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Complete the middle red (fire) tablet. Go to the inn to see a klutz trip and fall down the stairs. Go see Dr Creyney and you'll see her being treated for being hurt. If you ask around the village, you'll hear that there's a bridge opening ceremony going on the next day. The bridge was designed by the same dude that designed a lot of the weird things you'll see in the village (like the houses). Go to the bridge to check it out and you'll be turned back by a soldier. So go back to town and spend the night at the inn. When you wake up and go in front of the inn keeper, Amy (the klutz) falls down the stairs again , but the hero catches her before she hurts herself. Go back to the bridge for the opening ceremony and you'll be turned back saying that it's happening tomorrow. That's pretty weird. Insist with the guard and he'll tell you to go see Baloch the designer, he lives on the other side of the island (woohoo). Baloch will tell you that it's weird and he'll tell you to investigate the big clock in the village. He'll give you the Clock Key.

Flip the switch in the clock and time will stop for everyone except you. Go to Creyney's house and in the basement, you'll see him reading a letter (eavesdrop to get some juicy info about Amy) and a weird portal where the picture of the clock used to be. Go in the portal to access a maze leading to the cause of the time loop. When you get to a big clock like circle room in the maze, go up to the number 12 and go down the circle's edge counter clockwise to get to the boss;

Timesage + 2 MakiMaki Boss Battle Info: this is tough. The Sage can use Blazemore and Boom which is highly damaging and blind. He can also reset the battle through his Time Sand. You'll want to use war cry and wool guard if you can. Have the Hero attack and cast upper. Have Maribel cast sap and use heal you as often as possible. Have Gabo attack. One the MakiMakis die off, the battle becomes significantly easier.

You'll win a LandShard from the battle. Search the pile of sand after breaking the hourglass to gain Time Sand, which you can use without limitations to restart ANY fight (as long as the character carries the item and is alive). Go back to town and reset time and go for a rest. It'll be the next day and the ceremoney can begin. After the mayor speaks, go left to overhear Creyney and Baloch. Go back to Baloch' house and you'll see his aide quitting. Talk to Baloch to hear he wants to move to Creyney's. Go tell Creyney the good news if you want to. You can now cross the bridge to Verdham, but at a different time period...

Verdham Continued

This series of events happens many years after the first time you visited Verdham. Iwan's a wreck and Kaya's his mistress, though not in the meaning that they'd both like, since Kaya married the master of the household... You'll see Iwan scerwing off work and his son trying to straighten him out. Go inside the house and you'll see Cheri, one of the maids, wanting to give the leftovers from dinner to the dog, against Kaya's orders. Follow Iwan to his house to listen in on his conversation with Kaya. By the time they're done, the dog'll have gotten sick in the garden, to Cheri's dismay. Talk to Porta, he should be in the shed-house in the back of the garden. He and Cheri will discuss poison. Cheri will then have a problem with Kaya because Kaya will deny her putting poison inside the food. Follow cheri up the stairs to talk to devise a plan to prove Kaya's actions.

When you try to get back in the house afterwards, you'll see Kaya leaving for Iwan's , but she'll drop a potion on the way. Pick it up and bring it to Cheri. Then go to Porta's and follow Cheri to the dinner table. Kasadol , the master, will invite you to the dinner table. Cheri will say that the food's poisoned and the scandal will be brought to an end.

The second part of the Verdham continuation is in Mentare, the herb village you see in the Present. Pepe is prosperous and alive and has a child called Linda with a pet slime called Bicki. Talk to Pepe to have him introduce himself. He won't remember you. Go up the hill to Geionne (the monastery) and go to Bessia, Linda's, grave. Then return to Pepe. He'll join your party and want you to bring him to Linda's grave so he can make his peace.

Back to the Present

Litorud will now be available. You can find a Windshard there. You can also take part in the character ranking mini-game when you'll win a prize if you ever make it to the top of the Style, Strength or Intelligence list. You'll also learn about Amy and her relationship to Baloch and of Baloch' tower, a monument built in honor of Baloch and his family. At the top, you'll find a LandShard, necessary to get to the next part. You'll meet a few puzzles in the tower, but it's nothing more complicated than moving stones on big sections of floor.