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Flame Spirit

You'll appear in the Crater of Mt Flame. Go to Engow. If you talk to the man near the entrance next to a fire-less torch, you'll be attacked by 2 MageImps. They're pathetic, so don't fret. Go to the elder's house after the battle. The old man will let you through after beating the MageImps. Pamela will join your group after you talk to the elder. Stop by her shop to see Ilma, her assistant , before leaving for Mt Flame. Ilma will bring the FlameAqua when you arrive to the locked room at the bottom of the volcano (there's a new passage that leads you to the Flame Spirit) Once you use the FlameAqua on the Magma in the locked room, you'll be attacked by the Flame Spirit.

Flame Spirit Boss Battle Info: he casts magma which does 40-80 on all, he spits fireballs for 150-170 damage on 1. He can cast Blazemost for 90-100 , scorching for 50-80 to all, Blazemore for 20-60 and warcry to make party members lose a turn.

The Flame Spirit will be alarmed by the evil force holding the continents away so he'll ask you to get help from the other spirits (accessible through each of the traveler's gates). He'll also light a path from Fishbel to Dharma in the sea. Bring Pamela back to Engow then return to Fishbel. the Marle de Dragonne and Sharkeye will have appeared...

Talk to Mollie (your mom) then to Amitt so you can join the expedition party. You'll receive an odd introduction to the ship, but you'll be welcomed. You'll also be shown your next path by the Aqua Spirit. The's a floating city. It has great equipment to sale in its multiple weapon and armor shops. The armor's worth keeping an eye on if you have the time or the money. If you go out, you'll see you're at Dharma. If you need to channge classes, do it now. If not, go back to Fishbel and return to the Ruins and continue the search for the spirits. You can do either the Wind or Earth spirit now.