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Verdham and Mentare

Complete the red (fire) tablet in the bottom right corner. Verdham should be north of where you started. When you come in, Kiefer will comment on how very much like Dialac this all is : there are petrified people everywhere. It's not too late to save the villagers though. Go to the top of the tallest building in the village to use the AngelTear and fight a miniboss: the Rainmaker.

Rainmaker Boss Battle Info: he can attack twice in a round and do an all party attack. Have the Hero Heal and attack, Kiefer Psyche up and FireSlash, Maribel Sap , Surround and Blaze and Gabo, Bite.

Using the AngelTear WILL restore everyone back to normal, except for the gardner, Pepe, who will remain unconscious. To get to him, go around the house and enter the garden via the backdoor. Talk to Iwan (the guy who's too lazy to help Pepe). Talk to Borlock to have him ask you to help Pepe and Linda. Go inside Borlock's house to find Kaya and Iwan arguing about their relationship. Go see Linda in her apartment on top of the item shop then go see Pepe's dad to have him ask you to get a potion in the "east" (it just so happens Verdham is west of Engow, but you can't get to Engow by foot, you need to use the Shrine).

Pamela in Engow-Past will give you the Mila Drug, an item to wake up Pepe. She'll be at the Elder's house. When you ressucitate Pepe, there'll be a huge celebration. Talk to Borlock then leave the garden and go where the Temple is being built on the top left side of the village to find Pepe and Linda arguing about whether or not they should elope. However, the party itself will be ruined by rainfall as everyone runs for their lives, making it such that Pepe can leave town undetected and alone.

The next day, if you ask around , you'll hear there was a Shard merchant that went into the cave to the west of Verdham. You'll find 2 WindShards in the cave, but you'll also be attacked by a a caveman with 2 Jewel Bags:

Caveman Jewel Bags Boss Battle Info: The Caveman can blnd, attack twice, attack everyone and cast FireBane. The Jewel Bags can cast odd dance, lure dance and defense. Have the Hero attack and heal, Kiefer use Psyche Up and FireSlash, Maribel cast Surround and Sap and Gabo use Rip and Bite.

Back in the Present, you'll find a WindShard at the Verdham ruins and a LandShard in Mentare, a garden town that was founded by non other than Pepe east of Verdham.