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Reviving God

The game gets a tad weird from here on. Defeating the Demon Lord gives you the final chunk of land in the present: the one with the submerged temple of God the Deja had been looking for (where Jann took off in the past).Aira will mention the need for the legendary tula player. Go back Estard for a meeting with King Burns first though. You'll need to talk to the maid in front of the dining room door to get in though. After that you can go to Mardra and begin the contest. Princess Michaela will tell you to go to the Great Fane south of Mardra .After Johan joins the contest , go to the Deja camp by the lake where the temple is submerged. Drain the lake like you did in the past after resting that night and talk to the chief to initiate the ceremony for the revival of God (man the fmvs freakin sucked in this game). "God" will appear. Go back to Estard then to Fishbel for a big party. Talk to the cook and tell him you visited your parents to start the party. talk to the old man at the entrance to have Johan appear carrying a message from King Burns. He'll want to congratulate you.

Since God's back, everything should be nice and peachy, but it isn't. The next part of the game begins like the game began. Bring Borkano his fish sub. Go below deck to talk to Johan and the cook , then go back aboe deck. A sailor will come saying that Messngers of God came and want to speak with the local leaders. Borkano will send you in his stead. talk to Amitt to learn they left for Estard. Go talk to the Minister in Estard since King Burns is busy. A soldier will then summon you to King Burns in the dining room where you'll be told to go to the Crystal Palace; God's pad. Aira, and Gabo will join your party for the trip.

After splitting from King Burns in the palace, walk around. You'll need to take a nap to progress. Then go back to the stairs leading to where King Burns went. Melvyn'll let you through. Talk to the next uards and they'll let you through too. When you're about to leave the top floor after talking to everyone, God will appear. He'll make a speech then leave. At this point, you can get the Final Key. Go to the stairs leading to the beds. Don't enter the rooms, but walk around the ouside of the tower until you get into the other trapezoidal room that has stairs (it used to be guarded by a maid). Go down the stairs and pen the chests and you'll find the Final Key. With this, you can open jail doors. The one in the Ruins leads to the bonus dungeons which you can't access until you've finished the game. As you return to Estard, the world will be shrouded in darkness and the Sky Stone will crash.

Go into Estard Town and you'll hear that the town is under siege by monsters. Go to Fishbel. Since Melvin's not in your party, talk to Maribel and she'll join. She's not useful because she has low hp and her skills aren't that great, but she's a target, which is better than nothing. Go to the Ruins for clues as to what you should do next.

At the Ruins, the statue will communicate with you. It's actually Melvin. He'll tell you that the world's last hope are the Spirits which you've heard so much about throughout the game. Go over to the Traveler's Gates as they're called (the 4 differently colored rooms with warps in them in the map room in the Ruins) to see that they are inactive.

At this point, you'll switch over to Melvin. He'll be in Coastal and he'll need to get some PilotFire from the Lighthouse in order to get a Gate going. Go see King Coastal in the Halfling Cave and tell him that you're NOT a servant of God to get permission. After examining the PilotFire, the Fire Gate (red) will light up. Go there.