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Complete the top left Green (Wind) Tablet. North of you will be the little town of Orph. It is filled with farm animals. Go to the shed in the back of the village. There's a boy chained to the wall. Try talking to the cow for humor's sake. Kiefer will say that he remembers someone who spoke animal language on Estard Island. Go back through the Shrine to Estard Island and go to the little house east of Fishbel (south of Estard). The Woodsman will join your party. Go back to Orph.

Strangely, the Woodsman can't understand any of the animals in the village. Talk to the actual people to learn that the people were turned to animals and animals to people. You'll get the whole story of what happened to the town by talking to all the "people" in the town. There are 4 "people" total: 1 on the 2nd floor of the inn, 1 in the backyard of a house, 1 walking around the village and 1 lying on a bed in the house next to the shed. Go talk to the chained boy again and the Woodsman will release him.

Follow the boy to the source of the evil which imposed this affliction unto the villagers. Mr Ceide is to the north west of Orph. At Mr Ceide, you'll see a white wolf in the entrance. Go after it. You'll find 2 AquaShards in Mt Ceide. When you enter a room that has a huge stone slab that's been moved (it's on the outside of the higher elevation of the mountain). Inside you'll find a large coffin. Talk to it to initiate the boss fight;

Deathpal Boss Battle Info: Kiefer: Fireslash ; Maribel: herbs, attack ; Hero : attack or herbs. Make sure you give Herbs to EVERYONE because the battle is in an anti-magic area (no heal, no sap, no blaze). You'll need it since the boss can attack 2 times in a turn, making him harder than previous bosses.

After the battle, the monster will be resealed in the large stone coffin and the spell will be lifted from the village, except for the boy, who he cursed. The Boy's name's Gabo. Back in the Shrine Ruins, Gabo will join your party even though he can't really talk. He's a great addition to your party because his wolf attacks do very useful damage on the enemy.

When you return to Orph in the present (as if it's not getting obvious you're doing time traveling), you'll see a buncha animals running around the table in the center of Orph. If you check around the village, you'll find a WindShard in the weapon shop. Go talk to the old man that lives in the house next to the shed to learn of the festival and receive costumes to join in. Go back to the town center to play a mini game. If you win, you'll get the Monster Book (you can't really lose, just keep trying to pick the girls and you'll win - they're the dog one of the cows and the horse).

Go to Mt Ceide to get stuff. You'll find a strange man in Deathpal's coffin. He'll try to fix Gabo's transformation but will fail and only make him more human. He'll feel bad so he'll give you a Shard for letting him live.