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Mardra and Raguraz

Complete the lower left red (fire) tablet. This is Raguaraz from it's past roles in the invasion of Probina (even though it was probably a lure). However, the country was imperialistic and it just got it's ass handed to it by it's neighbour, the magic country of Mardra. Check around to hear of the glorious King of Mardra and of the accomplishments of the country. Go to the Mardra castle and tell the guard at the gate that you are the Messenger from Medille to get in. There's a special chest in the top right tower , you need to do a + to access it. Start on the side of the room where the statue is (left) . Come out on the right, go to the top then come out from the bottom. Give the sailor the contents (the Lightaqua). He's the staffmaker's apprentice and he'll make you a staff at the end of the Mardra-Raguraz quest. Go talk to the ex-queen, King Zeppel's mom , and she'll give you a letter for the High Priest at the Fane south of Mardra. After that, you'll be allowed to go see the king, but you'll be kicked out since you're not the Messenge.

Go through the checkpoint to the south by using the Letter you just got and go see the High Priest. Once more, you'll see a place that has a similar set up as the room when you got the LightAqua, except that the room's a lot bigger. It's the room with an island in the middle. Do the trick to get a few chests. Go see the High Priest with the letter and he'll send you to the cave to the west to get a StarShard. If you stop at the gnome's house where you can rest on your way there, he'll charge you if you want to rest if you stop by on your way back. There's nothing special about the cave, it 's just a dungeon you need to go through. Once you return, the Priest will explain his plan to create an Anti-Magic powerful enough to counter the Ultimate Magic. He'll give you a letter for King Zeppel. Go see Zeppel in Mardra and he'll blow you off. Take note: you can enter the Royal Magic Institute with the Priest 's letter.

After exiting the institute, you'll be summoned to the Fane by the High Priest. He's aparently complete the anti-magic, but will fail. Return to Mardra and you'll see who the REAL Messenger of Medille is.

ZoeMage Boss Battle Info: he casts bounce, stopspell, Blazemore (60s) and Infermost (60s to all). You should start to know the drill by now, heal a lot with Maribel and Gabo/Melvin. Have the other 2 (Hero and either Gabo/Melvin) use stuff like Punch.

Go back inside the Royal Magic Institute and follow Dino the Priest and you'll see Zeppel turn into a monster. Follow him to the castle. You'll be able to fight him at the bridge but don't worry if he kicks your ass horribly. The Priest will appear and heal you after Zeppel leaves for the castle. Follow the Priest to the castle, where he'll cast Majustis, the ultimate counter magic. It'll make Zeppel killeable, but this is still one of the most difficult fights in the game.

Zeppel Boss Battle Info: he attacks from 50-60 , casts Blazemost (110-130), cast Firebolt (50-70 all) and casts Cold Air (50-70 all). You'll definetly wanna cast sap on him , Punch and heal whenever needed, have the entire party heal if need be. Bounce (bounce sword , remember that from the Gracos Temple?) is very useful and so is WoolGuard.

After the battle, go see the apprentice to receive a Bolt Staff.

Back to the Present

Before going back to Fishbel, unequip all of Maribel's stuff. She'll be leaving your party. Thankfully, you can replace her IMMEDIATELY (unlike Kiefer). Go to Fishbel and talk to Borkano, He'll mention something about a tribe of dancers to the east. Go back to where you saw the Deja tribe in the past. You'll see a Deja encampment and they're doing another Dancer initiation ceremony. Talk to everyone and then talk to the dude at the tent and Aira will storm out. Go find Aira at a Cliff west of the camp and then return to the camp. Aira will join the party after you have a discussion with the chief. She'll give you a WindShard. It might be advisable to change classes.

Mardra has changed dramatically though. It has become a city of the arts and this is where you'll find Aira's Tula player. Talk to the princess and she'll organize a contest for later in the game. You can also do the + puzzles in the castle and fane for extra chests and a WindShard. You'll also learn Majustis by reading the High Priest's epitaph.