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Complete the lower left brown (land) tablet. Near the warp will be a little inn with people telling you not to go to Krage. When you get there, you'll see why; EVERYONE, even the damn ANIMALS thinks he's the Demon Lord. It's an interesting dilemma. Talk to the villagers and you'll eventually meet a black clad man saying it's time to prove who's the REAL Demon Lord. Go talk to the old man in the house left in the top left part of the village. He'll ask you to check up on the elf girl by the World Tree. Talk to her then return to the old man.

The villagers aren't gonna be too happy with your presence at the World Tree. Even though each thinks he's the Demon Lord, they don't really know how to use magic nor how to fight, so they flee from you, leaving you to deal with the Weird Guy;

Weird Guy Boss Battle Info: he can attack twice, so just make sure you got some good healing going.

After the battle, the Elf will ask you for Holy Dew. Use the jar in her house where the water is falling. Since it has special healing powers, bring it to the old man in the house to save him from evil. When you try to pour Holy Dew down the well, the Weird Guy and the villagers will stop you. Go back to the tree to try to figure out what to do. The Elf will tell you there's a water vein under the tree connected to the well. Go to the back of the tree to access a door that'll lead you below its roots.

Evil Well Boss Batle Info: he can attack twice, he can hit very hard and his all attack party is pretty weak. Have the Hero attack, have Maribel cast heal and sap. Have Gabo Bite.

After the fight, use the Holy Dew on the well to restore the villagers. Talk to the farmer that destroyed his field to receive a Shard. However, this isn't the end of it. The Weird Guy is REALLY pissed off. This is a much tougher fight than that against the Evil Well.

Wolfdevil Boss Battle Info: he can cast twin hits (double attack power) , he can use quad hits (makes him attack 4 times!). Have the Hro heal, attack and cast upper, have Maribel cast sap and heal and have Gabo bite.

Back to the Present

Go back to Krage and you'll find something called the WorldDew Shop. Get in line and buy one because if you have one in your inventory, they won't sell you one. Using the item restores all the hp of all your characters. The shop CAN run out of WorldDew before you can get to the front of the line. There's also a mansion that belongs to a strange rich eccentric called Brugeo. You'll find a FireShard there and at the World Tree.