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Ok, so you just completed the tablet, some funky light popped out and you just got slammed into the ground of some forest. Things don't look too peachy. However, that doesn't stop Maribel from dismissing Keifer "You can save your misplaced concern for one of your swooning courtesans". Ironically, Maribel runs off only to scream her brains out when she encounters monsters. And after 1-3 hours of running around in Fishbel and Estard, you FINALLY get to the first %@%# fight: 3 wonderful, beautiful slimes. The battle is quite basic since , well, there's not much you can do other than use an item or attack. As a sidenote: you can switch your characters into "Manual" control in the "Plan" part of the menu.

After the battle, a woman named Matilda will introduce herself to your group. She'll join your party.Head east of your starting point to reach the town of Rexwood. However, upon entering the town, you'll notice that Matilda is no longer with you and that the villagers are ripping the place apart for some reason. The villagers will tell you an old story about Rex , the hero of Rexwood, who went out to defeat the monsters that had attacked the town from the cave. Despite the noble sacrifice, years later, the monsters return... And they're forcing them to do this.

If you go talk to the Merchant, he'll tell you Hank and his son Patrick and him traded houses for Hank's safety (they're in the back of the village, in the wooded part). Go talk to Patrick and he'll tell you his father needs a shard of green colorstone to survive. There's a mine to near the village, where the villagers used to mine colorstone. You can find the green colorstone at the bottom of the mine. However, it won't be so easy. You'll definetly HAVE to gain levels to be able to go through it.

In the mine, you'll meet Matilda, who will coldly brush off Patrick's request. Before you venture deeply into the mine, you'll want to get to level 4 and/or get Keifer and the Hero a copper sword each. It will greatly facilitate the game at this point. Kiefer will gain FireSlash , the Hero, Heal and Maribel , Blaze. All are very useful.

Ok, though the game isn't riddled with puzzles, the beginning of the game is and this doesn't exclude the colorstone mine. Here's the deal with colorstones: pair them up by color and they both break (don't be alarmed if you made a mistake, just go out of the room and come back in to reset the puzzle). The 3rd puzzle is the one that's most likely to cause you some trouble: you'll want to push the first blue stone you see up against the other blue stone (straight line). You'll see 3 red stones around where the old blue stone used to be. Push the middle red to the left to break a pair. Then push the other 2 to the corners (all the way to the sides from the middle of the room, then go around to the side paths and push 'em to the corners). Then you'll want to push only 1 of the remaining yellow stones to the center of that cross. Push that yellow stone to the left to break the stone that blocks your stairs.

So you'll be at the bottom level of the cave about now and oh happy day, there's a green colorstone left. Kiefer will even say "this has to be the green colorstone" if you're color blind. As your party just wonders at how in the hell they're gonna haul that pos back to the village, Matilda , having had a change of heart, pops back up and breaks it for you (wow) so you can bring a shard to Hank. You'll also receive a doll from Matilda. Return to the village and as Hank recovers, Patrick will explain the situation more clearly and say what happened to Hank. Go to the inn and rest afterwards.

Once Hank's injuries are healed (go see him once you wake up), Hank'll join your party for the monster mash. At the Tower entrance, you'll meet the Golem:

Golem Boss Battle Info: have Maribel cast Sap and then Blaze , Kiefer use FireSlash continuously and the Hero attack and heal when needed. He basically just hits hard (comparatively), so it's nothing to be worried about. You should receive a WindShard from the battle.

Go back to the village, heal up at the inn and then return to the tower. In the tower, you'll find a FireShard in one of the chests; at the top of the tower is the 2nd boss: Clawser;

Clawer Boss Battle Info: have Maribel cast sap and then blaze and have her use healing herbs if characters need healing as she's the fastest character. Kiefer should use FireSlash and the Hero should attack, heal and cast upper on Maribel and himself.

After the battle, Matilda's true identify will be revealed. You'll have to fight her, but you have the choice to not actually attack since Matilda won't fight back. You can kill her, or you can flee. After an emotional moment, the women will be freed and the curse of the monsters will be lifted from Rexwood. On the way out, after bringing Hank back to Rexwood, you can leave Patrick Matilda's doll as a souvenir. A warp vortex will have appeared where you landed in the little forest near Rexwood. Go into it to return to the Shrine.

Your party'll wake up after being slammed into the ground ,again. They'll be a little dazed, but they'll figure out where they are and Kiefer will return to the castle as you and Maribel leave for Fishbel. The next morning, talk to Estard Castle's guads to learn he went to see his "granpa" (the old man at the cliff). Go there. Kiefer will then tell you he'll meet you at the cave by the shoreline in Fishbel. Maribel will blackmail you and Kiefer into bringing her along for the trip on the ship that you and Kiefer have been building. With the ship, go north of the Island and you'll find Rexwood (oddly enough, no one's ever noticed it before). You'll notice quite a few similarities between what the villagers tell you and what some mysterious travelers and a guy named Hank did in the old days. There's a Shard in the house to the left of the Inn in Rexwood. Talk to the old woman in the house and she'll tell you her husband found it in the colorstone mine. He's by the pond in the village. Talk to him to gain access to the mine. At the bottom of the mine, you'll find yet ANOTHER Shard.

Go back to Estard. The Librarian of the castle will mention an "old angry man" was summoned by King Burns about the Rexwood issue (since they have no forkin clue what the heck is going on). Go down the stairs by the Fortune Teller and you'll meet the old man as he tries to bypass a guard to see a buddy of his in the dungeon. Kiefer will tell the guard to move and you can all go see the old man's friend. After listening to their stories, you'll gain access to a raft. Use the raft to get to a chest with the last shard you'll need to get to the next part of the game. Complete the top left "fire" tablet.