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Complete the top right brown (land) tablet. aparently 4 people went to fight the monsters that had been tormenting the village and never returned. A monster also took over the Church recently after and hasn't come out, so the villagers are plotting his death. Talk to the villager at the entrance asking you to get his brother who got lost in the fog. You should find him to the south of the village. You'll have to fight 2 Treeguards to save him. They're relatively weak, they just have higher hp than their normal counterparts. Follow the rescued man to the prefect's house. The Prefect will want you to get rid of the monster in the temple. Lucas , the son of 2 of the people who died, will be inthe cemetary and he'll flee after the monster tries to talk to him. Follow Lucas to his house and talk to him. After talking to everyone, return to the prefect's house for the meeting. Talk to Lucas and he'll ask you to follow him to the storage room. He'll tell you that the monster in the church might not be responsible; side with Lucas against the villagers and decide to not kill the monster. He'll toss you in jail. Walk over to the shed's door when you wake up and tell the girl you're sorry and she'll let you out. Go see Lucas and have him join your praty and to go to the temple with him. The monster will be surrounded and beaten. Talk to the prefect to try to stop him and he'll send you to Mt Tor, the monsters' residence, as punishment. At the top of Mt Tor, you'll ee a priest who will explain the subterfuge of the monster in the village. They swapped bodies in exchange for the village's protection as long as the other man's alive.

Botok Boss Battle Info: this is a very easy fight. He can attack twice but in the 20-40 range. He can cast stopspell, poison and healmore.

After beating him, return to the village to save the real priest, who will transform to a human before your eyes since the other one died. Talk to the prefect and he'll tell you to takl to Lucas. As you approach the temple, you'll see the priest leaving; bring him to the entrance and he'll depart. Now you know where Probina's priest came from.

Back to the Present

At Labres, you'll see Lucas descendant being called a liar for speaking a different version of the priest story; the entire village believes lies to make themselves feel better. You'll find an Aquashard in the chest in the tent. Talk to the boy guarding the junkpile's door to insist on going in and agree to let Sagame be your boss. Search the hole Sagame's digging to find a monolith telling the truth to the story of the priest. The new prefect will destroy it. Talk to Sagame and he'll apalogize to Leif, Lucas' descendant.