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Complete top right wind tablet. I suggest buying the Ice Fist for Gabo. It's a powerful weapon. You'll get a rough welcome as the men are fearful of Raguraz spies. Talk to the villagers to learn of the Raguraz imperialism and the Goddess Statue. Ordeux , the chief, won't be home, you'll find him going up the mountain trail. At the temple on top of the trail, you'll see him argue with the hot tempered Razuel. Follow Razuel after he storms out with the Statue. When you get to the river outside Probina, you'll meet a Raguraz expedition which will turn into monsters as a subterfuge to destroy Probina. Go to probina to fight off the monsters. Go up the mountain trail to protect the Priest and he'll send you and Razuel into the church cellar.

The whole village will be torn apart. Talk to the soulless nun outside the temple to save. Go down to Probina and Razuel will walk around, devastated. He'll drop a chest holding a Key and a picture. Gather the Goddess parts at the river and bring them to the Spring to restore the statue, like in the picture.

The Dragonman won't want you to do that though. He's a fierce fighter. He'll cast Infermost which will do damage in the 60s to all characters, he'll hit for 70 damage and use Quad Hits. Do your best to survive. After a few rounds, Razuel will walk in and fix the statue, weakening the Dragonman; his attacks will be limited to once a turn and in the 30s. Cast sap, use windbeast and have Gabo bite.

After the fight, the villagers will be restored, but the Priest will be gone, having been eaten by the Dragonman...

Back to the Present

You'll find a LandShard in the cave to the temple and if you use the key on the chest in the Temple, you'll find another Shard. If you haven't been to Dune recently, you should. In the Past , Queen Fedel will want to give you one of the Dark Rubies that were in the Sphinx and give you the treasure in the room behind hers. Push the statue of the jackal to reveal a path to a FireShard. There's also another FireShard in the Submerged City where you fought Gracos in the Present. You will also meet Gracos V, his desdendant there...

Gracos V Boss Battle Info: he casts snowstorm, which affects everyone for about 30 damage, he attacks for 40-60 damage, attacks twice, poisons you , attacks with Cold Air (50ish to all) and attacks everyone in 1 hit (30-45ish). You'll basically want to be healing A LOT, having the hero use WindBeast and have Gabo use WoolGuard to protect against the cold. After the battle, you'll receive a ?Shard.