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Basically, the game starts off and you're a fisherman's son living in a quaint village.What you wanna do is go talk to Maribel , the girl in the green dress with the weird orange thing on her head. She'll talk to you about the Amitt Harvest. You then want to go see your mom who'll give you a fish sub for your father who's going to leave to fish for the Amitt Harvest. If you want to, talk to the Merchant next to Maribel's house for a free AmitDonut. You can also not give Borkano the fish sub, but you have to talk to him. I'm not sure if this affectsa later act in the game since I always purposefully don't give him the sub, but later in the game he always tells me (there comes a time when you're supposed to give him a sub) something like "My God! In the time it took you to bring me that sub, your mother could've had another baby and had HIM bring me the sub", which I find amusing.

Anyway, Borkano, your father, will you to clean up the cabin inside the ship (in other words, just destroy everything until you find Maribel hiding behind the barrels). Maribel's obviously not gonna be happy, so she'll cause a ruckus and the cook'll toss you both off the ship. You'll then receive a message from King Burns of Estard and Maribel will join your party. Once you enter the town of Estard, Maribel will leave your party. Feel free to go to the Palace by yourself. Go up the stairs to talk with King Burns, an interesting ruler who'll put you through an an interesting inquisition. He'll tell you that he wants you to find and keep an eye on his son, Kiefer (also your best friend). The shrine is directly north of Fishbel, but you have to go east first, to enter the sinewy path to the shrine (instead of going west to Estard from Fishbel, go east and move your way north, up the island). When you talk to Kiefer at the ruins, he'll give you an Ancient Tome. read it. After you test out the ring Kiefer stole from the castle, he'll return to the castle, discouraged. Back in Estard, you'll hear that your sleezy uncle Hondara has an interesting rock, the HotStone. Go to his house and talk to him to borrow it. You might need it later. There's an old secluded man that lives on the cliff next to Estard. To get to his house, you'll need to go down some stairs that are in one of the village's corner and follow the path to his little house. Give him the Ancient Tome so he can study it and tell you what it means and how it relates to the Shrine. After you try using the HotStone on the statue, you'll notice nothing happens. Go back to Estard castle and talk to Kiefer; he'll join your party. Go back to see the Old Man at the cliff to hear what he has to say about it. He'll tell you that "the Chosen One [has to] stand before the Philosopher". The King will then request Kiefer's presence (again). Go back to Fishbel. That night, Kiefer will tell you he was grounded, but he snuck out anyway. Go back to the Shrine and talk to the Statue; a ray will burst from it and the doors to the Shrine will open.

This is when things get interesting. If you thought that was long and tedious, check this out, the shrine is 1 huge series of puzzles. You have to acquire the pieces of the 4 Saints (4 elemets) to open the way to the Tablet Rooms.

Let's start with the fire helmet: "The Guardian of Flame is the protector of the helmet". Basically, close to the entrace are these 4 statues looking at the middle of the room. They each have a torch. A statue will move towards you (the middle) when you take out its flame to go rekindle its own torch when you take it out. You want to take out the fire of the right statue. When it moves forward, you'll see a switch under where it used to be. Go press it to open a door leading to the Saint Helmet before it covers it up again.

The next puzzle you'll meet in this area is the one where you have to work a balancing system to go through barred doors. Since I don't have the luxury of pictures for puzzles, like in the Lufia 2 shrine, this'll be a tad complex to write out for something so simple... You want to move the first stone on the rightmost plate to open up the path to the right room. Then you want to move the 2nd stone onto the plate that'll open up the left door of the right room. Then you want to move the 3rd stone onto the plate that'll open the right door of the left room (so basically, you have 3 switches and 4 doors, you want to oepn up the 2 doors closest to each other so when you go down the balance thing that'll lift the barred door in the left room, you can get to the opening before the barred door comes back down).

Shortly after, you'll see a room that has a gigantic lion head on the wall. Despite the warning ,you'll want to stick your hand inside to get the Ancient Key. With this key, you can open the wooden door that was near the place you ended up when you went through the balance puzzle.

The next path you're supposed to take will be explained to you on a wall that has branches on them. Each brach splits in 2 and 1 of those 2 subsequent branches has a leaf on it. The path with the leaf is the path you have to take. The way is left , right , left left.

You will then enter a rom with an orb on a stand and there are 2 stands. Depending what stand the orb is on, the water will be at a different place. This affects the areas of the Shrine you can go to. Pick up the orb and move it to the right pedestal. Then take the raft to the little island with the chest to get the Saint Sword. To get to this little island, move south of the islet in the middle of the room with the orb (its not a wall , its a path you can take with the raft). Keep going down the river to go to the next chest and the next raft (there are 3 rafts). After you go down the path with the 3rd raft, you'll get to stairs, which will lead you to the Saint Shield.

The next puzzle'll be a bit confusing to explain since it involves moving blocks with pictures on them. To get to it, you need to go in the door where the water was in the lower right (in the room with the orbs - there's a door down the steps to the lower right). To solve it, to get the Saint Armor, you'll need to put the statues in the following order from left to right: Golem, tornado thing, big blob, other tornado-like thing (sorry for the vagueness). The door in the middle of that room will open and you'll be able to get the Armor.

Now you might remember 4 statues and 1 locked door from way earlier in the shrine. You have to use the Saint equipment (put it on them) in a certain way. From left to right, this is how to do it: Armor, Shield, Helmet , Sword.

Now's the last puzzle of the god forsaken Shrine:there are these 2 statues, 1 on the left and 1 on the right . You're supposed to place the blue torch in 1 and the red torch in the other. Doing so will show you which of the 9 smaller torches inthe middle you're supposed to light with the blue and red torches (through a checkered mat in between the 2 giant statue things you're suppoed to light first). Lighting the right brazier with the blue torch will light up 3 spots, lighting the left one will light up 3 others . After lighting up the right torches in the middle, the path will open to the Table Rooms.

In the room in between the top Tablet Rooms is a Shard on the ground. Pick it up. There's a second shard in the Brown Room. Place the Shards in the Top Left Pedestal; you're missing 1 Shard ...

Go back to town using the warp in the little house with the blue flame above it where you found the first Shard. Once you're out of the temple, Kiefer will leave for Estard.

Head back to Fishbel for the Amitt Harvest. Once you're back home, you have to give Hondara the HotStone or he'll beat you up (and he WILL). Talk to the Sailors in the harbor to hear that Borkano caught something strange. Talk to Borkano to acquire the missing LandShard. Go back to Estard to talk to Keifer. Go to the Shrine to complete the Tablet. Maribel will join your party again before you enter the Shrine.