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The red (fire) tablet in the top right corner leads you to a short and thin island that has very little on it. Ignore the first hill and just move straight to the village west of your point of arrival. When you get to the village, 2 demons will block your way into town.The Babygoyles have high hp, but low damage. They're annoying because they cast Sleep a lot. Go to the big house at the top of the town. On the 2nd floor is the boss, Borunga;

Borunga Boss Battle Info: he has high damage (around 70 , 90 if he gathers power, 110ish if he stomps and gathers power, 80ish if he stomps only). Just heal and cast upper to beef up your defense and you should be fine.

After the battle, all the monsters will flee the town, leaving the humans to the fate of the Dark Draco on top of the western tower. To enter the tower, open the drawers in the corner where a monster was standing to get the key.

There's nothing special about the tower really. The Dark Draco is a tough boss though. He'll attack for 80ish damage, cast Cold Air for 50-60 on all, cast Windbeast for 70 damage on 1 and Scorching for 50-80 damage on all. You'll want the Hero to use Punch , Gabo and Maribel to both heal constantly ,even if unneeded, except for an occasional sap and you'll want to boost your defense with upper (have Melvin use the Pixy Sword- esp on the healers).

Go back to Loomin, everyone's happy as usual. Lalala. Go back to the present. The town's still forkin' gone. You can, however, start up your Monster Park (it's right next to the Loomin ruins).

Blast to the Past and you'll se that the town is being attacked by the Hell Vine because since the Dark Draco's gone and the light's back, the thing could photosynthesize itself back to life. Windbeast is very good to fight it off. Killing the Vineroots will do very little. You have to go for it's core (I killed 20 of the f-ers and nothing happened). You can enter the tunnel to the core via the Well where the Priest was hiding when the monsters were in town. Follow the roots to get to ther core.

Hellvine +2VineRoots Boss Battle Info: kill the roots asap to make it easier for you. The HellVine can attack twice for damage in the 60s , it can poison, blind , cast StopSpell and SleepAir (the last is the most annoying and what makes this fight hard). If you can heal, heal, use Windbeast and try to keep the VineRoots away to keep the damage low.

You get a WindShard for defeating it.The villagers are shaken but happy and one of them even adopted a pet catterpillar he called Chibi. Go back to the present. The Village is STILL FORKIN' GONE! The place should be called Gloomin -_-.

Back to the Past... The villagers aren't too happy about Chibi. So go talk to Sieble (the man in the big house). As you walk out, the villagers will barge in and since they can't get rid of Chibi, they'll want you to do their dirty work. Go tell Sieble what's up with the villagers and he'll decide to set Chibi free to save him. Go to the hill to the east of the village where you'll find a LandShard. When you come back, the town will be under attack by HellWorms. They thrived and multiplied because of the huge plant carcass which is the HellVine. Fight 6-7 and eventually, you'll be asked by Melvin about Sieble. A dramatic series of events will happen and Chibi will sacrifice himself for the town after you fight another HellWorm. Go back to the present and you'll see that Loomin is there but there's nothing worth noting really. However, you will need to go up the tower to get a ?Shard at the top.

Go behind the town to the Monster Guru's house. Talk to the Monster Guru, he will talk about his dream of building the worlds biggest monster park. Get the bag of BeefJerky and instructions on capturing monsters. When you bring him blueprints he will expand the park.