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The Sky Fane

The Sky Fane is the last refure of the Soldiers of God. You can begin the quest to access this place as soon as you acquire the Blissrock. Go to Falrod and head east across a bridge to a shrine. There, follow the path out the back that will lead to a big flower. Get into it to access an underwater world that leads to an island on the overworld, that leads to another flower that leads underwater to another place on the overworld which you can't access otherwise. At the surface of the 2nd path, you'll see a crest on an altar. Use the Blissrock on it to summon a platform to the Sky Fane.

After completing the Coastal quest, you'll pretty much be out of tablet. There is one in the Sky Fanes that are still in the sky. You need to use the ?Shards there . You'll be warped to an area near Falrod Go north to the Shrine that first go you to the Sky Fane. Go in the flower in the back and go back through the underwater paths you've already been through before. Use the BlissRock on the symbol of God to raise the fanes. In the Present, there'll be 2 more islands in the sky. 1 with shops , the other new people to talk to. The shops have some good, but extremly expensive gear to sell. The weapons are crap, but the armor's worth considering.

Talk to the nun to summon the Sky Stone (airship). You need that flying rock to get above mountains so you can get to a a Shrine behind the Tower north of Hamelia. Talk to the man inside to get a ?Shard. Go see King Burns in Estard and he'll tell you of a situation with the excavation site. Go there.