto a balcony overlooking the square.  When you're finished at the inn, return to the street. 

Jump rope
Just outside the inn, talk to the kids jumping rope, and they will let you try it.  You'll get a prize if you do well enough.  To jump, press X when you see the !.

Prize List

# of Jumps
10 gil
Cactuar Card
Genji Card
Alexandria Card
Tiger Racket Card
King of the Jump Rope

When you're finished exploring, go to the ticket booth in the center of the square, and choose to peek in.  Talk to the ticketmaster, and show him your ticket.  You will learn that it's a fake.  Vivi is devastated, and the ticketmaster feels sorry for him.  He gives Vivi a Goblin Card, a Fang Card, and a Skeleton Card to make him feel better.  He will also say that you should talk to Alleyway Jack to learn more about cards. Fake

Head left into the alley.  Vivi will trip, interfering with the work of Dante the Signmaker, who will get annoyed, fix his sign, and quit for the day.  (If you go look, you will find him in the pub.)  Rat Kid, whose name is Puck, will run up and ask about your ticket.  He will offer to take you to see the show if you'll be his slave. Don't agree just yet, though.  Continue into the next screen, and enter the house on the left.  Speak to the little girl, and then get the Eye Drops from the lower left corner of the room.  Back outside, go all the way to the docks.  The boy up on the left, Tom, is missing his kitten named Mittens.  Agree to help him.  Speak to him again to learn that the cat is brown.

Alleyway Jack
Run back up the street.  The little girl should run back out of her house.  If she doesn't, just run back and forth a few times till she does.  You need her to leave so you can have access to the upstairs in her house.  When she has run out of the house, go inside and go up the stairs.  Get the 3 gil by the bed, then exit the house.  Return to Memorial Square and talk to the brown cat by the statue.  Tom will run up and get his kitten.  Go back to the docks and speak to Tom, and he will give you a Bomb Card

Now go back to the alley where you met Puck, and agree to be his slave.  He will steal Dante's ladder and run off.  Don't follow him yet, though.  Wait around a while, and Alleyway Jack will approach you.  Talk to him before he has a chance to pick your pocket.

You can learn a lot about the card game, Tetra Master, from him, so accompany him to the pub.  After his explanation, you can choose to play against him.  For more information about Tetra Master, see the Side Quests and Mini-Games section. Take turns

Return to the area where the little girl lives, and enter the church just past her house.  As you start to enter the bell tower, a moogle will drop on your head.  His name is Kupo.  He will apologize, and explain how to save the game.  You can save games and use tents at save moogles in town, or on the world map. 

Puck will climb the ladder.  Stiltzkin, another moogle, will walk in and speak to Kupo briefly, then leave.  Even though Puck is getting impatient, ask Kupo about Mognet.  He explains that it is the moogle mail delivery service, but that it has been malfunctioning lately.  He then asks you to help.  Agree to do so, and he will give you a letter to deliver to Monty.  Search under the window to the right for a Potion, and search the flowers to the left for a Tent.  Then save the game. 

Across the rooftops

 Sneaking in

Climb the ladder, and Puck will lead you across the rooftops of Alexandria.  Unfortunately, Vivi is afraid of heights.  After a near-accident, search the chimney at the far left for 29 gil.  Continue on after Puck, and he will ask your name.  Confirm the name, and Puck will introduce himself.  Instead of following him, go down the stairs, toward the screen, right, toward the screen, and to the far right for 63 gil.  then go back to the stairs.  Head all the way to the back left and find 92 gil.  Return to the stairs again and go right.  At the far ridgepole, go up.  When you reach Puck, he'll put down the ladder to cross one last gap.  You have arrived at the castle.  Vivi and Puck will sneak in behind the seated audience members.

You will get your first look at Queen Brahne, who gets my vote for "Ugliest Video Game Character Ever."  The queen is delighted by the lights and fanfare as the play begins.
What a face...

Mock duel
During the play, you Zidane will have to fight Baku, Benero, and Zenero, which isn't too difficult.  There are special FX attacks you can use to make the play more interesting, but they don't really serve any other purpose.  After the battle, you will have to control a mock duel between Zidane and Blank.  You must press the buttons shown on the screen at the proper moment.  Speed and accuracy are both factors in this battle.  If you are unhappy with your performance, you can repeat it.  The number of nobles impressed determines whether Queen Brahne is impressed, and you can later get an item based on that number.  After the duel, the nobles demonstrate their appreciation by throwing gil to you.

Nobles Impressed
Silk Shirt