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I hate Lefa. Saturn hates Lefa. Kagon hates Lefa and so will you. We don't really know why. But we just do. Onward with the walkthrough. Complete the lower right green (wind) tablet. Go north (take the middle path) to Lefa. Enter the first house in Lefa (it's an actual house) to learn of the Lefans' plight. Talk to Pendragon and he'll tell you to go to the northern fane to clear things up. If you stop by the 2nd village , you'll hear of a door that can only be opened by Lefans. Before you can get to the fane,however, you need to through a cave. A rather simple one, but a cave nonetheless. In the cave is a huge dark room with this weird fat demon statue in it. Examine the statue to make it spin. Walk in the direction of its tail or you'll fall into a hole and have to start over. Follow the paths of the many statues in the room and you'll end up fighting a Hellgenie:

Hellgenie Boss Battle Info: he'll cast infermost (80-90 all) , attack twice, smile oddly( don't know what that does) and his attack does about 50 damage while his Windbeast goes up to around 100.

After the battle, you'll be able to access the fane. There are almost no battles inside the fane. Get the Blissrock then return to Lefa. Talk to the Grandma after she has a discussion with Firia, the Pendragon's daughter. After the feast, return to Pendragon's and then as you head back across the river before you enter the cave, the wind will fade and darkness will come down unto the world. All the Lefans, except for Firia who can walk, will be immobilized (fitting isn't it?) You'll have to rescue Firia, though, because she's barely hanging on to the top of the cliff. Go to the top of the cliff and drop down onto the building protruding from the cliff, but she'll fall to her demise before you can catch her. Or will she? The Blissrock will slowly levitate her down.Follow Firia back to Pendragon's.

You'll learn that Firia is actually a Lefan and that she can open the door in the fane. You'll need to go back there to exterminate the cloud around the fane. Put the Blissrock where you found it and crate a wind tunnel by moving the passageways (by examining the orbs, you can modify the path) to lead from the Blissrock room to the statue outside. After the tunnel is formed, the boss will appear: HellCloud.

HellCloud Boss Battle Info: he can summon babyclouds to help him. These little bastards can cast Infermore for 30 damage on all, sleep and attack for 30ish damage. Kill them as soon as they appea. The HellCloud attacksfor 60, can attack twice and has a windbeast attack for 100-120. He can also cast Vacuum for 60-100 on ALL. Without the BabyClouds, the HellCloud is phenomenally easier.

After the battle, return to Gorges with Firia. Firia will give you the Blissrock as thanks.

In the present, be sure to grab the Aquashard in the fane; you'll find a LandShard where the Blissrock used to be.