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Falrod and Falrish

Complete the Blue (Aqua) tablet in the top right corner. However corny the names of the towns in the next section are, they're in a very serious situation. They're under attack by an army of androids. Nasty ones too. You'll wanna fight 'em though, for they give really good experience and money. If you're lucky, they'll drop an Iron Axe, an EXCELLENT weapon that'll last Gabo a VERY long time. That's a big IF though... So don't kill yourself over it. In Falrish (the town, not the castle), you'll find a FireShard . You'll also find a shop that sells Iron Spears, for the Hero and Kiefer (they are musts) and some decent armor. The Iron Helms are very expensive for now, less of a requirement, but useful if you can get one later. Fortunately, as you'll need to seriously boost Gabo's levels, you'll be gaining some money from that.

Go to the basement of the tower where the guards sleep to evesdrop on the strategy session the soldiers are having. Go to the castle to apply for mercernary jobs. You'll be tested though;

Falroidier Boss Battle Info: He hits pretty strong and he casts heal. Have the Hero attack, Kiefer use FireSlash, Maribel cast sap and attack and have Gabo use his attack or better , his skills like Bite.

Greet the King inside Falrod Castle after the fight. Afterwards ,go to the strategy session in the left guardhouse in Falrod. Talk to everyone in the room.The meeting will be adjourned by Capt. Trad when Zebbot's mentionned. Talk to the guards a few times to have Hanes tell you that visiting Zebbot is your first mission. Zebbot lives west of Falrod (far west). He'll bitterly decline. Go back to Falrod.

Trad comes in and assigns you guard duty in the guardroom. When you get to the top of the tower, a green soldier will come in. Trad will join the party and ask you to bring him to Zebbot, who will decline yet again. As you leave Zebbot's house , a yellow ClockMech will collapse in front of you. Trad orders you to return to Falrod as he and Zebbot work on it.

When you get there, Falrod will be under attack. Fight off the lone mechs outside then go in the castle, come out and then fight some more mechs. Eri, the yellow mech, will come to save the day. Trad will tell Hanes to form a session. You'll get ready to assault the enemy fort.

When you get to the Mech base, Eri will make all the robots outside go loco. You can't fight them even if you want to. Inside, you'll find a FierShard. Before fighting the 1st boss, you'll need to battle a group of 3 clockmechs.

Machinoid Boss Battle Info: He calls clockmechs for help in battle and he casts sap. You want to be careful as to not waste all your mp on him as there's another fight after him. Have the hero Heal, fight and cast Upper; Kiefer should use Psyche up and FireSlash; Maribel should cast Sap, Blaze and Surround and Gabo should use Bite. Also, at this point, you hsould be able to kill a clockmech in 1 round. Don't let him call up too many mechs; take 'em out as soon as they appear.

EvilMech Boss Battle Info: he hits hard (30ish), he can attack twice per round, he can blind you and can attack the whole party. You'll want the hero to heal and attack, Kiefer to use FireSlash and Psyche Up, Maribel to cast Sap and Blaze and Gabo to use Bite.

After defeating the Mechs, return to the King of Falrod to receive your reward (a bug sword) and see Hanes for your mercernary pay.

Back to the Present

Go to Falrod and check out the right tower. You'll see a failing robot prototype. Go see the King and see his technological problems unfold. A messenger will then come in saying a mechsoldier has been found in the "forbidden zone". Be sure to grab the WindShard in Falrod and the FireShard in Zebbot's house.

When you get to Zebbot's house, it'll be too late; the king will grab Eri and return to Falrod. Back in Falrod, Armand, the king's assistant will be arrested for not agreeing with the King. Go see him in the dungeon. He'll ask you to go see his granddaughter in Falrish to get mech parts. She'll tell you they're on the little islet next to the stream (you can access it via the old guard tower). Bring the parts to Armand, he'll join the party. Go to the right tower where Eri is being studied. When the scientist leaves the lab, Armand repairs Eri and the latter mistakes Armand for Zebbot and because she tries to force Armand back to Zebbot's house to take care of him, the guards attack Eri. The King will have a change in heart and replace Eri where she belongs after repairing her. Go see Armand's granddaughter again for a Shard.

Something very useful to know is that at the entrance to teh old Mech base is a witch who will give you vague to semi vague locations of the shards you need for the next tablet you need to complete.